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A Closer Look at The Seiko Prospex SPB083 Diver’s Watch

Seiko Prospex SPB083 Diver’s Watch

Over the years, Seiko has been the leading manufacturing brand well-known for its high quality and durable automatic timepieces at budget-friendly prices. One of Seiko's famous and most appreciated timepieces is the Seiko SPB083 Diver's Watch, whose design was inspired by the 1968 original automatic mechanical diver's watch by Seiko. In terms of specification, the SPB083 comes with amazing features that include; shape-based hour markers, several color variations, unique arrow-style hour hands, amazing case styles, and many others. The Prospex SPB083 Diver's watch features a heritage design and is well-suitable for people looking for a more classic timepiece in their casual-wear sports watches. Here, we will take a closer look at the Seiko Prospex SPB083 Diver’s Watch.


The Seiko Prospex SPB083, also referred to as the “Great Blue Hole” Diver’s watch, as the timepiece, is built according to the needs and specifications of professional divers. At first glance, the SPB083 watch displays a true testament to a robust and sporty dive watch due to its impressive reliability, accuracy, and overall performance. In addition to its eye-catching appearance and gorgeous dive watch design, this timepiece offers you complete value for your money by effectively handling any difficulties when underwater and has an excellent build quality. Another notable feature of the SPB083 watch is the blue dial color that makes it stand out from the all-black dive watches, which have now become very common. If you are looking for a robust diver's timepiece with a sporty feel and impressive performance, then you should get yourself the Seiko Prospex SPB083 Diver's timepiece.


According to chrono24, below are some of the noteworthy features of the watch:

  • Brand: Seiko Prospex
  • Dial Color: Blue Sunray
  • Dial markers: Indexes, LumiBrite
  • Case: Stainless Steel
  • Case width: 44mm
  • Case back: Screw-down
  • Movement: Manual and Automatic winding
  • Crystal: Sapphire
  • Water Resistance: 200m (660ft)
  • Bracelet Strap: Stainless Steel
  • Functions: Hours, minutes, and seconds
  • Clasp Type: Folding
  • Warranty: Full Warranty


The Seiko SPB083 watch comes with a blue sunburst dial that makes it stand out from the other all-black dials of Seiko dive watch models. The sunburst brushed finish on the dial allows it to reflect light and illuminate different appearances and personalities depending on the angle the light hits it. Around the dial is a unidirectional rotating bezel painted black on the dial's periphery and a silver insert in the middle. Moreover, there is a distinctive lume-painted pip at the 60-hour mark on the bezel. As mentioned earlier, the dial is graduated in a blue color that goes from a bright blue color in the center to a metallic blue at the edges. Around the outer edge of the dial is a chapter ring with the seconds' hands printed in silver. When it comes to the watch's markers and hands, it comes with well-polished metal frame hours that are short and sword-shaped minutes' hands. The Seiko SPB083 watch also has plenty of the LumiBrite luminant applied to the hour markers and hands, which means it has an exceptional bright glow that lasts for long periods when exposed to light rays.


The SPB083 Diver's watch has a stainless steel case that has a lug width of 20mm, a diameter of 44mm, a thickness of 13mm, and a lug-to-lug measurement of about 51mm. These measurements are very common among many sporty dive watches to enable divers to clearly read the watch when underwater. That said, this watch boasts of a relatively big design, size, and wrist presence to serve as a robust tool dive watch. The Seiko SPB083 timepiece has a well-screwed down back case to provide a water resistance of 660 feet/ 200m/ 20 ATM, which makes it perfect for diving, swimming, any other type of water activity. On top of the stainless steel case, Seiko decided to include a sapphire crystal with Diashield anti-reflective coating, giving the case increased resistance against corrosion and scratches. In terms of the case quality and finish, the SPB083 watch presents quite a unique classy watch impression, and this is where Seiko generally sets itself apart from its rivals. The case has broad lugs with a well-pronounced beveling, with the top being satin-brushed, and the wide bevels have a polished finish. Although this watch does not come with crown guards, the crown is relatively big and allows for easy operation and firmer grip.


Inside the SPB083 Seiko Diver’s watch is the automatic 6R15 caliber movement, which offers 70 hours of power reserve and operates at a frequency of 3Hz (21600 BPH). The Seiko Prospex collection features a variety of caliber movements operating at faster frequency movements of 3Hz, 4Hz, and even 5Hz. Unlike its sister model, the 6R35 Seiko watch, which has a 50-hour power reserve, the SPB083 timepiece boasts of a high-performing movement of 3Hz. According to Ablogtowatch, the Seiko Prospex SPB083 movement is an improvement from its previously used automatic caliber movement since it incorporates both hacking seconds and manual winding functions.

Bracelet and strap

What is amazing about the Prospex SPB083 timepiece is that Seiko decided to include both a blue silicone diver's style strap and a matching steel metal bracelet. Though the inclusion of a bracelet is basic, it is adequately finished with a three-link design and a fold-over safety mechanism with a diver’s extension. The silicone strap has a wide size and spring-style ends that make it perfect for actual and sports time in the water. On the other hand, the stainless steel bracelet is the favorite of the two wearing options, as it blends perfectly with the watch's overall design and adds more of a sporty feel.

Price and Availability

According to Amazon, the "Great Blue Hole" watch is sold at an average price of $1,150, which is a complete value for your money as you will experience a more impressive detailing, finishing, and specs. Seiko still offers quite a lot in the Prospex SPB083 watch when it comes to movements, materials, and many other features.

Bottom Line

All in all, the Seiko Prospex SPB083 watch is an exceptional timepiece in terms of durability, build quality and finish. Get started today and enjoy these fantastic watch features by getting yourself the SPB083 Prospex Diver’s watch for only 1,150USD.

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