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A Closer Look at The Yes WorldWatch V7

Yes WorldWatch V7

The Yes WorldWatchV7 is so much more than a multi-role digital sports timepiece. One notable feature about this watch is its large eye-catching hand that automatically follows the grand sweep of the sun, making one revolution every day. The watch also has pushers that allow you to access a wide array of information, including daylight savings, moon data, day, week, sun data, latitude/longitude, and other time zones. According to, There are also seven available languages, multiple savings, a memory function, and a built-in compass that tracks your movement. Moreover, the WorldWatch V7 has a unique dial design that measures 16 millimeters thick and 46 millimeters wide, making it easy for you to read the time during the day or night. In this post, we will take a closer look at the Yes WorldWatch V7.


In addition to capturing the daily and seasonal cycles of the sun and the moon, the new WorldWatch V7 records hours, minutes, and seconds at a 0.5 sec/month accuracy. Paying homage to nature's timekeepers, the watch alerts you to equinoxes, cross-quarter days, solstices, as well as a sunrise and sunset alarm. It also gives you times for moonrise and moonset, % illumination, moon phase, times for twilight, zenith, and date for the coming new and full moon. The dial is also fitted with tritium and LUME tubes, combined with the electroluminescent LCD backlight, offering better nighttime readability. The WorldWatch V7 is programmed to automatically adjust for DST changes and to the time of 650 cities worldwide. It comes with amazing features that include; an electronic compass, six different bezel designs, a stopwatch with lap time, and a range of alarms. The watch can provide you with three months of battery life after a whole night of charging. It also does not require any outside network to operate as it is independent.


According to a trusted source, the Yes WorldWatch V7 comes with various exciting features that include:

  • Case Size: 46mm
  • Case Material: Titanium
  • Case Thickness: 17mm
  • Crown Type: Push/Pull
  • Band Material: TITANIUM
  • Movement Country of Origin: Hong Kong
  • Band Clasp: Locking Clasp
  • Crystal: Sapphire
  • Water Resistance: 10atm, 330ft. (110m)
  • Bezel: Rotational
  • Band Length: 7.5in

Dial and Case

Unlike other ordinary watches that use a stainless steel case, the WorldWatch V7 comes with a 16mm titanium case. The brand opted to use titanium for its case due to its impressive toughness, durability, hardness, strength, and lightness. Titanium is also listed as the ninth most abundant element in the Earth's crust. The use of the titanium case in the V7 WorldWatch provides the watch with a more futuristic appearance and specs as it is highly resistant to rusting and corrosion. The interface of the V7 comes fitted with several amazing time functions, among other features from past high-end watches such as the Zulu, Equilibrium, and Solstice. Furthermore, the inclusion of a grade 2 titanium case in the V7 WorldWatch provided the needed resilience and durability needed to fully utilize the watch. Since the case is half the overall steel weight with the same measure of strength, it exerts less pressure on your arm muscles as you check the time. The analog-digital display on the dial features a 24-hour hand that works well with the numerals on the outer case ring. The analog-digital display is professionally designed to display the hour, minutes clearly, and seconds in a legible and upfront manner. Although it usually takes some time for one to get used to how the 24-hour hand works, it provides a quick reference for the actual time of the day. If you take a closer look at the V7 watch, you will notice an appealing array of details on the dial, making the timepiece more of a savvy choice.


The most notable feature in the Yes WorldWatch V7 is the Equilibrium and the 24-hour bezel that can track a second-time zone against the 24-hour hand. There are five bezels to choose from when ordering the Equilibrium, including Solar and lunar patterns, single central hand, AM/PM, analog-digital display, and many others. With the Equilibrium, you can use it to adjust sunrise and sunset timing for producing clear and high-quality photo shoots. However, the bezel selection is quite complicated to use, making it hard to operate the 24-hour hand fully. According to Raindaymagazine, the Yes WorldWatch V7 functions with a Swiss quartz movement; this custom digital element was designed and developed by Yes and is recharged through a clip-on USB cable. The Equilibrium is able to perform its overall functions using the bespoke Yes V6 24-hour Solunar analog-digital quartz movement has a time accuracy of +/-1 second per month, offering about 2-3 months of use after a full charge. The Equilibrium's movement is seamlessly integrated into the analog-digital display to provide better watch functionality for your day-to-day use. Though it may be challenging to operate at first, it offers accurate and reliable data with overload problems as experienced in lunar and solar time displays. The Yes WorldWatch Equilibrium is also interesting within a wider scope of horology. Moreover, the titanium three-link bracelet is comfortable and light on the wrist with a simple fold-over clasp. There is also the option of NATO, silicone, and leather straps on the LV watch.


The Yes WorldWatch V7 is available brushed, polished, or with a sleek black finish. The version with a leather strap is sold at an average price of $895, while the Yes Equilibrium starts at an average price of $695, plus the choice of a silicone, NATO, or leather strap. The Equilibrium offers a unique time-display design and several amazing features that accentuate the old-school astronomy-based horology with a modern and classy touch of analog and digital watch design.

Bottom Line

Another noteworthy feature of the Yes WorldWatch V7 is that it receives long-lasting power from a wireless charging device. With just the whole night of charging, this high-end timepiece provides you with around three months of unlimited time functionality. According to, the battery is very durable as it can last for a maximum of five years, placing the watch in the "go-anywhere-do-anything" watch series. Get started today and get yourself the Yes WorldWatch V7 for only 746.99USD.

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