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The 10 Best Subaru Outback Models of All-Time

2021 Subaru Outback Premium

Planning to buy a Subaru Outback? Take time, explore your options and figure out which model best fits your needs. While not every car is perfect for everyone, some come close. With their high ratings and desirable features, these 10 top models of Subaru's Outback represent the most sought-after vehicles in the model's history. Moreover, they represent the best of the manufacturer's offerings. So let's check the difference between these models. Even if none matches what you are looking for, you'll have an idea of what makes a great set of wheels.

2016 Subaru Outback 3.6R Limited

10. 2016 Subaru Outback 3.6R Limited

A limited-edition model of Subaru's mid-size Outback wagon, the 2016 Outback 3.6R Limited combines Subaru's top trim level and their most powerful engine. This model offers plenty of room for passengers and cargo, along with an enhanced entertainment system and exclusive comfort features. Its sharp looks, performance capabilities, and unique options for customizing rides make it ideal for car buyers looking for a sportier yet practical vehicle.

2014 Subaru Outback 2.5i Limited

9. 2014 Subaru Outback 2.5i Limited

The 2014 Outback 2.5i Limited is among Subaru's high-end models engineered with sharp styling and advanced technology. It comes in a wide range of stylish exterior colors, powertrain options, and onboard features tailored to each driver's needs. For those searching for a powerful and reliable vehicle with top-of-the-line safety features and additional customized comforts, this model is an excellent way to test their automotive preferences and explore potential car features that may be fit for their lifestyle.

2016 Subaru Outback 2.5i Touring

8. 2016 Subaru Outback 2.5i Touring

In addition to its sleek exterior design, the 2014 Outback 2.5i Touring is extremely practical and quite spacious inside. For drivers who want a more luxurious and comfortable ride while still managing to keep their car at a reasonable price, this touring model is an excellent choice for a Subaru Outback. It comes with a spacious cabin, impressive technology, and an eye-catching design. The Outback 2.5i Touring satisfies the needs of drivers who desire a high-end ride but are cautious about the cost of their new set of wheels.

2010 Subaru Outback 2.5i Limited

7. 2010 Subaru Outback 2.5i Limited

The 2010 Subaru Outback 2.5i Limited offers excellent comfort, performance, and style at an affordable price. This vehicle's technology features are pretty impressive for the year of its manufacture. It provides a significant level of convenience for drivers who want their car to be up-to-date without paying an arm and a leg. A sophisticated ride with plenty of room inside, the 2010 Outback 2.5i Limited makes a superb choice for a conventional car with a more modern look and feel. For those who want their Subaru Outback to maintain its rugged and outdoorsy appeal still, the 2.5i Limited is an ideal option.

2001 Subaru Outback L.L. Bean

6. 2001 Subaru Outback L.L. Bean

The 2001 Subaru Outback L.L. Bean is an outstanding choice for those looking for a reliable and safe car for themselves and their family. It boasts impressive safety features an unmatched level of durability. In addition, it features a gas Flat 4 Cylinder engine, with a 5-speed automatic transmission that is sure to provide the performance and drive you need. Most people don't expect their car to last forever. However, the Subaru Outback L.L. Bean was built for longevity and is likely to remain a reliable ride throughout your ownership experience. The vehicle's exterior design is relatively understated but sturdy enough for various weather conditions, including snow and rain. Given that this Subaru model is more than two decades old, its price may seem high to some drivers. Nevertheless, it remains a top choice today among those who want a vehicle with superior all-around capabilities.

2015 Subaru Outback 3.6R Limited

5. 2015 Subaru Outback 3.6R Limited

The 2015 Outback 3.6R Limited is a luxurious and comfortable Subaru's mid-size wagon model. With its wide array of features and options, the 3.6R Limited makes an excellent choice for drivers who want an outback with the latest technologies but not at the cost of compromising comfort or quality. With different exterior colors available and a wide range of exterior and interior materials options, your Subaru Outback will be uniquely stylish in whatever color you choose to outfit it with. In addition, the Outback 3.6R Limited offers a smooth ride, a wide range of safety features, ample storage space, and an impressive powertrain that's sure to get you from point A to point B quickly and efficiently. For those who want their Subaru to be as stylish and accommodating as possible, the 3.6R Limited is a winning choice that swanks excellent performance and comfort for an affordable price.

2019 Subaru Outback Touring

4. 2019 Subaru Outback Touring

The 2019 Outback Touring is a versatile and stylish Subaru Outback sedan ideal for drivers who like searching for adventure by getting off the beaten track. With a regular unleaded H-6 engine, the 2019 Outback Touring is undoubtedly an excellent choice for those seeking a versatile car able to handle various terrain. The interior design has a nice balance between materials and colors, with plenty of surfaces offering an extensive color options that can be mixed and matched in multiple combinations. Drivers who like to explore different modes of transportation will appreciate the options offered in this particular model. The 2019 Outback Touring does not sacrifice comfort or performance for its price.

2018 Subaru Outback 2.5i

3. 2018 Subaru Outback 2.5i

The Subaru Outback 2.5i is a fun and stylish compact wagon that offers excellent fuel economy. In addition, it enjoys an impressive array of exterior and interior color choices. It is a superb choice for drivers who want to get their SUV fixed without sacrificing comfort and luxury. The price is considerable, which may be prohibitive for some drivers. But not for a car that comes with excellent safety features, a spacious interior, and offers impressive fuel economy. If you're looking for an SUV that's stylish and efficient simultaneously, this model is ideal.

2021 Subaru Outback Onyx Edition XT

2. 2021 Subaru Outback Onyx Edition XT

The Onyx Edition X.T. is an alternative version of Subaru's widely popular Outback. The vehicle is a mid-size SUV that combines all of the comfort and convenience of a modern luxury car with the rugged design and impressive capabilities of an SUV. The car features a 2.4L Intercooled Turbo engine which boosts your vehicle's power and efficiency. For those who want their Subaru to maintain the rugged, outdoorsy appeal of its predecessors while combining hints of elegance and style into its exterior design, the Onyx Edition X.T. is an excellent choice that is sure to please.

2021 Subaru Outback Premium

1. 2021 Subaru Outback Premium

The Subaru Outback X.T. Premium is a sportier model that combines both the efficiency and rugged design of an SUV with the comfort and convenience of a modern luxury car. With the consistently high quality that only Subaru can provide, the X.T. Premium will satisfy you for many years to come. The exterior looks are attractive without being flashy. The interior offers beautiful colors and enough space for multiple people to fit comfortably inside, with ample storage space available too. This Subaru is stylish, comfortable, and functional for those looking to get the best of both worlds. With a sophisticated mix of style and practicality, from top to bottom, the Subaru Outback X.T. Premium is sure to please those seeking a high-quality SUV with a rugged but well-executed design.

Summing Up

Today, Subaru is one of the leading Japanese manufacturers of vehicles. The company's unique combination of performance and comfort has made it a top choice for consumers looking to own a quality car without breaking the bank. Although the company also produces non-sporty vehicles, Subaru's reputation and appeal remain strong among car enthusiasts due to its sporty rides that rank among the most affordable and high-performing models on the market. If you want a car that offers exceptional performance, top-notch value, and style, then choosing one of the above Subaru Outback models would be an intelligent choice.

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