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A Closer Look at the 2022 Subaru Crosstrek

2022 Subaru Crosstrek

Generally, the Subaru Crosstrek models are not fuel guzzlers. With this 2022 version, it consumes even less fuel since it is a hybrid version. According to Subaru, the 2022 Subaru Crosstrek can cover up to 17 miles in EV mode. The car can achieve that distance due to its Crosstrek Hybrid StarDrive Technology setup. StarDrive Technology is simply a system that connects two electric motors to its engine. Besides consuming less petrol, there are other key features about this car that make it unique. Here are five exciting features of this car below.

Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive System

In a symmetrical all-wheel-drive system, a mounted flat boxer engine is attached to its drivetrain with equal length half-axles. Its symmetrical layout on the axles provides optimum weight distribution by lowering the center of gravity hence improving the steering capabilities of this car. The system provides better stability since it transfers power to all the wheels. Without this system, one wheel would be misaligned and interfere with the car's movement. The misaligned wheel would cause the car to roll since it would hinder the movement of the remaining wheels. Generally, this system is less complex than other all-wheel-drive systems since it only relies on the engine mounted on its drive train. Other wheel-drive systems would require more components, which would mean more maintenance and repair costs.

Eyesight Driver Assist Technology

The feature monitors traffic movement and warns you of any impending danger. This system activates the pre-collision braking and cruise control features to reduce your odds of hitting another vehicle. According to Subaru, the feature significantly reduced the rate of rear-end crashes by 85%. So, how is this technology able to view cars near you? First, the technology uses a set of dual-color cameras. The cameras are placed near the rearview mirror, hence able to scan the road from all angles. When the system feels you may hit an object, it automatically reduces the engine's power. Besides preventing you from hitting objects, the system is also a good way of reducing excess fuel consumption. Most new drivers have a problem staying in one lane. Fortunately, this system warns you if you veer off towards the other lane.

Subaru Boxer Engine

The boxer engine gets its name due to the horizontal movement of the pistons. Its pistons move from left to right and resemble the movement of boxers throwing punches in a boxing ring. The horizontal movement makes this car advantageous in so many ways. First, the engine is a 2.5-liter direction engine type that enables it to deliver up to 182 horsepower and 176 of torque. With such power, you can accelerate or turn with minimal effort. In fact, according to Subaru, its horsepower surpasses cars like Kia Seltos, Honda HR-V and Toyota CH-R. Too much power can cause a car to roll if it does not have a proper engine layout. Luckily, with its engine layout, you can accelerate without worrying about skidding due to its horizontal layout. Its horizontal layout automatically lowers its center of gravity hence giving it that stability.

Subaru STARLINK Multimedia

Provision for entertainment is one thing drivers strive for, and the 2022 Subaru Crosstrek model does not disappoint. For instance, the system offers connectivity with Apple CarPlay, Pandora and Android Auto. Through its multimedia system, you can pair your smartphone and gain access to your apps. You can access the news, podcasts, navigation, and many more features from this car. Since it is distracting for the driver to keep looking at their dashboard for directions to a place, STARLINK multimedia includes a voice-activated navigation system powered by TomTom. It will let you know verbally which direction you should turn instead of viewing the dashboard.

STARLINK Safety and Security

All drivers want to keep track of their cars. However, they may not always be near their cars to track them. As a result, the car can break down or go missing. Fortunately, you can monitor the status of this car from your computer or smartphone without being near the car. Besides tracking your car, the feature gives you access to emergency services like Automatic Collision Notification, Remote Services, Vehicle Diagnostic Alerts, and more. First, there is the vehicle's alert feature. You can visit or use the MySubaru mobile app to set this alert. You can determine its alerts for speed, boundary and curfew. For speed alerts, you will be notified when you or someone else exceeds a speed limit you set for this car. Monitoring your speed is crucial since you do not want to be a road accident victim. Additionally, monitoring your speed is also a way of reducing excess fuel consumption. As for boundary alerts, you determine areas where your car is not supposed to leave. There are reasons you may not want a car to leave a certain city. Perhaps, outside the city is dangerous. This can happen when you lend your car to someone, and they traverse to a dangerous place. To set the boundary, you need to draw a circle on the area you deem dangerous. You will then be notified in case the car crosses the circled region. Lastly, with curfew alerts, you determine when the car should not be turned on. If you or anyone turns it on, you will be notified. Besides the alerts, it has a climate control feature that you can control with your computer or phone. For instance, excess heat can cause some people to be nauseous. Thankfully, you can cool the temperatures remotely.


Most car manufacturers focus on making the car comfortable. Even though comfort is crucial, it is also important to introduce safety features into the car. For instance, this Subaru model delivers in terms of safety. With its horizontal engine layout and STARLINK safety and security system, your chances of experiencing an auto accident are minimal. Accidents are devastating and each year, thousands perish in accidents. Even though Subaru has introduced features in this car to help reduce accidents, it is still up to the driver to be disciplined on the road to minimize accidents. If a driver is not disciplined, not even the features will help them in any way to prevent accidents.

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