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The 20 Best Things to do in Show Low, AZ

Show Low Museum

Show Low might not be huge (its population was just under 12000 on the last count), but it's packed with enough variety and enough attractions to guarantee a fun-packed visit. Whether you want to hunt, hike, fish, or shop, you'll find plenty of options to try. The only problem you might have is cramming them all onto your calendar. If you're struggling to decide how best to fill your time, check out these 20 best things to do in Show Low, AZ.

Bison Golf Club

20. Enjoy a round of golf at Bison Golf Club

If your swing is in danger of getting rusty, polish off your clubs and head to Bison Golf Club. Open to members and non-members alike, the club consists of an 18 hole golf course set in perfectly manicured grounds. If the stunning views over the pine-forested landscape don't distract you, you'll find the course an equal balance of challenge and reward, with enough variety to keep even pro golfers happy. Once you've played the full 18 holes, grab some light refreshments and a sneaky G+T at the clubhouse.

Silver Creek Fish Hatchery

19. Fish for salmon at Silver Creek Fish Hatchery

If you're in the mood for a spot of fishing, head on over to the Silver Creek Fish Hatchery. Set in 820 acres of prime Arizona countryside, the site offers amateurs, pros, and everyone in between the chance to pit their wits against the thousands of Apache, Gila, rainbow trouts, bluehead sucker, and speckled dace that breed in its grounds. Just be aware that most of the angling practiced is on a capture and release basis, so unless you want to raise some eyebrows, be sure to put whatever you catch back in the lake rather than in your backpack. Even if you're not keen on fishing, the park is still a fun destination, with plenty of trails and wildlife opportunities to enjoy.

Arrange a movie night at WME Theatres

18. Arrange a movie night at WME Theatres

If you're in the mood for a movie, the WME Theatre is the place to head. With five separate cinemas, state-of-the-art sound systems, comfy seats, and enough popcorn to fend off any hunger pangs, it's a great place to catch up on the latest releases.

Visit the pumpkin patch at Willis Farm

17. Visit the pumpkin patch at Willis Farm

If you're willing to make the short trip over to nearby Snowflake, Willis Farm promises a fun day out for all the family. Established in 1926, the family-owned farm is an idyllic destination at any time of the year thanks to its creeks, meadows, corn plantations, pumpkin plantations, game zone, mazes, and gorgeous sunflower garden. It's also got enough cows, alpacas, and turkeys to keep the kids happy. As you'd expect of a pumpkin farm, Halloween is when it really comes into its own, so be sure to check it out if you're around in October.

Pick up a gift at Burly Bear Gift Store

16. Pick up a gift at Burly Bear Gift Store

If you're looking for some souvenirs to take home from your visit to Show Low, look no further than Burly Bear Gift Store. As says, the quirky store offers a retail experience like no other. Crowded with woodland and bear-themed souvenirs, trinkets, and home decor items, you're guaranteed to find the perfect little gift to remind you of your trip.

Enjoy the go-karts at White Mountain Family Fun Park

15. Enjoy the go-karts at White Mountain Family Fun Park

If you're looking for a fun destination that all the family will enjoy, be sure to include a trip to White Mountain Family Fun Park on your schedule. Located just outside Show Low and surrounded by gorgeous scenery, it offers a vast array of fun and games that grown-ups will get just as much of a kick out of as the kids. Along with mini-golf, go-karts, and laser tag, there's also an amazing arcade room that promises hours of entertainment.

Grab a beer at the Black Horse Brewery

14. Grab a beer at the Black Horse Brewery

It may be one of the most recent additions to Show Low's food and drink scene, but Black Horse Brewery has already established itself as something of a local favorite. According to Trip101, these have been in the brewing business for more than 3 decades, which might just explain the phenomenal quality of their brews. Using ancient German recipes and only the best natural ingredients, their line of craft beer needs to be tasted to be believed. The only thing missing is food, but the owners are more than happy for you to bring along your own and cook it on the outside grill. Kids are equally well catered to with a lovely selection of homemade soda and snacks.

Treat your tastebuds at PersNIKKIty’s Cafe and Bakery

13. Treat your tastebuds at PersNIKKIty’s Cafe and Bakery

Recommended by The Crazy Tourist as one of the best places to indulge in some tasty eats in Show Low, PersNIKKIty’s Cafe and Bakery should be on every food lover's itinerary. Just be warned, once you taste one of their signature BBQ chipotle chicken and pineapple sandwiches, you'll never go back to BLTs again. If you're lucky, your visit might even coincide with one of the regular poetry reading or live music events they host. Even if it doesn't, you're still guaranteed a warm welcome and some very memorable food.

Restore your inner peace at the Unity of the White Mountains

12. Restore your inner peace at the Unity of the White Mountains

Vacations might be all well and good, but after a while, the constant sightseeing and enforced 'quality' time with the whole family can start to play havoc on your nerves. If your sense of calm is MIA, restore your inner peace at the gorgeously serene Unity of the White Mountains. Less of a religious organization than a spiritual center that caters to all denominations, all faiths, and all philosophies, it's guaranteed to restore your sense of equilibrium. Sing, pray, meditate, or indulge in some deep thinking... whatever you do, you'll feel better at the end of it.

Tuck into some steak at Cattlemen's Steakhouse

11. Tuck into some steak at Cattlemen's Steakhouse

If you're craving a big, juicy hunk of meat, head straight for Cattlemen's Steakhouse. Along with a great selection of steaks (try the bacon-wrapped filet mignon - served alongside a cloud of fluffy mashed potatoes and a pile of tender mushroom, it's to die for), it also does a mean line in prime ribs and a superb selection of salads. The prices are reasonable, the portions are generous, and the service is always welcoming - what more could you want?

Ride a horse at Porter Mountain Stables

10. Ride a horse at Porter Mountain Stables

Nestled in gorgeous countryside just outside Show Low is Porter Mountain Stables. If you've ever wanted to experience Arizona's stunning landscape on horseback, this is where you'll get the chance. The tours are guided, so you don't need to worry about getting lost. Simply saddle up and prepare for an unforgettable experience. If you want to make it even more magical, be sure to book a sunset ride.

Pamper yourself at Sunshine Spa

9. Pamper yourself at Sunshine Spa

If all your sightseeing has left you with sore muscles and throbbing feet, a pampering session at the wonderfully indulgent Sunshine Spa might be exactly what the doctor ordered. The spa offers a full suite of services, from full-body massages to facials and pedicures. Put yourself in the hands of the experienced staff and within next to no time, you'll feel relaxed, rejuvenated, and ready to embark on another full day of activity.

Hike Bluff Trail

8. Hike Bluff Trail

If you want to put your new hiking boots to the test, be sure to include a hike of Bluff Trail in your plans. Studded with sparkling creeks and scenic views, it's the ideal place to stretch your legs and enjoy the magnificent Arizona landscape. It's gentle enough to suit all fitness levels, with plenty of places along the way to stop for a rest if you need to. It's also remarkably well marked, so forget your compass and simply enjoy the opportunity to explore.

Relax at Pintail Lake

7. Relax at Pintail Lake

Pintail Lake isn't the biggest lake in Show Low. It's not even the best. But it is quite possibly the most peaceful, and when the crowds and the noise of the city start to get too much, that counts for a lot. Whether you take a picnic, a book, or a fishing rod, and regardless of whether you go alone or with company, you're promised a day of blissful peace, gorgeous views, and nothing but the sound of birds chirping to distract you.

Tackle the slopes at the Sunrise Ski Resort

6. Tackle the slopes at the Sunrise Ski Resort

If your idea of outdoor adventure involves slopes, skis, and lots and lots of snow, be sure to make time for a visit to the Sunrise Ski Resort during your time in Show Low. Even if the snow is thin on the ground elsewhere in the city, the resort's 10 state-of-the-art snow guns will guarantee enough of the white stuff to make your dream of skiing and snowboarding the slopes come true. Tucked away in the White Mountain Apache Reservation, the resort offers 65 trails spread across 3 mountains, with plenty of choice for beginners, intermediates, and pros.

Visit Show Low City Park

5. Visit Show Low City Park

Trip Advisor reviewers have named Show Low City Park as one of the best attractions in Show Low. A calm, well-maintained city park, it offers plenty by way of outdoor recreation for the whole family. Along with a well-equipped kid's playground, there are several sports courts, an enclosed dog park, numerous shaded picnic areas, BBQ pits, and a bunch of very scenic walking paths. There are also enough food vendors dotted around to make sure you never have to go hungry.

Kayak at Fool Hollow Lake Recreation Area

4. Kayak at Fool Hollow Lake Recreation Area

You don't have to kayak at Fool Hollow Lake Recreation Area if you don't want to, but if the idea of splashing around on the water floats your boat, you'll struggle to find many better places. If you'd rather leave the water adventures to someone else, there's a ton of fun to be had elsewhere in the park. Sunbathe, picnic, grill up a steak on the BBQ pit, fish, hike, watch the wildlife... the opportunities are endless. If you decide to extend the fun over a few days, there's even a camping site with shower and bathroom facilities to make use of.

Practice your shot at Second Knoll Target Range

3. Practice your shot at Second Knoll Target Range

Tucked away in the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest in the White Mountains, the Second Knoll Target Range is one of Arizona's premium game and fishing ranges. According to the official website, the venue offers a 100-yard all-purpose range for public use for rifles and pistols, along with a 50-yard ”bullseye” pistol range equipped with turning targets and four 25-yard training and competition bays. Well maintained, clean, and very well managed to ensure safety, it's the ideal destination to blow off some steam. Weather permitting, the site is open to the public Saturdays, Sundays, and Mondays.

Admire the art at AAWM Center for the Arts

2. Admire the art at AAWM Center for the Arts

If you've got any kind of interest in photography, painting, sculpture, or any other form of art, be sure to check out the AAWM Center for the Arts. A showcase for local artists of all types, its huge collection of stunning exhibits highlights almost every conceivable art form, including artisan crafts, photography, paintings, sketches, art installation, and more besides. Most of the art is available to buy so be sure to bring along some cash in case anything catches your eye. In addition to the regular exhibits, the museum also hosts numerous events throughout the year - check out their official website for more details.

Show Low Museum

1. Check out the themed rooms at Show Low Museum

If your wallet is feeling lighter than you'd like, try a visit to the Show Low Museum for size. Not only is it free (although donations are always welcome), it's a fascinating destination in its own right. Consisting of 16 uniquely themed rooms, it's a great place to learn more about the history of Show Low and the surrounding area. If you're visiting with kids, be sure to stop by the Train Room, which functions as an incredibly detailed microcosm of Show Low. The museum is open from Wednesday to Saturday each week from 10.00 am to 3.00 pm.

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