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The 10 Best Two Tone Watches Money Can Buy

Zenith El Primero

Two-tone watches are fashionable. There is something about the combination of gold and steel metals that gives a wristwatch the impression of being strong and durable, yet stylish and valuable. The combination provides both benefits for those who value a well-built watch that offers this type of aesthetic variety for the eyes. Here are the 10 best two-tone watches that money can buy for your enjoyment and consideration.

Timex Q Reissue Falcon Eye

10. Timex Q Reissue Falcon Eye Price: $179

Hi Consumption starts our list with their picks for the best two-tone watches money can buy that are currently available for shoppers. The Timex Q Reissue Falcon Eye is a lovely timepiece if you want an attractive yet dependable wristwatch that has a reasonable cost and a vintage vibe. This is a reissue from the 1978 period. It is a replication of the beloved Falcon Eye with a 38 mm case, an eye-catching dial in blue with a wavy texture. The case is stainless steel and the bracelet is made of woven stainless steel. It's water-resistant to 50 meters and is powered with a quartz movement. This is the least expensive watch on our list, but also one of the more popular in this category.

Mido Baroncelli Heritage Gent

9. Mido Baroncelli Heritage Gent Price: $1,170

The Mido Baroncelli Heritage Gent is a two-tone luxury watch, produced by one of the most underrated watchmakers in Switzerland. Although not well known by the global consumer base, the company is known for turning out some of the loveliest designs. The Baroncelli Heritage Gent is Mido's classic model in a dressy style and an impressively slim profile of a mere 7.3 mm. The case is made of stainless steel and measures 30mm in diameter. The dial is eggshell-colored with dual-finished faceted hands. You can find this item in multiple variants in a two-tone them and it is even offered in a rose gold PVD for the bracelet, hands, and case. It's water-resistant to 20 meters and is powered by automatic movement.

Tissot Gentleman Powermatic 80 Silicium Solid 18k Gold Bezel

8. Tissot Gentleman Powermatic 80 Silicium Solid 18k Gold Bezel Price: $1,450

Tissot is a well-known luxury brand with a reputation for quality and accurate timekeeping. This model features a case that is made of stainless steel material with a bezel made of solid 18k gold as a luxury feature. It's one of the most exceptional values for what you get. It's their most popular classic sports watch with an automatic movement and an 80-hour power reserve. The case size is 40 mm in width and the watch is water-resistant to 50 meters.

Zodiac Super Sea Wolf GMT Two-Tone

7. Zodiac Super Sea Wolf GMT Two-Tone Price: $1,795

The Zodiac Super Sea Wolf GMT is offered in a two-tone style. This is a dedicated diver with a water-resistance rating of 200 meters and is in the family of the brand's first professional dive watch to offer a GMT feature. Zodiac has produced the Sea Wolf line since 1953 and it continues to be a leader in the category within its price range. The current version of the Super Sea Wolf GMT is a retro-styled with that is made with world travelers in mind. It's powered with an automatic GMT movement with a 40 mm stainless steel case with gold accents.

Longines Hydroconquest

6. Longines Hydroconquest Price: $1,800

The Longines Hydorconquest has a unique sizing that is not commonly seen in any wristwatch. The case measures 41 mm in diameter. This is a professional modern dive watch that is made for serious divers who rely on their instruments for their safety. It's water-resistant up to 300 meters in a classically styled timepiece with a ceramic rotating bezel. It has just enough gold accent to qualify it as a two-tone that is multifunctional for sportswear or dressier occasions. It's powered with an automatic movement and represents an exceptional value for its luxury status.


5. Rolex Submariner Reference 11613 Price: $7,950

Airows picks the Rolex Submariner as an exceptional two-tone timepiece for those who demand the very best in quality and stylishness. It's not easy to find a Submariner in a two-tone example, which makes this model all the more special. It's available in a variety of color and metal combinations to suit your tastes and preferences. The example we reviewed features an eye-catching blue dial with stainless steel and gold metal.


4. Cartier Ballon Bleu Price: $6,550

Cartier is one of the most respected names in luxury timepieces and jewelry. It's said that the purchase of any Cartier product is an investment that retains its value, and often goes up in worth over time. Cartier is known for using premium materials with outstanding workmanship and unique styling. The Ballon Bleu is a bold timepiece that makes a powerful fashion statement with a stainless steel case and gold highlights. Yes, it also features Cartier's signature crown inset with blue cabochon. It's easy to recognize a Cartier at a glance.

Breitling Cosmonaut

3. Breitling Cosmonaut Price: $5,900

No ten best list is complete without the inclusion of a Breitling. The Cosmonaut is one of the most desirable timepieces in Breitling's history. The luxury and legendary watchmaker has delivered this piece with a vintage appeal for those into unique designs from the past with a modern twist. It's an expensive watch but as with Cartier, Breitlings also tend to increase their value over time.

Omega Speedmaster Professional APOLLO 15, 35th-anniversary Moonwatch

2. Omega Speedmaster Professional APOLLO 15, 35th-anniversary Moonwatch Price: $5,900

The Omega Speedmaster Professional Apollo 15 35th anniversary moon watch s produced in a strictly limited quantity The luxury brand designed this watch as a celebration of the anniversary of the Apollo 15 mission. This is an exceptionally rare piece that is certain to increase in its value with tender loving care. It's a complex timepiece that is made even more special with the addition of a layer of gold.

Zenith El Primero

1. Zenith El Primero Price: $6,250

Although not the most expensive two-tone timepiece, the Zenith El Primero is close. What makes this timepiece so special? First of all, it's a Zenith. The high-end luxury brand is known for its quality. This watch is powered by a self-winding El Primero 3600. It beats at a frequency of 5 Hz with a power reserve of 60 hours.

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