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How Boris Becker Achieved a Net Worth of $35 Million

They say behind the success of every man is a woman who has stood by him but in the same breath, behind the downfall of every man, is also a woman and it can make men wary of becoming involved with women, but the heart always goes for what it wants. Boris Becker is a man who has been in the headlines since his early days; then in a positive light but the last decade, the publicity has not been positive. There is a time when Boris was reportedly worth over $160 million, but the net worth seems to be on a downward trajectory with some even saying he has gone from "Becker to Beggar."

It is safe to conclude that his divorce took a huge chunk of his money when Barbara obtained $14.4 million in the settlement, which was against the prenuptial agreement that would have had her receive a lump sum payoff amounting to $2.5 million. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, and Barbara could not wait to squeeze the man dry by filing for divorce after learning that he was unfaithful. She therefore also got custody of their two children and their condominium on Fisher Island, Florida. Boris Becker net worth now has gone down to $35 million amidst claims of bankruptcy that have forced him to sell off his possessions. Well, since $35 million is still an amount that most of us can only dream about, let's forget about the bankruptcy declaration in 2017 and see how Boris managed to become a multimillionaire.

Tennis player

When Boris Becker's parents sent him to school, all they wanted for their son was for him to get a degree and get a respectful job. Therefore, Boris becoming a tennis player was not in their plans, according to Wikipedia. However, you cannot compete with destiny and when Boris' father set up a tennis center he might have thought he was benefitting the locals little did he know that he was preparing his son to become the next big name in the history of tennis because that is where Boris learned to play the game.

Boris must have been a quick learner because the German Tennis Federation was ready to spend more than 1.3 million DM, DM being the official currency for West Germany from 1948 to 1990. So much was the faith in Boris that the Federation went ahead to include him in the first men's team in 1982 and two years later, Boris turned professional. Boris broke the record by becoming the youngest male to win the Grand Slam single championship at 17 years, 227 days. Becker has won six Grand Slam titles, 15 doubles titles and 49 singles titles and became the first male player to ever appear in 7 Wimbledon finals. The success on the tennis courts has not been without financial prosperity because according to Sportskeeda, Boris received prize money totaling to $25,080,956.

Sports commentator

Of course with his tennis experience, sports channels would feel privileged to have him in their team, and Boris has been a regular commentator on BBC, Eurosport and other sports channels. According to The Standard, Boris extended his contract with Eurosport until 2018, and he was still looking to become part of ITV Show titled " I'm a Celebrity Get me Out Of Here" where he would earn around £500,000. As for his work on BBC, it is safe to assume he takes home a lucrative pay considering that people like John McEnroe are paid at least $350,000 for a two-week job. Although Boris does not make as much as John, according to Tennistonic, he may come close to the figure since both are retired professional tennis players.


Once you become a reputed player all over the globe, your name is your brand, and whatever you do can affect it. Boris always wanted to have a brand according to what the managing director of Volkl Inc., Sean Frost told Tennis Industry Magazine. Boris bought 50% shares of Volkl Inc. in 1999 and has maintained his principal ownership to date. The company incorporated Boris Becker tennis products as part of their brand. Volkl Inc. manufactures tennis rackets and clothing, and it was, therefore, no surprise that the Boris Becker Tennis brand was a welcome addition to the offering, which also becomes a mutually beneficial relationship for both the company and Boris financially.

Poker player

Poker demands strategy and as Kenny Rogers says you have to know when to walk away no matter how lucrative the deal seems. Boris must have mastered his skills ever since he joined the poker table playing as an amateur in Monte Carlo. The game has facilitated in raising his net worth because, during the World Poker Tour, Boris finished in 40th place and won $40,000. That was just one of his many wins since in 2011 he won 8,000 Euros while in April 2013, Boris won 15,000 Euros. In total, he has made over $100,000 from playing poker from the time he began playing in November 2007 to mid-May 2013.

Tennis coach

Boris was already done with the tennis courts, but the minute he was called by Novak Djokovic asking him to coach him, it was an offer he could not refuse. Not because of the money he would be paid but because he saw himself in Novak, as he told CNN. So thrilled to coach Novak was he that he had to quit his BBC commentary job to focus on the player although the relationship did not last long with them parting ways in December 2016.

However, in the time he was his coach, Novak managed to win six Grand Slam titles, and perhaps that is what led Alexander Zverev to want to hire Boris, but could not afford him. Becker agreed that although Zverev is talented, he has not won anything extraordinary so maybe with time as the young player's pockets fill up, Boris Becker will not mind coaching him. According to Tennis Consult, a professional tennis coach can make at least $50,000 with the amount going up if the coach helps a player win lots of prize money. With that insight, Boris made more than $150,000 in the time he was coaching Novak since it is with his help that the player won major titles.

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