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10 Things You Didn't Know about Brandon Millman

Brandon Millman is a writer, public speaker, and leadership development trainer. His career has included stints as a firefighter, TV reporter, and author of several books on business and leadership. Here are ten facts you didn't know about the Millman family.

10. Firefighter and Emergency Medical

Brandon Millman is a former volunteer firefighter and Emergency Medical Technician (EMT). He enjoyed helping others but left this line of work so he could spend more time with his family. He is now a full-time EMT and works for a local EMS company. He says that he has been very happy with the career change, but admits that sometimes it can be stressful. He says that he would never want to do anything else in the medical field.

9. Mom is a Pastor

Brandon Millman's mother is a pastor in the United Methodist Church. She thought he would also become a minister, but after high school, Brandon decided to go into business instead. He worked for a few years but eventually realized that business was not his calling. "I decided I wanted to do something with my life that was more meaningful," he says. "And then I got involved with my church.

8. All His Books Are About Leadership

Brandon Millman is a writer and public speaker. He says that he wants to inspire others to make a difference in the world. His books are all about leadership, but he also has some books that are not specifically about leadership. He is the author of "Unshakeable," a book about how we can face and overcome the struggles of life. He also wrote "Karma is a Bitch," a book about life's lessons.

7. Brandon Millman Used to Have a Big Afro

Before Brandon Millman was a businessman and author who taught workshops at corporations on how to manage employees, he had an afro. He went from wearing the big hairstyle in high school to being bald while working as a TV reporter. “When I was in high school, I was a big afro-head. And I think it was my hair that got me into journalism. My hair was always a mess, but when I wore my afro I looked really good. It made me feel like I was a real journalist,” said Millman.

6. He Earned a BA in Business Administration

Brandon Millman earned a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration from Oklahoma State University. He graduated in 1995. He got a job with the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education (OSRHE) as an assistant to the vice president and general counsel. In 1996, he was promoted to the position of legal counsel for the OSRHE. After serving as legal counsel for four years, he became the associate vice president of OSRHE. He says that his college experience was difficult. He had no money and was the only person in his family who went to college. He says that his father was "a little skeptical" of his choice of school, but his mother was very supportive.

5. He Started a Charity to Help Kids with Cancer

Brandon Millman founded a charity called Kids Cancer Research Foundation. He says that he was inspired to create the charity after a relative was diagnosed with cancer. He says that the foundation is a way for him to give back to his family. "It's important for me to help other families that have to go through what I went through," he says. "I was so blessed that I got to go through college, but I was not blessed to get cancer when I was young."

4. He Is Married to a Psychologist

Brandon Millman is married to his wife, Laura. She is a psychologist who specializes in working with people who have experienced trauma. She says that she was impressed by Brandon's ability to focus on the future and his ability to balance work and family. His wife has helped him make decisions about his life, including his career. 8. He Has Been on the Road for the Last Four Years Brandon Millman's career took off in the late 1990s. At first, he worked for a financial services company. Then, he left to work for an Internet startup. When he started his own company, he wanted to be able to travel and spend more time with his family. She says that Brandon has been a "great support" to her. He says that she has helped him with his business and leadership skills.

3. He was Involved in Church

Brandon Millman's mother was a pastor in the United Methodist Church. She encouraged her son to go to college and become a doctor. Brandon Millman attended the University of Oklahoma, where he earned a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration. He says that he went to school to become a doctor, but ended up in the business world instead. Naturally, he says that he wanted to become a doctor when he grew up.

2. He Wrote a Book About "Not Dying"

Brandon Millman wrote a book about the power of belief. He says that he wanted to write a book about the power of faith, but instead wrote a book about the power of belief. He says that he wrote the book to help people believe that they can do great things in their lives. He says that he had the belief that he could write a book, and that it would be a success. He says that his book was a success because he followed his beliefs.

1. Cofounder Of Phantom Phone Company

Brandon Millman founded Phantom Phone Company, a company that sells disposable cell phones. He says that he wanted to create a company that allowed people to enjoy their phones without having to worry about them being stolen. He says that he wanted to give people the opportunity to have a fun phone without having to worry about it being stolen. He says that he is excited about the company and the opportunities that it presents.


Brandon Millman is a dynamic and inspirational speaker who has been helping organizations with their leadership development needs for almost 20 years. His message to employees is that their company and managers want to see them succeed and that hard work and dedication will be rewarded.

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Written by Allen Lee

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