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10 Things You Didn't Know About Eric Glyman

Eric Glyman

Eric Glyman is an American businessman and entrepreneur. Mr. Glyman is the current chief executive officer of a company called Ramp. The business he launched is a startup finance company that provides corporations with cards that helps businesses to control spending. Eric Glyman has a strong resume. Mr. Glyman is a hard worker. He made a career in business. Our interest in learning more about him led us to look into his personal and professional history to see what we could find out. We'd like to share what we learned in our list of ten things you probably didn't know about Eric Glyman.

1. Eric Glyman is a founder of Ramp

According to Crunchbase, Eric Glyman is not only the CEO of Ramp, but he is also a co-founder of the company. It's a brand-new startup that first opened its doors for business in 2019. Eric is going into his third year of the executive leadership of the organization. So far, it is thriving under his direction.

2. Eric Glyman is also an investor

Glyman invested in Ramp as co-founder, but he also puts his money into other startups that he considers solid options. He's helping other young companies with the funding necessary to establish their companies and grow them. Glyman has made eighteen investments so far, with three exits. Some of his investments are Medal, Clara, Pluto, withco, Float, Archive, Pomelo, Goody, Eightsleep, Ro, and several others. He exited from Paribus, Ouster, and Hivy.

3. Eric Glyman is a serial entrepreneur

Mr. Glyman has founded two companies. In addition to Ramp, he also co-founded a company called Paribus. He also served as the chief executive officer of Paribus from 2014 through February 2019. The company was acquired by Capital One. It was founded in New York, New York with funding of $2.2 million. Paribus specialized in consumer, startup, and e-commerce technology.

4. Eric Glyman helps struggling startups

According to Ramp, the CEO of the company has a passion for infusing new life into businesses that are having it rough. He wants to see companies get back on their feet after bankruptcy, rather than going completely underwater. His focus with Paribus helped companies in peril to restructure their organization after catastrophic financial problems.

5. Eric Glyman advises entrepreneurs

Mr. Glyman shares his expertise in how to recover after financial woes. He has appeared on the 20VC podcast to advise entrepreneurs about building a self-sustaining business. he knows what he is talking about because of his successful formula for building strong and stable companies. It's a resounding theme for Eric and he is happy to share his knowledge with others who can benefit from his experience and expertise. He's all about expanding the company lifespan and rebuilding. It's this passion that inspired him to co-found Ramp after selling Paribus. It gives companies a corporate card that saves them money over other cards of its class.

6. Eric Glyman is keen on prioritization

Eric understands what founders go through when building an organization. One of the principles that he encourages is defining the company early on. Regardless of how many directions leaders get pulled into he advises leaders to maintain a focus on the mission of the company and to maintain a clear view of it. It will help to guide you in the directions to take when situations turn chaotic. It will also help to eliminate some touch choices by setting priorities for the company early on, then sticking to them. It is sage advice for new startups just getting established.

7. He's weathered financial storms

Eric Glyman is in a good financial position, but he knows what it is like to have most of your revenues evaporate. When leading Paribus, Eric and his crew endured a frightening experience when 80 percent of the Paribus revenues disappeared. It happened overnight and the team went through a frightening time that threw them into crisis mode. They put their feelings and fears aside and dealt with the problem taking it one step at a time. He knows how to work through big problems to find the best solutions. Intense pressure may come, but it's during those times that you must step outside of emotions and take a pragmatic approach.

8. Eric Glyman is a Harvard graduate

His LinkedIn profile confirms that Eric Glyman studied at Harvard University from 2008 through 2012, hearing his AB in Economics and East Asian Studies. He is also a graduate of the Y Combinator training program. Eric spent a year studying in the Peking University visiting scholar program, studying finance, health economics, anthropology, and accounting in 2011. He was involved in multiple activities while at Harvard. he was part of the Harvard College in Asia Program, the Harvard Financial Analysts Club, the Global China Connection, the Veritas Financial Group, and the Massachusetts Small Claims Advisory Service.

9. Eric Glyman is bilingual

Glyman studied the Mandarin language while at Peking University. He also earned a citation in Mandarin Chinese from the Harvard Beijing Academy in 2009. He is fluent in participating in business negotiations in foreign relations in the Mandarin language. He is also proficient in speaking Portuguese and Spanish.

10. Glyman started his career as a sales associate

Before founding Paribus or Ramp, Glyman worked for other companies to gain knowledge, experience and pay his bills. In July 2012 he worked as a financial analyst for Millstein & Co. in New York. He was a Trustee for Global China Connection from 2009 through 2014. The first job he lists on his resume is a sales associate position for Express. Glyman worked in Las Vegas in 2008. He was a logistics coordinator for Consumer Electronics Association in 2010. His next job was as a Research Associate for iKang Guobini in 2010. He also worked as a Summer Analyst for Houlihan Lokey in 2011 in Los Angeles. Eric Glyman worked his way up to his current position. He paid his dues before carving a niche in executive leadership and entrepreneurship.

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