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A Closer Look at the Bremoir Lexington Art-Deco-Themed Watch

Bremoir Lexington Art-Deco-Themed Watch

Bremoir has once again shown its expertise in manufacturing “modern” style watches with the debut of the Art-Deco-Themed Watch. The Lexington Art-Deco-Themed Bremoir watch can be described as a dress-sport model with a stainless steel tonneau case that is 11mm thick, 39mm wide, and 48mm long. In addition to flat AR-coated sapphire crystal, it has a Swiss Made STP 1-11 automatic movement that operates at a frequency of 4Hz. Though it is not dive-worthy, this Art-Deco-Themed watch has a 50m water resistance that preserves the watch while in the swimming pool. In this post, we will discuss more about the Bremoir Lexington Art-Deco-Themed Watch.


Lexington was the first watch to be built by Bremoir, a micro-brand located in Los Angeles, but its headquarters in Manhattan. The Lexington watch features various dial colors, including the blue and copper-toned dial that Bremoir refers to as the Lexington Morocco. The watch’s stepped case bezel and overall case and dial design was inspired by the interior and exterior décor of New York City’s famed Chrysler building. Slightly older people generally prefer the Bremoir Lexington watch. This model was introduced back when Art-Deco-themed items such as art, appliances, architecture, and watches were very popular. This is a clear indication that Bremoir did an excellent job influencing people to opt for Art Deco designed products. One notable feature about the Lexington watch is the dial, which reminisces the design of the hands, face and markers. Also, the dial is a familiar representation of the traditional watch dial features with classy Art Deco visual aesthetics. For better viewing in darkness and to help improve the dial’s legibility, the sections and hands of the dial are coated with Super-LumiNova. The hands and markers of the Lexington watch end in chiseled points overprinted triangles that form arrowheads. The minute track is composed of cardinal numbers that are sharp, thick, and well-executed to provide a classy look. On the typeface, you will notice the tall and slender Bremoir’s logo, among other details that represent certain features on the Chrysler Building.

Dial and Lume

Unlike other dress watches that either have a great deal or a great case, the Bremoir Lexington perfectly balances both aspects. The Chrysler Building’s influence is evident by the inclusion of luminous green triangles around the eye-catching dial and contrasting copper hour track, which reminiscences the triangular vaulted windows found at the crown of the building. The lettering and numerals in the watch add to the same classic Deco aesthetic, with their sharp edges and angles and inflated curves. Moreover, the graphic designs included in the Bremoir Lexington watch help provide a clearer insight into the origin and inspiration behind the watch. This dress-sport watch model is available in four different vial variants, including brown with copper ring, black with silver ring, blue with copper ring, and blue with a silver ring. In addition to the eye-catching copper ring on the dial, the design of the stepped bezel is a clear representation of the Chrysler’s Building curved upper front that changes to the iconic terraced crown at the top. However, the lugs are quite short, thus making them thicker than the baseband and strap to look weird against the height of the lug.


The navy suede with copper stitching wraps on the Bremoir Lexington watch is meticulously tailored by Delugs, a leading strap making brand. This standard strap features a stamped lining, quick-release pins, and tapered to an 18mm bespoke buckle that blends well with the stepped bezel. There is also a second, optional strap with a high-quality, two-piece navy nylon strap incorporating a 20mm Bremoir buckle, metal keepers and quick-release pins. The standard navy suede strap is mostly preferred for casual wear, while the navy nylon strap is more sporty. Nonetheless, both of these Lexington straps are very comfortable on the wrist and add a strong and pleasant presence to your overall look. The Bremoir Lexington watch comes with a quick-release leather strap that helps add to the watch’s perfect fit. The leather is also pliable and soft, making it comfortable on the wrist.

Movement and Caseback

Inside the Bremoir Lexington Art-Deco-Themed watch, there is an automatic Swiss Technology Production STP 1-11,26 jewel, a replica of the workhorse ETA 2824-2. Unlike the other ordinary watches with convectional everyday movement, Bremoir has decided to change this norm by including the Lexington watch movement with some exquisite ornamentation. For instance, the baseplate is fitted with a beautiful perlage, which adds a decent backdrop for the borderline over-the-top rotor. Moreover, the black, gold and silver coloring work perfectly in improving the overall classy aesthetic of the watch. At the back of the watch, you will find a 28.8k bph STP-1-11 elegantly finished and fitted with a custom rotor. Surrounding the exhibition window is a neatly-polished frame with serial numbers and watch specs engraved. Another notable feature is the watch’s crown, which is perfectly executed and has a well-polished, coin-edged pointed cap that adds a nice finish to the watch’s overall appearance. Bremoir also outdid themselves by introducing fine lines and elegant design finish on the Lexington Art-Deco-Themed model.

Final Thoughts

The Bremoir Lexington watch is among the Art-Deco models made during the peak of Art Deco’s popularity. While many vintage timepiece models try to capture a direct inspiration, the Lexington watch elegantly captures both the Art Deco movement and the Chrysler Building itself, including its most noticeable features. Furthermore, Bremoir watches come packed in a sleek, zipper leather presentation box, wrapped in a soft leather strap that blends with the colors of the dial. Bremoir most succeeds in providing its buyers with various options to choose from that perfectly fit their tastes and preferences. Get started today by ordering the Bremoir Lexington to enjoy these amazing features at a minimum price of USD 985.

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