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10 Things You Didn't Know About Brian Kemp

Brian Kemp

Brian Kemp is the 83rd Governor of the State of Georgia. He is a member of the Republican Party who assumed office in 2019. He has had a long and successful political career but there have been some who disagree with his handling of the recent Coronavirus pandemic. For those of you who are not familiar with him, here are 10 things you didn't know about Brian Kemp, to give you a more complete picture of the profile of the political figure leading the state of Georgia.

1. He is a native of Georgia

As most state governors, Brian Porter Kemp was born in the state that he governs. He was born in Athens, Georgia on November 2, 1963. This makes him 56 years of age. He grew up in the area, first attending the private school Athens Academy. When he was in the ninth grade, he had the opportunity to play football at Clarke Central High for Billy Henderson, so he made the transfer, then graduated from the school in 1983.

2. He didn't start out as a politician

After Kemp graduated from high school he enrolled in college classes. He attended the University of Georgia and studied agriculture. He earned his bachelor's degree from the school before launching his professional career. Kemp's first career was not in politics. He worked in the housing industry as a developer and as a home builder. Brian Kemp first established himself as a businessman before he threw his hat into the ring for political office.

3. He is married with a family

Brian Kemp has a busy schedule juggling the responsibilities of governing the state of Georgia, maintaining his business responsibilities, and also his family. He married Marty Argo Kemp and the couple has three daughters. They attend the Emmanuel Episcopal Church that is located in Athens, Georgia. Kemp spends as much time as possible with his family.

4. He comes from a family of politicians

Brian Kemp isn't the first in his family to seek political office. Julian H. Cox Sr. served as a member of the Georgia Legislature. Cox was Brian's grandfather. His father-in-law, Bob Argo was also a member of the Georgia House of Representatives and he served for a number of years, in addition to being an executive in the insurance industry in Athens.

5. Kemp has experienced controversy

Brian Kemp made a personal guarantee to a Kentucky company called Hart AgStrong. He guaranteed $10 million to the canola crushing company. An investigation into the company showed that guarantees were made using assets that it didn't own. It repaid suppliers through money obtained from insurance settlements. Under Georgia State law, this could be ruled as a felony if they are found guilty of the charges. Kemp was named in a suit related to the Hart AgStrong case and was sued for $500,000 in business loans as a guarantor in May of 2018.

6. He was accused of insider loans that were sketchy

Although it is legal to secure insider loans, Brian Kemp's business activities came under scrutiny by the local media. Kemp took out such loans from a community bank that he served as a stockholder and founding board member. The amount that the companies that Kemp owns was estimated to be over $800,000, according to WAA TV, an Atlanta television station. They conducted their investigation in the Fall of 2018, but the terms of the loans were to disclosed so it's difficult to know if there were any violations or if they were perfectly legal.

7. He was an agricultural worker

Brian Kemp has been accused of his political rivals of using the rural card to win votes, but he really does have a passion for agriculture. This was his major in college, and growing up, he spent time working with cattle in a hands-on setting. He has spent time working with cows outdoors in the elements and he was even trampled by a cow earlier in his life. He's even credited with pulling a calf from its dead mother on Christmas Eve, saving the calf's life.

8. Brian earned a reputation for being a hard worker

Brian Kemp has worked hard throughout his life and he has built businesses the old fashioned way. He's the kind of guy that doesn't mind rolling up his sleeves and putting in the effort with everyone else. We learned that he is known for showing up early and working late. He's had his share of ups and downs in business, but his co-workers and subordinates attest to the fact that he made a habit of showing up early and working hard. He did his share and then some.

9. Kemp's focus has changed over the years

Brian Kemp's early campaigns were entertaining for some as he advertised his collection of guns. Early ads feature a fictitious suitor of his daughter named "Jake," and his respect for the Second Amendment with Kemp holding a shotgun and routing up criminal illegals with his pickup truck. Now his focus deals with increasing school safety, combating gang violence, and increasing teacher pay instead of the suggestion of using armed force.

10. He made history in Georgia

As the 83rd Governor of the state of Georgia, Brian Kemp made history by becoming the candidate that has earned the most votes of anyone in the history of Georgia gubernatorial elections. This shows how truly popular Brian is in his home state. Although there have been a few controversial issues, there has been no evidence that he ever participated in illegal or immoral activities. Kemp has a clean record. He is an entrepreneur who built his first business with his own hands. The company was called the Kemp Development and Construction Company. He branched into investments in manufacturing, real estate, timber, farming, and banking. He served on the board of the First Madison Bank, Suncrest Stone and St. Mary's Hospital. He has worked tirelessly to help finance new businesses for more good-paying jobs, for growing new companies and helping with the development of international deals as well. He was frustrated with the way the state was being run so he ran for office himself in an effort to bring about the changes needed within Georgia infrastructure to ensure the best possible life and opportunities for all Georgians.

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