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How Bubba Watson Achieved a Net Worth of $30 Million

Bubba Watson

Bubba Watson is an American professional golfer who started playing golf at the age of 6. He was born in 1978 in Bagdad, Florida. He studied at Faulkner State Community College in Alabama and then proceeded to the University of Georgia. Bubba plays on the PGA Tour, and he helped the Bulldogs win the Southeastern Conference Championship tour. According to Glamour Fame, Bubba is a rare left-handed professional golfer and the longest driver on tour. Many people who hear about Bubba Watson's net worth know very little about what he did to gain it. Read on to find out how he achieved a net worth of $30 million.

Professional career

One way in which Bubba Watson accumulated wealth is through his earnings as a professional golfer. He began his career in 2003, and reports show that he earned about $1 million in the early days. He has done well in his career and is worth about 24 million. In April 2014, he won the Master's Tournament title, which was his second. The accolades include being the first golfer and the 17th golfer to win the Masters in two or more instances, which came with a payout of $1.6 million.


He is part of a musical group called the Golf Boys. Its members include Rickie Fowler, Hunter Mahan, and Ben Crane. They produced a single called “oh oh oh” on YouTube, and they generate income from the viewership. Even though they have committed to giving $1,000 for every 100,000 views as part of their charity initiatives, they still keep a balance that boosts their earnings.


Bubba has won 12 times on the PGA Tour and made six appearances on Ryder Cup and Presidents Cup teams. Bubba has a unique way of seeing lines that others don’t and a tendency for shooting shots. Bubba scores and can hit a ball over 350 yards. As mentioned above, he is the longest driver, and his longest drive is 315.2 yards. Bubba normally finishes top of the driving distances. His average driving distance is 337.8 yards. In one of the tours, Watson took an easy 6-iron, where he worked his ball 30 yards from left to the right, and it landed six feet short of the pin from 198 yards. This impressed Watson and his fans. This was one of the tours that made him famous. He became an ambassador for Jordan, and since then, he has made appearances in many events, thanks to his way of playing.

Sponsorships and endorsement

Bubba has had several sponsorships and endorsements. He is a Jordan ambassador and wears the Jordan brand, including his shoes, during most of his major events. Watson’s first putter was a Ping B60. He had played the company’s clubs since he received a junior set of irons when he was eight years old. According to The Golf News, Watson has signed a different endorsement deal, a lifetime contract. The president of Ping B60 said that Watson had shown his commitment to their company, and they decided to make that deal with him. Watson has also been sponsored by Linksoul Apparel, which John Ashworth co-founded. Bubba Watson has also signed an endorsement deal with a Cannabidiol (CBD) maker, and he became the first big name in PGA Tour player to have signed such a sponsorship. Watson has signed a multi-year agreement with the company to wear their logo on his hats and to appear in their marketing programs. The money he earns from all this has also boosted his net worth.

Keynote speaker

Watson is a man of many talents. He happens to be a keynote speaker at many events such as engagements, corporate events, personal appearances, fundraisers, conferences, and social media campaigns. He charges fees in these different events, and this has contributed to his net worth. According to Celebrity Talent, Watson is one of the best keynote speakers, and many people hire him to speak at different events.


Watson has received many awards, including the 2012 Masters, which were his first major championship win. He also won the Ryder Cup in the years 2010, 2012, 2014, and 2018. The other award is the Wendy’s 3-tour challenge. He won it while representing the PGA tour in the years 2007, 2009, and 2010. The other award he won was the President's Cup in 2011 and 2015. These awards have made Watson famous. Many companies pay him to be their ambassador. Watson has also appeared in commercial ads that have earned him a lot of money.


Watson is also in the business world. He has invested in businesses, and they are performing very well. He has gained significant profit. The businesses he owns are localized in his hometown. These businesses include a candy shop (Bubba’s Sweet Spot), a car dealership, and a driving range. He also owns a stake in the local Double-A minor league baseball team known as the Blue Wahoos. Watson's businesses have played a huge role in generating income.

Real estate business

As aforementioned, Bubba Watson is a business-minded person. Apart from the businesses mentioned above, Bubba also bought a house in Lakefront in Isle Worth, Florida, and sold it later for $4.2 million in 2016, making a hefty profit from the property. Watson sold that property at a great price because it was situated at Windermere, Florida, specifically, Isle Worth, a private golf club community. The property was previously owned by the famous golf legend Tiger Woods. Watson bought it from Tiger in 2013. He remodeled it to increase its value. Watson also had an apartment complex, which he sold for a significant profit.

He has a good manager and agent

Watson has a good manager and a personal agent who helps him in managing his time and career. His manager books all of his appointments, reaches out to his contacts and manages his endorsements and event appearances. Having a manager and a personal assistant allows Watson to delegate his obligations, which frees up more time.

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