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The History of and Story Behind the Cartier Logo


Cartier is an internationally respected French Jewelry company specializing in the production of high-quality accessories. They have a reputation for using the finest quality materials to produce expensive pieces, but retain, and sometimes increase in value. The unique logo for Cartier is easily recognized by patrons.

It's been in existence for more than a century. To fully appreciate the meaning behind the logo one must understand the history and mission of the company. Here are the interesting facts about the history of and story behind the Cartier logo.

Cartier was founded in 1847

Louis-Francois Cartier was an apprentice jeweler who purchased his first workshop from his mentor in 1847. He produced pendants and brooches that were well-received by the public.

Business picked up quickly and Cartier expanded his company internationally. Cartier currently has large companies in five countries with 14 locations. The Cartier jewelry company is more than 150 years old and it's still thriving despite tough economic times.

The first Cartier logo

The logo for Cartier is a monogram that is created by the intertwining of two capital C letters. The rounded monogram style is ideal for use in paper labels and fabric tags. The letter stands for the founder of the Cartier jewelry company to give credit where it is due.

His grandson later succeeded him as the owner of the company and the emblem was registered as a trademark of the business. The intertwining of the two C letters is a symbol of the close connection that existed between the generations of jewelers in the Cartier family. According to Logos-World, the first Cartier logo was introduced at the World Exhibition in Paris in the year 1900.

Who designed the first Cartier logo?

The first emblem for the Cartier logo was designed by the grandson of the founder of the Cartier company, Pierre Cartier. The emblem was completed in 1900, however, it was not patented until a decade later. In the year 1910, Cartier officially patented and registered the Cartier trademark in its monogram form.

How has the Cartier logo evolved

The Cartier logo has not been changed or altered in any way since its introduction to the world. While the majority of logos undergo an evolutionary process that includes changes to streamline or modernize the appearance and the message, Cartier has maintained adherence to the original design without making any alterations. For the past 12 decades, the Cartier logo has remained in its pure original form.

What is the meaning of the Cartier logo?

Louis Francois Cartier did not grow up in a family of nobles, nor surrounded by elegant luxury. His parents owned a powder flask business which was a far cry from a jeweler's shop. His parents discouraged his interest in becoming a jeweler because at that time only royals could afford to purchase such accessories.

They wanted him to pursue a business that would be more of a sure thing for earning a living, such as making powder flasks. Instead, Louis pursued his own dream and entered into an occupation that would produce elegant and beautiful pieces of jewelry. His work caught the attention of royals and the very wealthy who could afford the jewelry and his popularity as a jeweler soared, according to Turbo Logo.

The two intertwined capital C letters that form the logo are elegantly placed to create a statement of elegance and beauty. An attractive and fashionable emblem was required to get the attention of those with the means to become patrons. Blue Bloods soon flocked to Cartier and established the reputation of the brand in high-society circles.

The elegant vignette has a simple meaning. The sophisticated script for the handwriting of the full name Cartier is clean and simple. the Intertwined C letters in their monochrome design stand for elegance, family dedication, and beauty in simplistic and pure design elements.

The meaning of the colors

Famous Logos points out that the colors of the Cartier logo are representatives of the traits of the company and the family behind the business. These traits also extend to every member of the Cartier team. White represents sophistication, dignity, and purity.

All dealings with loyal patrons are open and above board. The black in the monochrome color scheme is a representation of elegance, prestige, and excellence. There is a message behind the meaning associated with the Cartier logo that begins with the integrity of the Cartier family, their approach to serving clientele with the highest quality of products, and the teams that produce each exquisite piece. These combine to create a scenario of value that translates into a good investment for those who own Cartier jewelry.

Final thoughts

Throughout the entire world, Cartier is a name and a brand that is equated with high-fashion and quality. While the cost of the pieces is not exorbitant, they are considered expensive for the average person. Cartier is a brand that appeals to people from all walks of life.

Although the name is associated with prestige, it's not about snobbery or creating jewelry accessories that are beyond the reach of some. The mission is about providing elegance and quality for all Cartier customers. The materials used in the creation of each piece hold inherent value on their own.

Pure 18k golds and other precious metals and stones are investments that remain through time. Simple through more complicated pieces are included in Cartier's various collections to put them with the reach of practically everyone. The goals of Cartier remain pure in offering elegance, beauty, and value for each customer who makes a purchase.

The logo stands as a symbol of these ideals and this is why there really hasn't been a reason to change the emblem or its delivery. In a world of constant change, the quality and high standards of Cartier have remained the same.

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