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The 10 Cheapest iPhones Money Can Buy


On January 9, 2007, Apple Inc. announced the arrival of the iPhone, which was a smartphone designed by the company that uses its iOS mobile operating system. The popularity of this cellphone has sold over two billion and continues to be one of the most popular money can buy. Among them, which are the ten cheapest models a customer can buy that don't seem so damaging to the wallet? The pricing depends on how much tech has gone into it and what the size is going to be. Much has changed since 2007 as technological advancements have seen an improvement in the iPhone's quality and performance levels. The iPhone is one of the two largest smartphone platforms in the market. Its chief competitor is Android as these two take up the lion's share of the luxury cellphone market.

iPhone Evolution

Today, the latest iPhones to reach the consumer base is the iPhone SE. As the first production from what's considered the third generation of Apple's best-selling product, this is among the most popular iPhones on the market, as is the iPhone 11, iPhone 12, and iPhone 13. These are the phones currently in production by Apple. From iPhone 8 to iPhone 12, there's still support for these. However, anything that's iPhone 7 or older no longer has support from Apple. This means such phones no longer are privy to updates and are likely to encounter performance issues as other apps will continue to update themselves.

On average, smartphone users change their devices every two years. Some do this more frequently while others will try and hang onto their iPhone as long as humanly possible. With this being said, the cheapest iPhones money can buy at this time are likely the devices that have been in production for some time now or have ceased production and are looking to get rid of the old so Apple can make way for the new. However, even the newer iPhones can be bought cheaply enough when the deal is right. It literally boils down to what are the big promotions going on and who is trying to get rid of what.

10. iPhone SE (2022) (between $579.99 USD to $789.00 USD)

A brand new iPhone SE starts at $529.99 USD. It's new enough to have all of today's technology at your fingertips, plus it has Apple's full support to ensure your iPhone purchase is, and remains, a positive experience If you're adamant about new as far as iPhones go, this is the best deal Apple has to offer a the moment. If you happen to have an iPhone 8 or newer, trade it in to get a rebate ranging between $100.00 USD to $705.00 USD. This is the primary reason why there are many renewed phones on the market that sell for much cheaper than the brand new price. Bear this in mind if you wish to purchase a cheap enough iPhone that isn't too dated. However, if you're adamant about something new, the compact iPhone SE might be just the right device for you.

9. iPhone XR (between $549.00 USD to $599.00 USD)

A new iPhone XR costs between $549.00 USD to $599.00 USD on average. This is a decent enough price to pay for something new enough that's likely to be supported by Apple for some time yet. If you're needing a new cellphone but don't want to spend a ridiculous amount of money on it, this might be the right iPhone for you. What makes the XR so popular is the camera technology that's become a big thing among smartphone users today.

8. iPhone 11 (Renewed) (between $400.00 USD to $500.00 USD)

There are renewed iPhone 11 models that have been known to be sold at a price lower than $400.00 USD but if you want something as close to new as possible, deal strictly with Apple, Amazon Renewed, or a wireless carrier you know you can trust. Usually, the price will be higher. It all depends on how much the phone was used and its current condition happens to be. Quite frankly, there's nothing wrong with buying an iPhone somebody else used. Sometimes, such purchases were meant to be a gift for someone that found they didn't care for them so it was returned. Stores that take ethical codes of practice seriously enough won't sell a previously purchased phone at a brand new price. The only time an exception to this rule may apply is if the iPhone was still sealed in its original packaging.

7. iPhone SE (2022) (from $399.99 USD)

The 2022 iPhone SE is part of the second generation of Apple's iPhone collection. If you're good with sixty-four gigabytes of memory, forking out about $399.99 USD for this device is cheap enough to get your hands on. If you're interested in banking on today's technology without spending what feels like a fortune, this is the iPhone for you. Call, text, and make the most out of the downloadable apps and you have a decent quality phone that should last you for a while.

6. iPhone SE (2020) 64GB (under $400.00 USD)

Of all the iPhones Apple has ever launched, the iPhone SE came out as the cheapest at under $400.00 USD. It still shares the same A13 Bionic processor that's also found in the iPhone 11 series. So, this means it can perform just as well as the "big kids," and the odds are you won't have to replace it in the near future. However, in order to cut some corners to make this iPhone so affordable, the camera quality of this smartphone uses the iPhone 8 lenses. It's also not as modern looking as the rest of the smartphones that first came out at the same time. When it comes to serving as a quality cellphone with quality text features, the iPhone SE has it where it counts.

5. iPhone 7 (under $300.00 USD)

While the iPhone 7 seems appealing at a price tag under the $300.00 USD mark, bear in mind Apple is about to discontinue supporting iPhones that are older than iPhone 8. However, if you're looking for a cheap iPhone that can still do the job as a smartphone should, the iPhone 7 will do the trick. However, bear in mind you're getting what you pay for here. Yes, it's a good cellphone but once the support stops, it will lack the ability to keep up to date as the apps update themselves in order to keep up with the times.

If you're interested in short-term usage that's about two years or less, the iPhone will do. Also, if you're not so interested in all the new bells and whistles that come with newer cellphones, the iPhone 7 is good enough to at least use it for the basic need of calling, texting, and perhaps taking a few simple pics. The camera technology will be a bit outdated as well but if this is something that doesn't really bother you, then it's really not that big of a deal. If you're looking for an iPhone 7, doing so directly from Apple won't happen.

4. iPhone XR (Renewed) (between $245.00 USD to $349.00 USD)

A renewed iPhone XR typically starts at $245.00 USD. Most of the time, it doesn't go beyond the $349.00 USD mark. In all honesty, if you surpass that amount, you're better off buying a new iPhone XR that usually starts at $549.00 USD. When buying a renewed iPhone, stick with trusted wireless carriers like Amazon Renewal, Apple, and Best Buy. There's usually a guarantee that comes with renewed phones purchased so this should give you some peace of mind as a buyer. Sometimes, even as the iPhone suggests it's renewed there's a possibility it's still technically brand new.

The returned phone could have been a gift that was rejected or it was a purchase the buyer made without doing enough homework to realize it might not have been the right phone for them. The most ethical stores won't resell a previously opened item at a brand new price, even if it wasn't even used by the customer. Just like a new car driving off the parking lot for the first time, its value of it drops by a significant amount. One of the biggest reasons why renewed products sell so much cheaper than brand new ones simply boils down to the packaging. Many customers frown on the idea of buying a product from a store that isn't sealed inside the original packaging. Even if the product is technically new, if it looks used in the eyes of the customer, they won't pay top dollar for it.

3. iPhone X (Renewed) (between $230.00 USD to $325.00 USD)

When new, an iPhone X starts at $747.00 USD. When renewed, it's been known to go as low as $230.00 USD. Normally, it won't surpass the $325.00 USD mark, at least not on wireless carrier sites like Amazon and Best Buy. If you're cool with renewed, great. If you're antsy about it, keep in mind Amazon, Apple, and Best Buy have guarantees in place so the money you invested in a renewed iPhone doesn't seem like such a risky deal. Usually, a renewed iPhone was merely traded in because it was a rejected gift or was a miscalculated purchase.

Even if the iPhone was never used, if the original packaging has been opened. It is proper business ethics to sell it as a used product, not new. This means the price has to be reduced low enough so that it doesn't remain in the overhead longer. Sellers that offer guarantees for renewed products won't make such an offer. This is in case there are any doubts in the product's quality and performance levels. Bear this in mind when you go to make an iPhone purchase, especially when on a budget.

2. iPhone XS (Renewed) (between $200.00 USD to $1,399.00 USD)

Sometimes, an iPhone XS has been known to be sold even cheaper than $200.00 USD. Unless there's something like an Amazon Renewal Guarantee or an Apple Guarantee, you don't want to waste money. There's nothing wrong with a renewed phone as long as it was gently used by the previous owner. Sometimes, such devices weren't even used at all as the buyer may have purchased them as a gift for someone that had to be returned.

This isn't uncommon. There's also the occasion where a trendy buyer will grab the iPhone XS. They may use it once before learning there's something that catches their eye even more. This isn't uncommon either. Ethical companies like Amazon, Apple, and Best Buy have excellent guarantees in place. This is for when somebody buys a refurbished or renewed product. This includes iPhones.

1. iPhone 6 Plus (under $200.00 USD)

Through wireless carriers like Amazon, it's still possible to get your hands on an iPhone 6 Plus. For under $200.00 USD, you can still get your hands on a decent smartphone. It has enough going for it to serve as a good communication device. However, Apple is in the process of ending support with iPhones that are older than the iPhone 8. The iPhone 6 Plus was popular when it first came out. However, it's not immune to the sign of the times as consumer demands change. The market must comply in order to keep up with the trends.

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