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How Cher Achieved a Net Worth of $360 Million


It is really rather amazing to consider how some people are able to earn a living. Some of us work day after in a job that we do not really enjoy, making enough money to get by but not enough to get rich. Others are able to do a job that they love, making millions in the process. Some of it is pure luck, while a lot of it has to do with talent and hard work. Becoming a celebrity does not just typically happen overnight. There are a series of hurdles that one must go through to eventually get the type of fame that lasts for a lifetime. Sure, some people hit it big for a year or two, only to then be forgotten and never really heard from again. Others, like Cher, are famous for multiple generations and for a good reason. In the case of Cher, she has been able to achieve a net worth of $360 million over the course of her career. Continue reading to learn how she was able to do it.

Net Worth$360 Million
NameCherilyn Sarkisian
BornEl Centro, California
Birth DateMay 20, 1946
Source of WealthAmerican Singer, Actress and Television Personality
CountryUnited States

An Introduction

For many readers, Cher needs no introduction. She is an icon. To begin, she has long been an American center who is based in El Centro, California. Many people have dubbed here the Goddess of Pop. She has had so many hit songs that it is hard to keep up. She is still highly sought after on the singing circuit, even though she was born in 1946. Cher became popular during a time when it was still tough for females in all walks of life throughout Western society. The singing industry was no different. Cher worked hard to be autonomous and to carve her own niche in what, until that point, was an industry largely dominated by males. She has a distinctive voice when she sings, which has contributed greatly to her notoriety. In addition to singing, she has been involved in a variety of other entertainment related projects. All of this combined has lead to her accumulating a net worth in the neighborhood of $360 million.

Her Life Outside of Singing

If you really want to understand how someone became so wealthy, it is helpful to begin outside their own line of work. Cher did not have the most stable of family upbringing. While many famous people seem to come from a two-parent household and with parents who poured a lot of money into their eventual success, Cher had no such opportunity. In fact, she never really saw her father. The parents would divorce when she was only ten months of age. Her mother would then go on to marry John Southall, who was an actor, and they would have another daughter.

Her Early Career

By the time Cher was 18 years old, she was destined for stardom. She would start singing with Sonny Bono (who would later go on to become her first husband) and the two were a smashing success. The group would be called Caesar & Cleo. It was amazing how popular they would become during a short period of time. Some of their hit singles were ‘Do You Wanna Dance?’, ‘Let the Good Times Roll’, and ‘Love is Strange’. For anyone growing up during this era, those were almost household hits and were played constantly.

It would not be long before Cher would branch out on her and produce a solo album. In fact, her first effort at that would come in 1965 when she produced All I really Want to Do’. By this time, Sonny Bono and her were married and he would become the producer of the album. That first album was a smashing success with the critics, and the foundation was laid for a successful singing career to come.

She would go on to produce a second album that was titled “The Sonny Side of Cher’. This one would be released under her newly singed deal with Imperial Records. This was going to be the beginning of a lucrative career and it goes to show how she was able to accumulate $360 million to this point.

It would not all be successful, as she would have some failures along the way. Up until her fourth album, everything was really smooth sailing. She released her fifth album, however, and it ended up being a commercial failure. She did not let that stop her. She went on to produce an album in Europe back in 2000. It was titled ‘Living Proof’ and ended up becoming her bestselling album of all time. She truly is a commercial success and has been continuing to produce music, even as she gets up there in years. Her last album release was back in 2013, but she continues to perform shows and is a regular feature on a variety of television reality shows and is a celebrity host from time to time. Keeping her name in the mainstream is yet another way that she has been to accumulate so much money.

The Duo of Sonny and Cher

Let us go back now to Cher’s early days. This is really how she got her start and how her brand would sustain for decades. As we mentioned, she did not have the best of childhoods. In fact, she ended up dropping out of high school. It was not because she was a difficult child, but rather because she had dyslexia and was not receiving any help for it. She had a passion for singing, and it was not long after this that she met Sonny Bono. The two hit it off, both professionally and romantically. The duos that they sang together are still hits and are played by generations of people who enjoy this style of pop.

Cher has also been in a number fo films over the years, and this has added to her net worth. In fact, her performance in ‘Moonstruck’ back in 1987 was her both an Academy Award and a Golden Globe Award. This has certainly helped contribute to her staggering $360 million in net worth.

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