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How Christine Chiu Achieved a Net Worth of $80 Million

Christine Chiu

Christine Chiu is best known for her appearance in "Bling Empire," a reality television series that shows the glamorous lives of wealthy Asians. Chiu once said that people's greatest misconception about her and her husband is that they roll around in money, drinking champagne all day.

She added that others think she married into wealth, but she comes from a financially sound background; Chiu’s family lived in Beverly Hills when they moved to America from Taiwan. Still, she does not want to rely on family wealth. She is determined to keep making her own, and so far, Christine Chiu's net worth stands at $80 million. Here is how she achieved it.

Owning Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery

Chiu attended Pepperdine University, where she studied International Business. She was a bright student thus graduated with honors. The philanthropist then utilized her education to become a public relations officer, brand developer, beauty expert and spokesperson for over ten years.

With her background in the cosmetic industry, Chiu established Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery Inc. According to Dr. Chiu Reviews, it is an exquisite medispa located in the heart of Beverly Hills. It is the main salon for SkinCeuticals Brand by L'Oreal and provides the clients with a range of skincare treatments. As the name suggests, it also offers plastic surgery procedures.

After founding the medispa, Chiu employed Dr. Gabriel Chiu as her first employee, and they later got married. They have been partners since then, making the spa a state-of-the-art facility that attracts celebrities. The husband, as Chiu disclosed, is the 24th descendant of the Song Dynasty. Therefore, if Chinese dynasties still existed, he would be next in line to take the throne.

Despite him also coming from a privileged background, Chiu added that they were both raised to be hardworking, motivated by personal satisfaction instead of money. As a result, their spa has been successful. With the practice offering a diverse range of plastic surgery procedures, Chiu and her husband are raking in a lot of money.

A-Listers Love It

It is rated as a favorite among politicians, royalty and celebrities. As per Beverly Hills Magazine, surgery in Beverly Hills is a bit more costly than in other areas. For instance, when Dr. Gabriel performs a body lift, the client should expect to pay at least $15,000, while breast reduction can cost as much as $7,250.

Of course, experience plays a big part in determining the fee a surgeon charges. Dr. Gabriel graduated in 1996 and is a board-certified surgeon. He has numerous celebrities on his client list, mainly for liposuction, breast augmentation and rhinoplasty procedures.

Since he is partners with his wife, the amount of money obtained from the surgeries also increases the net worth of Chiu. Still, she said that they invest 50% of every dollar earned from the spa back into the community.

TV Production

In an interview with Fashion Week Daily, Chiu disclosed that she was not interested in being cast in "Bling Empire." She confessed that her interest was mainly to be the show's producer and was very hesitant to be on the camera.

According to Chiu, she and Jeff Jenkins, the show's executive producer and creator, have known each other for long, working together on unscripted projects. Still, she did not have a choice when Jenkins insisted that she should be in the cast. However, Chiu only agreed to facilitate diversity, and she became the producer and cast on the show.

It is not the first show she had produced; Chiu is also credited as a producer for "The Kelly Clarkson Show" in 2019 and MTV Movie & TV Awards in 2021. Although it is not clear how much she made, The Hollywood Reporter published that generally, TV show creators make between $35,000 and $50,000 per episode.

Given that range, a producer most likely earns less per episode, and the episodes in "Bling Empire" and "The Kelly Clarkson Show" must have raked in a fortune for Chiu.

Starring in TV Shows

Although Chiu did not plan on starring in "Bling Empire," she still did. The first season was highly rated, leading to the second season being announced on March 10, 2021. On the show, Chiu revealed a lot about herself and her family.

She said that her husband's family was mad at her for failing to conceive for nine years, unaware that it was Gabriel who had fertility issues. Her co-stars were also annoyed with Chiu's constant name-dropping to show how connected she is, but she probably will make changes in season two.

There are no reports on how much the cast is receiving for each episode. However, it has to be good enough for them to want to return for another season. Chiu is also set to be on "Dancing with The Stars." She told Screenrant that she loved ballet as a little girl and dancing became her love language.

Dancing with the Stars

After her mother's passing, dancing was the only way Chiu could express her feelings. "Dancing with The Stars" has always been her favorite, and she was in the audience in its first season. The philanthropist was selected to be cast in its 30th season. Upon receiving the news, she was so excited that she peed in her pants - literally.

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