Why Citizen Kane’s is One of the Finest Steakhouses in St. Louis

citizen kane st. louis

If you are dining out in St. Louis, you will find a fantastic and diverse choice of venues. The restaurants in this city vary greatly in terms of the cuisine they serve, the ambiance they deliver, and the prices they charge for a meal. Therefore, they all offer a different dining experience. Although this variety means that you have plenty of choices, it can make it tricky to decide which are the best places to dine. For those who prefer dining out in a steakhouse, one of the best in the city is Citizen Kane’s, in the opinion of many local residents. Here is an overview of this restaurant and some of the reasons why Citizen Kane’s is one of the finest steakhouses in St. Louis.

Restaurant Information

Located on Clinton Place in Kirkwood, St. Louis, this steakhouse is open for six days a week with Monday as its closing day. On Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, Citizen Kane’s is open from 5 pm until 9 pm. The opening hours on Fridays and Saturdays are 5 pm until 10 pm. Although booking is not essential at this restaurant, making a reservation makes sense as this is a small steakhouse with limited seating. Therefore, booking a table is wise to avoid disappointment. Similarly, larger groups should book in advance to ensure that the restaurant can accommodate the size of the party and to avoid waiting for tables to become available.

Zagat describes the unusual setting of this restaurant as one of its appealing features. Set in a vintage, Victorian house, this steakhouse has a relaxed and homey atmosphere that many diners enjoy as they feel comfortable in the surroundings. The general vibe of this restaurant is one that is perfect for casual dining with friends and family. However, the quality of the food is high enough to make this venue just as good for a special occasion. In addition to the ambiance of this steakhouse, the friendly customer service is another element that adds to the overall dining experience at Citizen Kane’s. The friendly staff makes all diners feel welcome and are attentive to the diners’ needs. The food served at Citizen Kane’s is the main reason why people choose to dine at this steakhouse, and the menu is straightforward and concise. Each of the dishes is made using only quality ingredients that are in season, and diners report that they are cooked perfectly and taste delicious. Reviews of the quality of the food and the options available are consistently good. The restaurant tells guests that they are happy to accommodate people’s dietary requirements, such as offering gluten-free dishes to those with gluten intolerance.

Taking a look at the dinner menu, there are five appetizers from which diners can choose. These include shrimp cocktail, toasted ravioli, sautéed mushrooms, onion rings, or a sharing plate for two that contains samples of the other four starters. The entrees are a little different from what is on offer in other steakhouses as a choice of side dish is included with the order and not charged separately. The side dish options are baked potato, boarding house potatoes, garlic mashed potatoes, creamed spinach, or the fresh seasonal vegetable of the day. The entrees also come with either a soup or a salad. The soups are made daily and change regularly, while the salad comes with the option of either Mayfair or vinaigrette dressing.

On the entrees list, there are both meat and fish options. The cuts of steak on offer include filet mignon, New York strip, ribeye, and tenderloin medallions. Other meat options include pork chops or chicken Xanadu. For seafood lovers, there is either salmon or scampi. There is also a daily inquirer special, which they describe as a delicious and interesting addition to their menu that changes daily. Diners can accompany their meal with a bearnaise, brandy peppercorn, or mushroom burgundy sauce. Although most people will have had plenty to eat by this point in their dining experience, there is also a dessert menu for those with a larger appetite. This consists of carrot cake, chocolate chip cheesecake, caramel flan, chocolate cake, and New York cheesecake.

There is also a nice wine list at this restaurant, although it is limited compared to many other steakhouses. There are red, white, and rose wines from both domestic and international vineyards. There are plenty of wines to choose between for you to find the perfect accompaniment for your meal. Sparkling wines and champagne are also available. Diners can buy wine by the glass or by the bottle. Citizen Kane’s is better known for its whiskey-based drinks than its wines. There is an extensive list of whiskey, Scottish-blend whiskeys, rye, and bourbon. These are perfect for an after-dinner drink. Other options include draft beer, bottled beer, and soft drinks. Therefore, there is a diverse selection of drinks that you can choose when dining at this steakhouse.

Final Thoughts

In terms of price, this steakhouse compares favorably to its competitors in the area. For a three-course meal with wine, you can expect to pay between $80 and $100 per person. One reason for the lower price is that sides are included with the meal, whereas most other steakhouses charge for these separately. Most diners consider Citizen Kane’s good value for money when the quality of the dishes is taken into consideration.

Overall, Citizen Kane’s has many attributes that make it an excellent place to enjoy a delicious steak or another of their tasty offerings. The quality of the food is of a high standard, and there is a good but slightly limited selection available. Citizen Kane’s is highly praised for its unusual setting, the great ambiance, and the excellent customer service. These elements combined mean that this steakhouse is one of the best in St. Louis as it offers an outstanding dining experience that sets it apart from its competitors in the area. Therefore, it is definitely a restaurant to consider the next time you feel like dining out in a steakhouse.

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