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20 Companies Similar to Hello Fresh

Blue Apron

Everyone deserves to eat a well-prepared and balanced meal. Increased busy schedules have made it difficult for many people to prepare healthy meals. A recent study shows that few adults eat the recommended vegetable and fruit intake. Luckily, companies like Hello Fresh have made it easy for individuals to eat home-cooked meals. Hello Fresh is an established company that sells freshly cooked home meals. If you are looking for companies similar to Hello Fresh which sell healthy home-cooked meals, here is a list of twenty companies similar to Hello Fresh.

20. Everyplate

Every plate is a company similar to Hello Fresh that sells convenient and tasteful meals. The company aims to use less packaging material and still serve you fresh home-cooked meals. Their services depend on the meal plan the client chooses. According to Every Plate, an average meal costs approximately $4.99, irrespective of whether you have signed up for a meal plan. Every plate has various food options, including chicken scallopini, fresh onion meat loaves, grilled onion burgers, pork & poblano tacos, and mandarin fried chicken.

19. Nutrisystem

If you are concerned with your weight and are looking for a weight loss diet, you are in the right place. Nutrisystem is a company that offers healthy weight loss meals. They have a programmed three-meal option. You can choose the first plan, but the system decides which of the different types of meals you will receive. The second plan allows the client to indicate the type of meal they will receive. The third set of options allows you to choose frozen meals and the type of meal you want to be delivered. You can choose daily or monthly meal plans. Their meals are flexible because they have vegetarian meals and diabetic meals.

18. Blue Apron

This company takes pride in cooking and serving fresh and high-quality foods. They have a wide variety of options which allows you to choose your desired meals. You can also order chef-created meals. According to Blue Apron, the cheapest meal sells at $8.99. The most popular meals are pasta, crispy potato, garlic yogurt, kale hash, and spiced salmon. The main advantage of Blue Apron is that they sell slightly bigger portions. They also give you the option of ordering your favorite wine.

17. Sunbasket

It is one of the few food delivery companies with an organic meal plan. This company is the best option if you are extremely careful what you eat and don't want to gamble with your health. They sell a wide range of meat, such as hormone-free beef and organic fish. Their prices are mid-ranging when compared to other food delivery companies. Normal servings start from $8.00, which is affordable considering all their organic foods. An average weekly meal plan can consist of foods such as stuffed bell peppers, miso ginger ground pork, and chipotle turkey chili.

16. Gobble

If you have a busy work or school schedule that does not allow you to cook healthy meals, Gobble is an incredible company similar to Hello Fresh. This company is slightly different from the rest because they pre-packed food ingredients. The ingredients are simple and can cook in under 20 minutes. There are three pan options; lean and clean, vegetarian, and classic. If you are a seafood lover, Gobble has got you covered. The prices here start from $11.99, and you can order sautéed kale, butter chicken, and naan, to name a few.

15. Diet to go

Diet to go is a meal delivery company founded in 1991 by Hilton Davis. The company developed a healthy eating philosophy and made it easy to help its customers maintain a healthy lifestyle. According to Very Well Fit, the main advantage of this company is that they offer personalized meals. They devised four menus that suit different categories of people and what they aim to achieve. If you are a vegetarian, you can follow the vegetarian menu.

14. Freshly

The company is designed for busy individuals who operate on a tight schedule. Try Freshly if you are extremely busy and tired of preparing home-cooked foods. The company serves convenient pre-cooked foods. They try to sell a healthy meal that has less processed ingredients and fewer sugars. If you are gluten intolerant, they have gluten-free meals. The meals start from $11.49, but the company has promotions and discounts for their customers. Weekly meal plans can have meals like sausage and peppers, Sicilian chicken, and teriyaki chicken.

13. Dinnerly

Most surveys reveal that Dinnerly is one of the cheapest food delivery companies. They serve fresh meals which anyone can cook. If you are looking for a meal plan, look no further. Their services are convenient, especially for individuals who are new to cooking. These meal plans are also appropriate for those who are in a saving mode and want to spend less on food. An average meal can cost $4.99 with a vegetarian option. They can serve nacho pie, sesame pork, and bagel burgers every week.

12. Trifecta

Trifecta is a food delivery program to help people control their calorie intake. The company's main goal is to help its clients stay healthy through healthy eating. They offer low-carb meals with fewer calories ranging from 300 to 500. The meals served are pre-cooked, which requires you to heat and eat. You can also warm the meals in a cooker. Trifecta has five meal options; vegetarian, classic, vegan, paleo, and keto. They sell single meals, which may not be ideal if you have a large family. According to Trifecta Nutrition, you can get a simple meal from as low as $9 to as high as $15.

11. Home Chef

Home Chef is a perfect option for food delivery if you love to cook. Their meals are easy to cook, and you can prepare them in less than 30 minutes. They can order snacks, extra proteins, and lunch meals. You can get a meal starting from $9.95, which does not depend on the size you order. A simple lunch meal can cost $6.95. Every week the company has more than 26 food options to choose from. You can order meals such as Hawaiian pork, adobo chicken, and spinach salad. The list is endless. The company gives you that option if you want to try new recipes.

10. Purple Carrot

Purple Carrot is a vegetarian food delivery company. This company is similar to Hello Fresh but offers a healthy option. They aim to serve their customers healthy meals that are delicious. The company has partnered with different farmers and vendors where they source fresh vegetables. When it comes to ingredients, they use non-GMO and organic ingredients. Purple Carrot offers you the option to order breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You can also order snacks. Their meals are slightly more expensive than Hello Fresh.

9. Green Chef

Very few food companies seem to understand modern customers' dietary needs. Green Chef is one of the few companies which gets it right in this sector. They have three plans; plant-powered, keto & paleo, and balanced living. Green Chef is a great company to partner with to achieve your goals if you have health goals. The company is similar to Hello Fresh in that both have healthy meals. They both give their clients comfort meals. For example, from the balanced living plan, you can get meals like coconut shrimp soup, Peruvian chicken, and creamy mushroom soup.

8. Martha & Marley Spoon

Martha & Marley Spoon is a great company if you are looking for delicious and simple meals. The company's website has numerous recipes, making it hard for you to decide what to have for dinner. Common dishes are chili tacos, pan-fried shrimps, and creamy coleslaw. According to Frugal Rules, these meals are simple and very tasty. Their website also has simple recipes which you can try. Order a pre-cooked meal which they will deliver with an attached recipe. You can trust M&M to sort all your dietary needs regardless of whether you want a dairy-free, gluten-free, or vegetable diet.

7. Fred Meyer

Fred Meyer is a food company that has been in operation since 1930. The company comes in handy to many Americans who depend on it to shop for groceries and deliver them to their homes. You can order food through the company's website or an app starting from $10. Fred Meyer has a wide option if you are not so concerned about your diet. You can order alcohol from the company's website provided you show proof upon delivery that you are of age to drink alcohol. The unique thing about this company is that they have a no-contact delivery order.

6. Muscle Food

It is an award-winning healthy food company that delivers well-balanced meals. Their website offers a wide range of food options such as snacks, drinks, and supplements. The company's main aim is to help individuals lose weight by eating a healthy diet. Once you subscribe to their program, the company will send you fitness videos to aid your weight loss journey and pre-portioned meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You can get meals for as low as $2.07, which is a good way to save the money you use on weekly groceries. If you feel that this meal plan is not working, you are at liberty to cancel the subscription at any time.

5. Wiltshire Farm Foods

Wiltshire Farm Foods are prepared by talented chefs and delivered to your doorstep. The company uses freshly sourced vegetables and ingredients to prepare healthy meals. They ensure that they serve a nutritionally balanced diet. If you have an energy allergy, you need to indicate it in your subscription, and the company will deliver healthy foods that suit your diet. You can also choose to have vegetarian meals and gluten-free meals.

4. Mindful Chef

If you are looking for a company that sells premium meat meals and healthy ready-to-eat food, consider Mindful Chef your number one choice. The company also offers the option of choosing fresh ingredients and having them delivered in a food box to assist you in cooking healthy recipes. There are a wide variety of meal plans to choose from for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. Their website is also updated with 16 new recipes every week, so you can never run out of ideas on what to cook. According to Mindful Chef, a standard meal starts to sell from $4.

3. Gousto

Gousto helps individuals prepare quick-fix meals. You can order single-serve meals or meals for two to four people. They deliver a freshly cooked homemade meal. If you want to cook, you can get fresh ingredients and mouthwatering recipes delivered every day of the week. This company is also appropriate for those looking to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Once you order your favorite meal, you get free delivery. Each week, their website has 40 new recipes to choose from. You can never run out of options with Gousto.

2. Simply Cook

Tired and don't know what to prepare for dinner. Don't worry because companies like Simply Cook were specifically designed for you. The company ensures they have simplified cooking as possible. They will deliver sourced, ground, and measured ready-to-cook ingredients. In under 20 minutes, you will have your meal ready. Simply Cook also provides its customers with over 100 recipes that they can choose from. You can start with a trial box meal which goes for $3.

1. Balance Meals

Balance Meals prepares freshly cooked meals and delivers them to your home. The company's founder came up with the idea to cook healthy meals to help people eat a healthy diet. After a long tiresome day, you can relax knowing Balance Meals will sort you with a well-balanced diet. The company has different types of meals, and you are not restricted to one plan. You can choose different meal plans. They have three main plans; trim & slim, maintain & sustain, and grow & gain. Each of the plans has different prices because they serve different needs. If you are a sweet tooth, don't worry because they have snacks and juices

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