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20 Things You Didn't Know about Beamery

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Beamery was founded in 2013 by Abakar Saidov, Sultan Saidov, and Michael Paterson as a side project while working at Goldman Sachs. The company has humble beginnings since it began in one of the co-founder's garages. Each co-founder started his career during the recession and noticed few opportunities for highly qualified candidates. Additionally, they saw the challenges that employers faced trying to locate people who would meet its needs. The standard resume model was not working, and they recognized a need for something that would evolve with the ever-changing job market. These days, people have grown accustomed to companies like Airbnb, Apple, and Amazon, who learn people and help them find products and other services shaped by the way they interact with their companies. Beamery wanted to give people the same experience when searching for a job. These are twenty facts about a company whose singular mission is reshaping how we look for and hire people.

1. By the numbers

According to sketch news, Beamery is shattering goals the company set. In the last quarter, the company saw a 337% annual revenue growth. Beamery has a singular focus, connecting employers with employees. During this quarter, they expanded to many new locations and doubled their employee base. They filled one million roles during 2020. These companies include AstraZeneca, Autodesk, Nasdaq, and Workday.

2. Too much and not enough

Another thing Beamery does is eliminate the need for multiple platforms that confuse the issue of hiring. Although hiring managers have the best intentions, they are quick to implement every new product on the market. This problem leaves its stakeholders at a loss and its company unable to find quality candidates or, worse, a high turnover, wasting money on training new employees. Moreover, hiring managers confuse chatbots with A.I. A chatbot has a limited set of parameters. In contrast, machine learning and A.I. are dynamic and constantly cater to companies growing needs while eliminating the need for excessive software.

3. Eliminating the grey

One of his many interactions with Forbes, CEO Abakar Saidov wrote an article detailing the incorrect details people have about A.I. One of the things he despises is the concept of resume screening tools. He feels they are ineffective. Although they help companies with buzzwords that match their description, it's still a flat picture of diverse candidates. Additionally, he feels companies focus too much on new trends and not on the bigger picture. He thinks that instead of using something that gives only a couple of words, companies need to focus on their future candidates' dynamic qualities. That picture is the only way companies will thrive.

4. Growing for the times

One of the main things about the current job platforms is that they are not built to change. Many companies recognize this, and Beamery is ready to step in with a solution that will allow them to hire candidates and keep current in every evolving job search culture. The company notices that companies are viewed as machines and employees simply cogs. However, Beamery's platform encourages a holistic approach where the company and employees are comparable to organisms allowing growth. Additionally, this encourages future employees to view future employment as something other than a typical job where employees aren't appreciated.

5. This needs to change

CEO Abakar Saidov is highly passionate about overhauling the outdated job search system. He feels that "talent marketplaces" are a misnomer and encourage employees to hover over and move on to something else. He feels like his platform based on analytics and machine learning that learns the employee instead of seeing them as a number is a future wave. Another thing he feels strongly about is how currently employees suffer more exclusion because they are discriminated against by a name or other similar data. His company shifted the paradigm from "Skills Databases" to "Skills Clouds," using graphs to glean meaningful data.

6. It's a concept about nothing

An early investor told the co-founders not to pitch future clients. Instead, they were encouraged to collect data simply. The co-founders took this advice and organized information to build a successful path to creating its platform. Most of the company is emphasize interpersonal relationships as the best way to reach their end goal of meaningful employment. When implemented, they received a better portrait of what companies wanted in future employees and how to best use the Beamery platform to take potential job candidates from application to hire.

7. It's not just a job

From company culture to how the company helps employees find a job, they understand interpersonal relationships. Present employees feel that the company maintains its values encouraging creativity, inclusion, and growth. Additionally, the company mission includes authenticity, curiosity, and communication. Many companies have mission statements that are for clients and shareholders yet lose their employees in the process. However, Beamery stays with the original mission to find, retain, and foster employees' growth in the company through and through. Above all, they want to ensure quality talent is rewarded.

8. Understanding employees

Many people judge their qualifications by a job description and either opt to apply or move on to something they feel more qualified. Beamery is changing the outmoded practice. Instead, they focus on three factors they feel hold more importance. Culture; this what working day today in the company will be like and gives the candidate the option to see how they will or will not fit into the company dynamic. Mission; many companies have a mission statement they use to guide their employees to success. A potential candidate will have a better idea about expectations if this is part of the job description. Progression; a lot of employees are looking for a job and not a paycheck. This type of information is essential because it allows prospects to know if they can move up and expect a potential future position.

9. It doesn't fit everyone

The company recognizes that one downfall is that many companies and platforms have kept the same size fits all hiring approach, also relevant to current team members. They take information, including successes and things they are doing, to stand out in the company and use these metrics to create a complete picture of its inner workings. Since the company feels that interpersonal relationships are at the forefront of its business, they want to make sure that the job descriptions are dynamic and not a bulleted list of potential employee needs on their resume.

10. Helping recruiters

Employees are not the only ones who have a lot of challenges when seeking employment. Recruiters find it more challenging to sift through the increasing amount of resumes and other information from potential applications. Additionally, they are struggling to find qualified talent. Beamery doesn't just want employees to have a smooth experience when finding a job. Instead, they want a platform to start to finish smooth experience from job search to job hiring.

11. Learning employees

More and more people are noticing ads in their feeds that are tailored to their preferences. These analytics focus on products and services that enhance their lives. One of the things Beamery's platform does is integrate a similar technology to direct employees to jobs that suit their unique skill sets. According to, much like candidates receiving appropriate recommendations on platforms like Netflix and other streaming services, they want to make sure that jobs that fit their skills are at the forefront of their job searches.

12. Pipelines

Another challenge of the pandemic was the need for hiring during many companies hiring freeze. One essential part of Beamery's platform was implementing ways for companies to have qualified candidates screened for jobs with the company. Once the hiring freeze was over, there wouldn't be a substantial lag in staffing companies after the pandemic was left with a skeleton staff.

13. Inclusion

Another part of Beamery's revolutionary platform is the need for growing need to hire diverse candidates, emphasizing minorities. They surveyed many companies and found that one of their top priorities is diversity in the workplace. As they work towards improving the Beamery platform, they include algorithms to help companies achieve this goal.

14. Helping companies

One of the things the company has noticed is despite the need for qualified employees in companies, the face of job searching has stayed stagnant for years. In 2020, the gap more than any other year because, despite the global pandemic and many people out of work, companies still struggled to find qualified candidates. The company saw unprecedented growth as it improved its platforms, helping elevate people's search for jobs.

15. Beam me up

The company has an entire division devoted to giving back to the community. Each quarter, they donate to charities that participate in different activities like providing food for the homeless or keeping local parks trash-free. Last year, according to their blog, the company's Automation Engineer, Dia Vadai, chose to give books to libraries near where she lived. Additionally, Julie Motlagn, a Solutions Delivery Consultant, donated books to a local women's shelter. This global collaboration is featured on the company's calendar. Anyone in the company who wants to learn more or get additional ideas about doing charity work in their community is encouraged to attend.

16. In session

Since the company is about finding and promoting excellent talent, they chose September to focus on gaining additional insight about the company and furthering the platform with other resources for existing and future clientele. Since the pandemic was in full swing, they used the digital platform to focus on how small things will make a significant difference in the long run.

17. Evaluation

Beamery refers to itself as a "talent operating system." The company feels its most significant asset is reinventing how companies find and hire talented professionals. The company's latest round of funding was headed by The Ontario Teachers' Pension Plan Board, which helped the company raise $138 million during series C funding. Beamery now has an $800 million evaluation for its "operating system for recruitment."

18. Science fiction entusiast

Abakar Saidov grew up idolizing science fiction writers like H.G. Well, Jules Verne, and Isaac Asimov. It was this early love of science fiction that started his passion for A.I. and machine learning. He began to see machines as an extension of humans and how, with the proper platforms, robotic could positively impact our society.

19. Strategic partnerships

Beamery partners with the companies Workday and Grab. Workday shares a similar company philosophy, recognizing people as the most significant part of any successful corporation. Together, customers have a more cohesive end-to-end experience. Grab is a company from Singapore that works in the ride-sharing and food delivery sector. The partnership between these two companies helps Grab acquire more qualified employees.

20. Handing out awards

Beamery doesn't just want to be a leader in technology; they honor companies who are standouts in technology. According to, the uncertain market has made many people act in ways they would never have imagined. They want to honor people who stand out in their respective fields. Beamery calls the awards Beamies. The Talent Acquisition award for people who go above and beyond to succeed during the global crisis. The Newcomer Award recognizes someone who just partnered with Beamery and matched the company's bold vision. The Talent Impact award is for someone using Beamery's product and sees a substantial return on investment. The fourth award is The Best Campaign Award honoring someone who marketed their company well with the help of Beamery technology. The last award is The Social Impact award that honors companies making a difference in the world.

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