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How Lift Foils is Changing the Game in Surfing


Lift Foils is a Puerto Rican company that has been making hydrofoils or E-foils since 2010. The E-Foil is a battery-powered board that is equipped with a mast and wing. E-foils usually lift from the water hence creating the feeling of levitating. This board works using the same principle of aeronautics. They have high and low pressure areas, just like airplane wings. The wings on the Lift Foils deflect water pressure downward which then launches the board into the air per Newton's third law of motion. According to The Physics Classroom, the law states that when two bodies interact, they apply forces equal to each other which is equal in magnitude in opposite directions. If you know how to use a hoverboard, you will likely learn how to use E-foils quickly. To operate an E-foil, you have to point it forward with your foot and steer with your hips. Additionally, you have to bend your knees slightly while slightly leaning backward. Now that we know how E-foils work, it is time to focus on how Lift Foils are changing surfing for the better. Besides describing how their E-foils have changed surfing, we will also focus on what the company has been doing to change the surfing arena.

10. You Do Not Have to Wait for the Wave Conditions or Wind to Surf

Traditional surfing is heavily reliant on wind and waves. The wind is responsible for building the swell in the ocean, which leads to the creation of waves. So the higher the intensity of the wind, the huger the waves. Besides intensity, you should consider the direction it blows from. There are two categories of wind, based on the direction they flow from, e.g., off-shore and on-shore wind. Off-shore winds blow from the land to the ocean. These winds are usually the best for surfing since they form beautiful, strong waves. On the flip side, the waves sometimes become so huge that they blind you with water. As for on-shore winds, they blow from the ocean to the land. Generally, on-shore winds generate weak waves but are not too weak to surf with. Waiting for certain climatic conditions before surfing is not an exercise most surfers want to be a part of. It is understandable since you want to be able to surf anytime you feel like it. Thankfully, Lift Foils' e-foils are controlled with a wireless hand controller. According to E-Surfer, you can surf at speeds of up to 40 km/h by just pressing the throttle.

9. The Company's E-Foils Run on Lithium Batteries

Lift Foils considered factors like performance, safety, and convenience before making custom lithium batteries for their E-boards. To further ensure that the batteries are effective, the company worked with top American engineers. Ideally, the battery should last you an hour. However, the battery's running time depends on the surfer's weight and speed. Besides having decent running time, lithium batteries deliver a lot of power. With its high power, you can be able to surf further than a person with a regular surfboard. A notable feature of these batteries is the less noise they produce over the water. Noise normally occurs when you surf at high speeds over water. Some people want to surf in silence, hence would find the noise distractive. Thankfully, the surfer can travel at high speeds without worrying about any noise. Also, the batteries are light which makes the rest of the hydrofoil light. If the battery were to be heavy, you would take long to accelerate or drive at high speeds. Due to low power, you will be unable to escape from impending danger. Additionally, the lightweight battery reduces fatigue. That is because you will use minimal effort to move with the board. So far, you could be wondering whether it is safe to expose lithium to water. According to Go Cycle, water can damage the battery by causing it to overheat and short-circuit. As a result, you can be electrocuted. Fortunately, Lift Foils ensured that their batteries were equipped with a Battery Management Systems (BMS) to prevent such instances when exposed to water.

8. Lift Foils Use Electric Motors Instead of Gas-Powered Ones

Most water vessels use gas engines to operate, but those that use electricity are far superior. The company's electric motors deliver maximum torque on command. With high torque, you can quickly avoid danger by turning within a short time. The electric motor is equipped with various technological tools to run. Here are the motor's features and their functions:

  • Hydrodynamic Torpedo Design- enables the surfer to pierce through the water effortlessly.
  • Computer Control- it has been programmed to set the perfect accelerations, decelerations, and speed outlets. Its purpose is to ensure stability and control of the surfer.
  • Ducted Propeller- offers the best thrust-to-energy ratio over various speeds. It maximizes thrust by conserving battery power.
  • Silent enables the surfer to go over water swiftly without the irritant noise that gas-powered engines would otherwise cause.
  • Submersible in Water- it uses double-sealed materials that are resistant to corrosion. That means you do not need to worry about the board gradually rusting.

7. Lift Foils Have Bags for the Boards

Lift Foils understand how awkward walking around with a hydrofoil or any other surfboard can be. Besides being awkward, a petty thief will likely snatch it from you. To secure the hydrofoil, the company launched Lift Foils Elite Board Bags. The bags offer outstanding tear resistance and impact protection. These bags are lightweight, water-resistant, and recyclable. Hydrofoils are quite bulky, so the last thing you would want is a bulky bag. Since these bags are light, you can carry them for long without becoming exhausted. As for the bag's water resistance, you will not need to worry about the hydrofoil getting wet. Lastly, this bag can be used to make other useful materials. Even though you may no longer use the bag to store your board, you do not need to toss it just yet. You could use it to carry your groceries. Another unique feature about the bags is their detachable wheels, which you can drag like a suitcase. The wheels are able to handle any terrain, which means your hydrofoil will not suffer any shock from tough terrains. The shock is what can cause it to snap or wear off. So, detachable wheels do not have to be for suitcases only.

6. Fiberglass Material

Most hydrofoils are made from carbon fiber. Carbon fiber is preferred for its strength and stiffness. Even though it is a good material for hydrofoils, the company discovered fiberglass could do a better job than carbon fiber. Fiberglass helps reduce instances of surf wipeout. Surf wipeout is a terminology used in surfing to refer to a surfer who falls off the board due to strong waves. Fiberglass prevents surf wipeout since it is an ultra-sturdy material that is molded into an aerodynamic shape. Since you will rarely fall off, the material is the best for novice surfers. The company's hydrofoil is therefore ideal for people of all levels. Typically, traditional surfing favors those who are fearless or in great form. As a result, many people who want to surf will be left out. However, with this fiberglass board, you do not need to fear picking up surfing as a new hobby to try out.

5. The Company Has Four Sizes of Their Hydrofoils

Most companies make boards that accommodate one person. However, Lift Foils has launched different boards depending on your needs. For instance, it has a 1.63 meter hydrofoil that enables you to bring out a whole family to sea. There is something fun about sharing a hydrofoil with other people than going out solo. Additionally, surfing as a group reassures you of safety. If you were to somehow fall off the board, your family member would immediately recognize that you are in danger and rescue you. Another reason some people may prefer this board is the lack of confidence they may have surfing alone. However, most people would not want to share a board with anyone. In that case, they can go with the 1.45 meter one.

4. The Company Makes it Easy to Meet Surfers Just Like You

Surfing is not just about the sport. It is also a great way to meet friends who share your hobby. The company makes it possible for you to meet thousands of friends through demos, training, and so on. You can view people closest to you that you can train with on the company's website. The advantage of the website is that it can expose you to friends outside your country. That is applicable if you are ready to fly out to meet them. Besides interacting with friends online, you can also meet others once you begin surfing. So, the company exposes you to different ways of meeting friends. Additionally, they can coach you on proper surfing techniques. That means you may not need to hire someone to train you to surf.

3. Lift Foils' Hydrofoils Can Be Customized

Sometimes you may buy your favorite hydrofoil and later realize you do not like it. For instance, you may no longer like your hydrofoil's wings. That means you may be forced to purchase another hydrofoil which is rather costly. Also, it leads to people filling their house with many boards, which leads to cluttering. Thankfully, the company came up with the idea of introducing customizable hydrofoils. The company's hydrofoils have a variety of dynamic wings that you can use. Each wing is carefully designed to promote excellent stability, performance, and effectiveness. To use the wings, you must attach them to the hydrofoil's mast. The wings' design enables them to change shape on the fly. By changing shape, you will enjoy benefits in terms of turning and efficiency.

2. The Company Has an App to Further Improve Your Surfing Experience

Lift Foils has an app called the Lift eFoil Quickstart App. The app is the best place to carry out several different functions at once. For instance, the app allows you to update your product firmware and connect multiple boards and remotes. Due to the ability of the app to carry out several functions at once, you may not need to consult a customer care team. The company ensured that the app could sort out any problem you may encounter. However, you may still encounter problems, so the app allows you to contact customer service personnel. Additionally, the app has tutorial videos that teach you how to use hydrofoils. Some people are quick learners, so they may learn without going to a surfing class. Besides learning how to surf, you will also learn other surfing-related materials, e.g., the right tools to use for surfing.

1. The Company Operates on the E-Commerce Space to Meet Many Clients

Some organizations that sell hydrofoils market their services the wrong way. For instance, some focus solely on local clients, while others do not make an effort to advertise and instead wait in the hopes that they will be discovered. Lift Foils has a way of reaching local and international clients through its website. By tapping into clientele outside your country, you maximize profits. For domestic shipping, the company sends you the board via FedEx or DHL. However, if you are an international shopper, you will receive your product via FedEx International Economy for USA and UK/EU zones. On the other hand, DHL is used for those in Australia and Eastern Europe. To minimize costs, the company endeavors to use the most economical ways to deliver products so that you are not overcharged.


Surfing has always been seen as a sport for a particular type of people. So if you are interested in the sport, you may hold back due to being a beginner. Thankfully, Lift Foils has figured out ways of making it easy to surf with their hydrofoils. Even if you do not learn quickly enough, there are other resources to learn how to use them, such as the app, for instance. Once you learn how to use them, you will realize how fun and safe its hydrofoils are compared to regular surfboards.

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