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Does Costco Drug Test All Its Employees?


Costco has an impressive reputation due to its conducive work environment and competitive worker salaries. Throughout its more than 800 stores, Costco operates on a strict alcohol and drug-free policy, implying that the sale, distribution, and sale of drugs are completely prohibited in the workplace. But one question that might be on your mind is Does Costco Drug Test? Read on to find out.

Costco 2022 Drug Test Policy

Costco operates on a strict drug and alcohol-free workplace basis with the aim of providing a healthy and safe work environment. The 2022 Costco Drug Test Policy stipulates that the company may perform drug tests for illicit substances during the orientation and pre-employment process. Moreover, it states that a negative drug test result is mandatory before employment is offered. The Costco Wholesale Drug and Alcohol-Free Workplace Policy lists four scenarios that demand compliance from employees and new recruits in terms of drug tests. We will discuss these further later.

Drug Test Types Done by Costco Do

Costco usually performs drug tests on its workers using the mouth swab test, which takes roughly 5 to 10 minutes. With Costco's mouth swab test, it is reported that drugs can be detected an hour after intoxication and up to after 48 hours after use. This means that test is thorough and reliable in checking for illicit substances. During the interview process, Costco often requests the job applicants to take the mouth swab drug test on the spot. This helps prevent fraudulent practices like faking the test.

What Drugs Does Costco Test for?

Once a Costco worker has filled out a consent form, they are directed or transported to an off-site location where a professional drug examination is carried out. The drug test results are immediately returned to Costco for evaluation to prevent any tampering. Depending on the results of the drug test, Costco will make a decision on what happens next for the potential or current employee. Costco mouth swab drug tests check for the presence of alcohol or illicit substance use among employees. Like many other pre-employment drug examinations, the tests look for the presence of 5-panel drugs like phencyclidine, marijuana, opiates, and amphetamines.

When Does Costco Drug Test?

Per Costco’s drug-free policy, the company is legally entitled to perform a drug test on all of its employees. Costco also reserves the right to inspect all the parts of its business premises, such as in personal effects and lockers, for alcohol or other illicit substances. The following are some scenarios in which Costco may perform a drug test:

Return to Duty and Follow-Up Testing

All Costco employees who have signed a Contract for Continued Employment (CCE) are required to undergo a drug and illicit substance evaluation before they are allowed to resume their previous work duties. Costco's Care Network has medically licensed healthcare providers who perform the drug test evaluation and provide professional counseling services based on workplace concerns. If you pass the drug and alcohol-use drug test, you might be required to undergo follow-up drug tests which are determined by the times and frequencies set by the company.

Post-Accident Testing

In case you are involved in a work-related accident, you may be required to undergo an alcohol and drug test, especially if the firm believes with reasonable doubt that you directly caused or contributed to the accident. Moreover, the company's policies stipulate that you should immediately inform your manager when you are involved in a workplace accident and suffer an injury. Following this, safety-sensitive precautions are executed, and you are suspended until the outcome of the drug test is released.

Pre-Employment Testing

All potential Costco workers seeking employment are required to go through the typical interview process. However, you must pass a drug test contingent on a conditional employment offer before you are approved for the designated position. Moreover, all rehires for seasonal, full-time, or part-time employees are required to pass the drug test before being allowed to work for the company.

Reasonable Suspicion Testing

Provided you were already hired and working at Costco, a supervising manager that suspects t you are intoxicated or using an illicit substance may request you undergo a drug test. They may come to this decision based on a number of reasons, such as your behavior and speech while operating company equipment, machinery, and vehicles or performing company activities.

What Happens If You Fail a Costco Drug Test?

All Costco employees and job applicants are required to agree to and comply with requested drug tests as stipulated in the company's employment and recruitment policies. Once all Costco employees have completed the mouth swab drug test during an interview, the drug-free policy states that they should not be subjected to another evaluation unless the company reasonably believes it is necessary. This is especially true after a workplace accident. Costco has the right to terminate any of its employee's contracts if they fail their drug test. However, any Costco employee who fails their drug test for the first time might still be eligible for rehiring after they complete a number of professionally-supervised medical evaluations. These will usually include treatment, counseling, and rehabilitation.

Can You Refuse a Costco Drug Test?

You can refuse to undergo the mouth swab drug test carried out at Costco, but the company is legally entitled to deny you the opportunity to work for them. This is mainly because Costco operates on a strict drug-free policy, where it is a mandatory requirement for all employees to undergo a drug substance evaluation. Additionally, the consequences of refusing to undergo a drug test after a workplace accident are either termination or suspension from Costco for a year


Does Costco Drug Test? In its efforts to enforce its zero-tolerance to alcohol and illicit substance use among employees in the workplace, CostCo ensures that all its employees and potential employees are subjected to a mouth swab drug test. This activity ensures that all the employees are up to the required standards and they adhere to their contract's drug-free agreement. Any employee or job applicant that refuses to take or fails to pass the drug test can be terminated or suspended from the company for one whole year.

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