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20 Things You Didn't Know About Darwin Box


Darwinbox is a software company offering Human Resource Management tools for its clients. The enterprise has become a leader in cloud-based solutions with its suite of programs for empowering and engaging employees from the time of their hire until retirement. Its flagship product is a comprehensive HR software suite. Darwinbox is getting positive reviews from clients and critics, and it has also attracted its fair share of wealthy investors. If you're not yet familiar with the startup or its products, here are twenty things you probably didn't know about Darwinbox to bring you current.

1. Darwinbox is entering its seventh year of business

Darwinbox launched its flagship product in 2015. According to Crunchbase, its three founders moved ahead with a vision to improve HR operations and its interactions with its workforce through technology. Darwinbox is becoming an established company that has not only survived the turbulent economic days of the pandemic but has also thrived and earned new customers, building toward a prosperous future as it enters its seventh year of operation in 2022.

2. Darwinbox is an Indian company

Darwinbox is a startup that was launched in its home country of India. The headquarters for the business is in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India. The legal name of this enterprise is Darwinbox Digital Solutions Pvt Limited. It's one of the many new tech startups in the country that adds to the boom that is helping to boost India's economy.

3. Darwinbox uses a complicated collection of technologies

The Darwinbox website is powered by a complex array of eighty-eight technologies to provide users with a smooth and seamless navigation experience. These active technologies are distributed across forty-four technology products and services. Some of them include SPF, iPhone Mobile Compatible for mobile access, Viewport Meta, Google Analytics, HMTL5, jQuery, and dozens of others. Darwinbox has not disclosed the annual cost for IT, but from our experience, we estimate that the overhead cost is high. It's the cost of doing business.

4. Darwinbox has a high volume of web traffic

The analytics report for the past thirty days reveals that the Darwinbox website receives a high number of monthly visits. The total visits for the most recent reporting period were 393,324. Darwinbox is high on the list of the millions of websites registered on the world wide web at number 121,528, ranked according to traffic volume. The overall monthly visits growth for Darwinbox is an impressive 21.22 percent.

5. Darwinbox is the most popular in India

The highest percentage of web traffic for the Darwinbox website is from the country of India. Sixty-five percent of visitors are from this country, reflecting a monthly visits growth of 28.8 percent over the past month. Thirteen percent of the traffic is from Indonesia. Ten percent of the website visitors are from the United States, reflecting a monthly visits growth rate of 610.27 percent. Interest from the United States has spiked sharply in the past month. Four percent of visits are from the Philippines, and four percent of visitors are from Japan, reflecting the biggest spike we've seen at a monthly visits growth rate of 2,446.57 percent.

6. Darwinbox has a ten-member executive leadership team

The executive leadership team at Darwinbox has ten members. Eight of the top executives are listed here. Rohit chennamamani is a co-founder. Chaitanya Peddi is a co-founder and product head. Jayant Paleti is a co-founder. Gowthami Kanumuru is the marketing and customer experience head. M. Nikhil Chakravarthy is in charge of sales leadership. Ashok Patsamatla is the lead of the strategic initiative. Himanshu Kumar is the director of customer success, and Rudraditya Bhattacharya is the regional sales director.

7. The board of directors at Darwinbox has seven members

There are seven members on the board of directors for Darwinbox. These members serve as advisors for financial and strategic planning and for orchestrating the forward movement of the business. Dev Khare joined the board on June 12, 2017. He is a partner at Lightspeed India Partners, has founded two organizations, and service on one board in an advisory role. Mohandas Pai joined the board on June 20, 2016. he is the co-founder and chairman of Aarin Capital with twenty-nine portfolio companies and five exits. Sateesh Andra joined the board on June 12, 2017. H is the managing director at Endiya Partners. He founded four organizations and currently serves on seven boards in advisory roles. Pranav Pai joined the board as an observer on February 28, 2016. He is a founding partner and chief investment officer at 3one4 Capital with four portfolio companies and two exits. Nandita Gurjar joined the board on June 30, 2016, and currently serves on one board. Rohit Chennamaneni joined the board on November 20, 2015. he is a co-founder at Darwinbox, has founded one organization, and serves on one board. Jayant Paleti joined the board on November 20, 2015. He is a co-founder at Darwinbox. He has founded one organization and serves on one board.

8. Darwinbox is a late-stage venture capital-backed enterprise

Darwinbox has participated in seven rounds of venture capital fundraising. The most recent round of Series D funding was completed on January 25, 2022. the total amount raised is $107 million. Darwinbox receives solid support from its investors.

9. Darwinbox has high investor confidence

Darwinbox has successfully attracted the attention and financial support of eleven investors. The most recent investors to join the fundraising efforts include Lightspeed India Partners and SCB 10X. Other investors include Salesforce Ventures, Sequoia Capital India, JG Digital Equity Ventures, 3one4 Capital, TCV, a lead investor, and a few others. Salesforce Ventures also led the round of SeriesC fundraising.

10. Darwinbox is a privately held organization

You won't find shares of Darwinbox stock for sale or trade on any of the public stock exchanges. This is because the owners have opted to keep Darwinbox is a privately owned company. They've not taken the step to file for an IPO to take the company public. Instead, any necessary funding is raised through private investors.

11. Darwinbox Tripled its valuation

According to Techcrunch, the most recent round of venture capital fundraising has resulted in a more than tripling of the valuation for Darwinbox. The latest round of Series D funding brought in an additional $72 million for the growth and expansion of the company. Darwinbox is just one more success coming out of the country of India, adding to the number of SaaS businesses in what has been identified by investors as a strong business trend.

12. Darwinbox achieved unicorn status

The January 25, 2022 round of VC fundraising has pushed the valuation of Darwinbox past the required amount for classification as a unicorn company. Unicorns are businesses that reach a valuation of at least $1 billion or more. Darwinbox joins a host of other tech companies in the region that have joined this elite group of billion-dollar businesses. Executives at Darwinbox were happy to report that this is an all-time high for the enterprise that has only been in existence for a little over six years. They're making remarkable progress.

13. Darwinbox offers modern technology solutions

Darwinbox is one of the leaders in India's cloud-based software tech solutions. The platform helps to bring employees and human resources professionals into the modern age with cloud-based software that provides insights into worker performance, attrition rates, and information about employee feedback. HR professionals benefit by gaining new insights into best practices for onboarding new workers and managing them from the date of hire through the day of their retirement. The program helps businesses to meet the needs of their workers more thoroughly and efficiently.

14. Darwinbox' list of high-profile clients is growing

More than 850,000,000 workers benefit from the Darwinbox platform. It has attracted the business of some of the most well-known companies in the world. Some of their high-profile clients include Kotak, Ailingo, Tokopedia, Swiggy, Starbucks, Domino's, and hundreds of others. These mega-companies seek to streamline their HR processes and gain useful insight into employee needs through technology, to better serve their respective workforces.

15. The pandemic boosted Darwinbox

Like many other tech companies, Darwinbox experienced an influx of business as the pandemic raged throughout the world. With more businesses turning to technological solutions versus physical human consultants, they saw exponential growth. Demand for products and services rose within the tech industry offering cloud-based software solutions. Darwinbox was one of the thousands of companies that saw a boost in sales and users. The surge resulted in the excitement of a doubling of Darwinbox revenue in 2021 and tripling in its southeast Asia area.

16. Darwinbox suite offers unique features

We were impressed with the numerous features that the Darwinbox software program provides. It's a suite of programs not only provides a full-stack-tech package but also comes with a social network component for employees. This helps them to stay connected for woking out business-related conversations. The suite also includes an AI assistant for setting up meetings through smartphone voice commands.

17. Darwinbox is a disruptor in the HR community

The software solutions provided by Darwinbox have all the potential to become a disruptor in the HR industry by automatic processes that were previously accomplished manually with a pen and paper. It represents evolved processes that save time and money, reducing the need for recording data manually, and automating many processes through voice command and artificial intelligence for gathering relevant information and recording important performance highlights. We're moving toward the age of automation, but many companies are still struggling to keep up with the times, and HR professionals are no exception. Darwinbox offers a SaaS solution that takes companies and their workers from their old pen and paper methods to software-based processes, modernizing and streamlining their daily processes.

18. Darwinbox is causing migration from established companies

Many of the customers of Darwinbox are migrants from other older platforms including Workday, SAP, and Oracle. They're finding a benefit in making the most from their previous products to one that covers a broader spectrum of HR and employee needs. Approximately 33% of Darwinbox's current customers have made the switch from other platforms to new and innovative solutions. We suspect they're finding greater value for the cost.

19. Darwinbox is breaking into a new market

Leaders at Darwinbox confirm that the SaaS services they offer are helping them break into an emerging market in India. The company is on home soil in India and it excels where European and American companies do not, in penetrating the India and Asia markets. Darwinbox falls under the category of companies listed as SaaS for Asia. They believe that vendors from the Western part of the world only reached the tip of the iceberg for harvesting clients. The Darwinbox product resonates better with companies from India, and it exists as a partner to help further their journey into global HCM leadership.

20. Darwinbox has plans for expansion

Darwinbox plans to further expand its operations for a global reach. The strategy also includes developing more product offerings to expand the services and solutions in a plug-and-play format to enrich HR systems. Darwinbox currently employees a workforce of 669 employees. According to LinkedIn, the enterprise is currently recruiting for fourteen new positions. So far, all of the open jobs are for locations in India, either at the headquarters or satellite branches, with a few of them offered as remote positions. We assume that the company is reinforcing its infrastructure before it moves into other countries of the world. The leadership shared its plan for growing the company and moving into other parts of the globe, but they've declined to share the timeline for accomplishing this. What we know now, is that the analytics for web traffic show a healthy interest in Darwinbox products and services in Japan, the United States, Indonesia, and The Philippines.

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