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20 Things You Didn't Know About Printify


Printify is a startup that provides online merchants with an instant connection to print-on-demand manufacturers and drop-shippers throughout the world. The American startup recently made the news in business circles with an infusion of investor funding that will help it to move to the next phase in its development. Investors have high hopes for Printify as it becomes a popular choice for merchants who require instant printing services. It's an interesting enterprise that bears watching. If you're not yet acquainted with it, here are 20 things you probably didn't know about Prinify.

1. Printify is listed across five industries

Crunchbase reports that Printify is a versatile business that offers products and services relevant for merchants in most industries. The scope of its operations includes Fashion, E-Commerce, Manufacturing, Marketplace, and Printing.

2. Printify is still a young company

Printify was founded in 2015 under the legal name Printify, Inc. The headquarters is located in San Francisco, California. It's only been in operation for six years as of 2021. It's still in its early stages of development, but the enterprise has grown rapidly and gained a strong presence in the technology and e-commerce markets.

3. Printify uses a complex assortment of technologies

Printify uses thirteen technologies to power its website. Although this is a complicated array, everything works together to provide users and visitors to the website with a smooth and seamless experience with easy navigation. Our test visit revealed that the site is remarkably easy to use and browse. These technologies are distributed across twenty-three technology products and services. Some of the products include SPF, WordPress, Google Apps for Business, Google Analytics, jQuery, HTML5, and several others. Although Printify has not disclosed the annual cost of using all of these tech products, we know from experience that it quickly runs into the tens of thousands per year.

4. Interest in Printify is growing

The analytics for the Prinify website show that there is an increase in the number of monthly visits. Over the past thirty days, 1,964,668 people visited the Printify website. This reflects a monthly visits growth increase of 0.59 percent over the previous month. It's resulted in Printify receiving the ranking of number 25,928 of all the websites registered across the world wide web.

5. Printify is the most popular in the United States

Most of the visitors to the Printify website are from the United States. Sixty-three percent of the web traffic comes from people in this country with a monthly visit growth of 0.69 percent. Eight percent of the visitors are from Canada. Six percent are from the United Kingdom with a 9.72 percent monthly visits growth. Two percent are from India. Two percent of the web traffic is from the Philippines with a monthly visits growth rate of 23.4 percent for this country. The analytics reported for this website provides useful information for key decision-makers at Printify about where there is the greatest interest for their products and services.

6. Printify has 6 members in its core leadership team

The core executive leadership team for Printify consists of six members. Gatis Dukurs is a co-founder and the head of architecture. James Berdigans is the chief executive officer and founder. Zoltan Szalas is the head of growth. Lauri Laineste is the senior product manager. Artis Kehris is a co-founder. Lauris Lietavietis is the chief sales and partnership officer.

7. Printify is a venture capital-supported enterprise

Printify has participated in four rounds of venture capital fundraising. The most recent was a Series A round that was completed on September 9, 2021. The total amount raised is $49.1 million. Private investors and venture capital firms provide Printify with funding to continue its growth and expansion.

8. Printify has high investor confidence

The investors baking Printify have high confidence in the likelihood that the startup will continue to grow and become profitable. Printify has attracted the attention and support of a total of thirty-two investors, three of which are lead investors. The most recent investors include Virgin Group and Index Ventures. They are joined by Dreamers VC, H& M CO: LAB, Eva Lau, Kevin Lin, Markus Villig, Bradley Horowitz, Elizabeth Weil, Joshua Schachter, and twenty-two other investors.

9. Printify is a privately held organization

Printify is a privately owned company. The owners have not yet filed for an IPO to take the company to the public arena. This is the reason why you won't find shares of stock for Printify listed on any of the public stock exchanges. The founders retain control over the business except for the agreements made for investor funding. Although the details of the funding agreements have not been publicly disclosed, investors usually obtain a minor stake in the future profitability of a company when they provide investment funding for its growth and development.

10. Printify is a Latvian-based startup.

According to Techcrunch, Although the headquarters for Printify is located in San Francisco, California, the company was established by one entrepreneur from the USA and two from the country of Latvia. The SanFrancisco office is the American headquarters and its home base.

11. Demand for Printify's services is rising

There is a rising demand for the services that Printify offers its clients. This is the reason why the most recent round of fundraising was held. The company could not keep up with the demand and it is forced to expand its operations yet further. The mission of Printify is to continue growing its global marketplace of printshops to satisfy the rising demand for custom printing among its merchant client base.

12. Printify's marketplace is expanding

The Printify platform is a marketplace where merchants can connect with printing resources to complete unique and customized projects. The market for on-demand printing and shipping is being overwhelmed with requests from content creators, e-commerce entrepreneurs, designers, individual sellers, and others. They're placing orders for items like stickers, mugs, t-shirts, and many other products with custom printing and engraving. The most popular services ordered by Printify users include hoodies, posters, and hats. There is also a growing market for children's and baby's products as well as drinkware, pet products, and sportswear. The Printify catalog currently contains more than 370 products that can be ordered with customized printing. Each week it adds several more items to the collection. Printing services occur in more than one hundred locations across the globe. So far, Printify has connected more than two million merchants with print providers from around the globe. Additionally, it has facilitated shipping for over a million units each month. It is a heavy business load that requires a large workforce.

13. Printify has a large workforce

Printify has a workforce of more than five hundred staff members. In the past twelve months, the startup has doubled the headcount of workers, but it's still not in a position to keep up, let alone expand its operations with the current number of employees it has hired. Printify plans to hire another two hundred workers by the end of 2021, which will bring the headcount closer to 700 employees.

14. Printify is a valuable resource for entrepreneurs

The leadership at Printify confirmed that the audience they seek is entrepreneurs, merchants, and creators. These are the people who most frequently use the marketplace for custom printing. Printify offers printing services and shipping at low and affordable rates. This approach makes them one of the more popular choices for new businesses just starting on a shoestring budget. The affordability combined with high quality in the products it ships results in a high volume of repeat business. Printify offers the platform as a service that helps business owners to build the core of their businesses. They're helping new companies to grow and thrive through these services.

15. Printify is fueling the micro-brand boom

New brands are popping up around the world because entrepreneurs are trying to start new businesses to earn a living or make money on the side. These new micro-brands are mostly unknown, but there is a boom in them. It's caused an increased demand for the kind of custom wares that Printify provides through its marketplace. It is now one of the number one custom printing startups in the world. Printify is now the leading marketplace for on-demand manufacturing. Printify offers the best choices for print providers and print products compared to other companies with similar services. The ease of ordering custom print projects is another benefit of Printify. It's as easy as pushing a button to launch a successful business, thanks to Printify. Any creator can bring their most unique product ideas from the concept stage to reality for an affordable price.

16. Printify inspires creativity with a hassle-free one-stop-shop

Ecommerce Platforms offer a review of Printify that more fully expands the benefits of this inspiring people to unleash their creativity. It's a place where you can get items printed with whatever you want them to say, along with any images that you desire to have. Printify also takes care of the main problems encountered in fulfillment, billing designing, and sourcing. These are all processes that can take a long time with other printing companies. It can take several weeks to months to receive your custom orders. Printify takes care of all of these potential problems. Their goal is to provide customers with all of them without the hassle and wait. On-demand services from Printify come highly rated by Ecommerce Platforms. Ratings are based on consumer feedback.

17. Printify lets you preview before you buy

Another unique benefit that Printify offers its customers is the ability to see what their product will look like before they place an order. This is accomplished by a mockup generator. It's an option on the website that you can use to create the image of the product you want to create. It is a designer's tool that also allows you to present the item in a broad range of colors and sizes. The mockup generator provides you with an image of the item. Some examples include home decor, jewelry, stationery, shoes, clothing, accessories, or other items.

18. Printify can put you in business

Printify has a four-step process that can help any entrepreneur go into business for themselves. Anyone who wants to start making money with an e-commerce business only needs to follow the steps. First, you choose the type of product you wish to sell from their catalog. Next, you create a design and put it on the product using Printify's design tools. You can also upload designs, logos, images, and more. After you create the design, drop it onto the product and make the size adjustments. Next, you pick a provider from their marketplace from the many options they provide for suppliers. You can even request samples before you start selling them. After this, put the product on your site. You can use Etsy, Shopify, or WooCommerce integrations to make the process go faster. Next, make your sales. Printify completes the complete setup for you with order fulfillment, billing shipping, and manufacturing requests. It's a simple process. They do almost all the work for you.

19. Printify is currently hiring

According to LinkedIn, Printify is hiring. The company has listed a total of fifty-one open positions. There are job openings throughout parts of the United States, Latvia, Portugal, Estonia, Poland, Germany, France, and Ukraine.

20. Printify is a company to keep your eye on

If you're looking for a way to launch your own e-commerce business, Printify may offer solutions that would work for you. They're an on-demand marketplace for printed goods that offers various products. Each can be customized to meet your specifications. Aside from paying for the cost of their services, choosing and designing your products, and listing them for sale, there's nothing more that you need to do. Printify ensures the items are created, then they bill the buyers and ship them out for delivery to their doors for you.

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