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10 Things You Didn't Know About Dean Sysman

Dean Sysman

Dean Sysman is an Israeli businessman and entrepreneur who currently serves as the CEO of the startup company Anxonius. He is a brilliant computer scientist and expert in cybersecurity who has established a successful business of his own. He's an excellent role model for young people who are interested in becoming involved in their entrepreneurial endeavors. Here are 10 things about Dean Sysman that you probably didn't know.

1. Dean Sysman is known throughout the world

According to Crunchbase, Mr. Sysman is a cybersecurity expert who is known throughout the world. He is in high demand as a speaker internationally. Sysman has spoken at several notable events and conferences including CCC, Defcon, Blackhat, and others. Major companies throughout the globe are interested in learning more about protecting data and he is one of the most knowledgeable people on the subject.

2. Sysman has been officially recognized by Forbes

Dan Sysman has received multiple honors and accolades because of his significant contributions to the science of cybersecurity, and data loss prevention technology. He was named to the prestigious Forbes list of 30 Under 30 Israel for the year 2017. This is a special distinction that highlights his accomplishments before even reaching the age of 30 years. This makes him an excellent role model and mentors for the younger generation with an interest in the field.

3. He was an officer of the Israeli Intelligence Corps

Before Mr. Sysman founded Axonius, he served in the Israeli Intelligence Corps as an officer and a team leader. He spent five years with the elite unit. Dean was honored for his service and he earned reveal awards and commendations during his time in the Corp. We can tell from his impeccable record that he makes a habit of doing his best and achieving excellence in whatever he puts his hand to. He took time out from the pursuit of his career to serve his country. This tells us something about his integrity.

4. Axonius isn't his first company

Before Dean Sysman founded Axonius, he also co-founded a business called Cymmetria. Cymmetria is a cyber deception company with AYC backing with Fortune 500 customers. He has the potential to become a serial entrepreneur with the wealth of talent he possesses and his ability to get new startups off the ground and running. He has an impressive track record of established tech companies in the cybersecurity arena. This is a field that he has a passion for and a natural aptitude for. By the time that Dean co-founded Axonius, he had already gotten his feet wet by going through the process of setting up a technology business. This gave him some valuable experience.

5. Dean graduated from college early

It is no surprise to learn that Dean Sysman graduated from college when he was just 19 years old. He enrolled as a student in the special Etgar Program. He completed the requirements and graduated with his B.Sc degree in computer science while he was still a teenager. This is impressive by anyone standards.

6. He has a few interesting hobbies

While Mr. Sysman has been busy with his very successful businesses and speaking engagements, he does manage to find time to do the other things he enjoys. He has two hobbies that are favorites. Dean enjoys reading existential philosophy, and he also likes to play poker.

7. He is a gold-medal winner

Forbes Profiles reports that Dean Sysman is a gold meal winner. He worked hard to earn this top recognition in 2005. He was a part of the team at the international Robotic Olympics that was held in South Korea. The team took the gold medal in the elite competition. This shows us that he knows the value of working with the team to accomplish big goals, as well as how to share the credit equally. We see the characteristics of a winner in Dean Sysman all the way around. He has made a habit out of being the best possible version of himself in everything that he attempts to do.

8. Dean Sysman is also a startup investor

According to his LinkedIn page, Sysman not only invested in his own startup companies, but he also invests in a variety of other new businesses. A few of the companies that he is financially backing include, StackPulse, Ramp, NeoWise, Next Silicon, Sightfull (Stealth mode), and Salt Security. Investing is a wise move for Sysman because he possesses the analytical skills to determine if a business has the potential to become profitable. He is doing his part to help new startups get the funding that is needed to become established and successful.

9. He was just 15 years old when he entered college

Dean Sysman attended the Hebrew Reali School when he was a young man. He attended this elite school from 2003 through 2008, where he specialized in the study of computer science. Dean graduated from the specialty high school when he was just 15 years old. He then enrolled in classes at the University of Haifa. He continued his studies which started in high school and completed his bachelor's degree in 2009. He was involved in the Etgar gifted program for talented high school students. His first year of high school and college happened concurrently, resulting in his graduation from college one year after finishing high school.

10. He also volunteered to help others

Dean volunteered as a mentor to help others who were interested in business. He volunteered from January of 2017 to April of 2017, spending 4 months at the University of Pennsylvania, The Wharton School. He was a mentor at the Entre, working with students interested in fields related to his passions. Sysman believes in education and in helping others learn how to achieve their career and business goals. We see that he is exceptionally generous. It's not often that such an accomplished entrepreneur would take the time out of his busy schedule to become a mentor for others.

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