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A Closer Look at Delma's Limited-Edition Cayman Bronze Watch

Delma's Limited-Edition Cayman Bronze Watch

Delma is not a watch brand that is widely known, but it is an old and established company that goes back almost a hundred years to its original founding date in 1924. In just two years Delma will celebrate 100 years in the watchmaking business. Although the marketing is not as intense as some other brands, they offer a large selection of timepieces in their current collections with 27 different models available this year. Of particular interest is its Cayman collection of diver's watches. They take a unique approach to the design and manufacture of a diver's watch that offers a comfortable feel on the wrist and an attractive aesthetic. It's a lovely timepiece that is both beautiful and functional for those involved in aquatic activities. It's deserving of a closer look to understand the finer points that make it one of Delma's sweetest contributions to the choices of divers' watches.

The Delma Cayman Bronze Watch at a glance

The first thing you notice about the Delma Cayman Bronze watch is the lovely brown case. I initially thought it was made of wood until I took a closer look. Time and Tide explains that the case is made of bronze material. It's not any kind of bronze, which we'll get to a little later, but a special alloy that creates a warm and sporty effect on the looks of the watch. It has a modern and almost glamorous appeal making it suitable for wearing on a dive or to an afterparty. Delma is a brand that has made diving watches for over sixty years and the styles continue to evolve with modernizations. They've figured out what the public wants and Delma has not yet failed to deliver. The watches combine elegance with functionality with an appearance that signals both.

A closer look at the Delma Limited-Edition Cayman Bronze Watch

The case of the Delma Cayman Bronze is made of a blend of bronze classified as CuSn6, a phosphor alloy that is marine grade and suitable for saltwater applications as well as freshwater. It's highly resistant to the corrosive effects of saltwater. As the material ages, it develops a patina of bluish-green, a characteristic of bronze that gives each timepiece manufactured a distinct personality that sets it apart from all others. The case measures 42 mm in width and 13.3 mm in depth. It's a large watch but not oversized for a diver. Delma found the sweet spot for those with larger hands and wrists. The lug-to-lug measurement is 48 mm. The crown is screw-down styling to seal and protect the insides from moisture. The lugs slope downward with chamfering and polishing along the edge for a hint of luxury against the brushed surfaces on adjacent components. The case front features a brushed finish with engraving on the polished case back that is made of stainless steel. a flat sapphire lens allows for partial viewing of the gold rotor wheel of the movement beneath. The dial has a vintage presentation that is reminiscent of the 1940s field watches. It's made for legibility with a roughed background texture adding a sense of depth, and luminous hour markers and numerals that stand out from the background of the dial. Delma uses red for the printed 24-hour scale and a red border around the date window. You may choose from brown, blue, black, or green for the dial color. Delma applies the luminous coating to essential components of the dial. It ensures that the hands, hours, and markers glow brightly in low-light environments. SuperLuminova C3 is among the best premium luminous coatings and the choice of Delma. It glows brightly in the dark and lasts for years. The hands are fencepost style with an arrow-tipped second hand. The dial is protected with a domed sapphire crystal lens.

The movement

Monochrome explains the Delma Cayman Bronze Watch is powered by an in-house movement called the Sellita SW200. It is an automatic type made to Swiss standards with a solid history of reliability in precision timekeeping. The movement beats at 28,800 vibrations per hour for ample reliability. It's not an expensive movement, nor is it a cheap one. The power reserve is 38 hours. Functions are hours, minutes, seconds, and a date window.

The strap

The Delma Cayman Bronze comes with a Cordura fabric version with rubber backing. The materials are functional and comfortable. The color of the strap corresponds with the color of the dial chosen. It's water-resistant with a 22 mm lug width for changing strap types and styles to alter the appearance as you wish. It affixes firmly to the wrist via a pin buckle closure.

Price and availability

The Delma Cayman Limited Edition Bronze Watch became available on May 5, 2022, according to The Watch Pages. The retail price is $1,650, representing a solid deal for an attractive and highly functional diver's watch with water resistance up to 500 meters. It's worth noting that each example sold comes with individual numbering engraved on the solid portion of the case back. This collection is strictly limited to a production run of just 999 pieces for distribution throughout the world. The limited number creates the added value of rarity from the moment of its release. There will only be so many offered. The worth will rise as the Cayman Bronze limited edition becomes more scarce. Limited supplies are available through the Delma website and from authorized dealers.

Final thoughts

The Delma Cayman Limited Edition Bronze watch is the newest edition to Delma's collection of fine divers watches. It's a testament to the brand's commitment to providing high-quality timepieces at moderate price points for those who require technical equipment with high levels of reliability and functionality. The Cayman Bronze is a beautiful watch that serves the dual purpose of diver tool and is a highly stylish fashion accessory.

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