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The Five Best Diamond Breitling Watches Money Can Buy


Breitling is one of the watchmaking industry’s oldest names, and it also happens to be one of the best. The Swiss luxury company has been creating immaculate timepieces since its founding in 1884, and time has only made their watches better than ever. As if any Breitling watch could be made better, these diamond-studded pieces have made us take a double look more than once. Breitling has an impressive line of watches; but if shimmer and shine is what you’re after, here are the five best diamond Breitling watches your money can buy.

1. Super Avenger Breitling Diamond 35ct

If you’re going to ice out a timepiece, you might as well ice it out completely—at least if you can afford it. You’d have to shed more or less $25k in order to get this Super Avenger Breitling that’s been bedazzled with 35 carats of diamonds. The diamonds are undeniable on this watch, but the fact that they’re on an equally undeniable Breitling is even better. This Super Avenger is one of Breitling’s best. It has a silver stainless steel case and dial. The bracelet is made out of a 10k gold diamond band. It’s a hefty watch at 50mm, but all the diamonds need that much of a platform, really. The dial reflects simplicity amidst all the extravagance, and it showcases the three sub dials of the chronograph. The sub dials serve as indices for the 12, 9, and 6 o’clock marks, while the date complication replaces the 3 o’clock mark. The overall appeal of this watch is overly excessive, but we’re sure there’s a man out there that can handle such affluence on his wrist.

2. Breitling Aeromarine Super Avenger Diamond Watch

It takes a professional and detailed eye to customize a Breitling watch. It isn’t the easiest task to improve perfection, but it can be achieved through the use of diamonds. This particular watch features 14.12 carats of diamonds. You’ll find majority of them on the watchcase, the bezel, and the lugs. The entire watch is made out of silver tone stainless steel including the case and the bracelet. It’s as solid as any Breitling and solid enough to hold as many diamonds. The black dial is a stark contrast to all the silver and diamonds, and it also features 3 sub dials. As a performance watch, this Breitling Aeromarine Super Avenger is water resistant up to 300m. That’s an impressive feature, but we’re not sure if this is the kind of watch you’ll be taking diving any time soon—it costs $13,000 after all.

3. Breitling Windrider Chronomat Evolution Watch 13.50ct

There’s something striking about this customized Breitling Windrider Chronomat Evolution watch, and it’s not just the diamonds. The entire look of the watch is unlike any other iced watches we see, and it’s perhaps the leather band that makes it stand out. The dark brown genuine leather band provides a different kind of elegance, and it contrasts the 13.50 carats of diamonds beautifully. The stainless steel case of the watch is covered with diamonds as well as the beautifully set bezel. You’ll also find diamonds on the subtle dial, which happens to be made out of mother of pearl. The indices are actually marked by diamonds as well—a stunning detail that makes timekeeping a luxurious task. There are 3 sub dials on this watch, and the hands happen to be luminous. This Breitling has a 300m water resistance capability. It’s got everything you could ever need out of a dive watch. At more or less $20,000 for this piece, you’ll likely take it on a nice dressy night out instead.

4. Breitling Bentley Fully Iced 18k Gold Diamond Watch

If lavish is what you’re going for, you’d be hard-pressed to find a watch more extravagant as this fully iced Breitling Bentley Gold Diamond Watch. The combination of diamonds and 18k gold has always been a classic one. With 25 carats of round cut diamonds strewn all over, this Breitling is as exquisite as they get. The bracelet alone is covered in the gem. The case and bezel are covered in it also. The little hints of yellow gold in between simply adds to the beauty of this watch. There are 3 sub dials on this chronograph, and the date complication sits at a unique place on the 4 o’clock mark. The luminous hands glow beautifully on the diamonds on the dial. It’s also fitting to mention that this particular Breitling is also a Bentley watch. Such a partnership can only be characterized by dedication to quality and achievement. Offering up to 100m in water resistance, you can have this amazing work of art for only $52,000.

5. Breitling Transocean 38 Steel Rose Gold Diamond Watch

Smaller and more fragile compared to other diamond Breitling watches, this rose gold Transocean is more in line with most people’s budgets. At only $5,700, you can get a magnificent watch with high quality black leather and a beautifully brown dial. The 18k rose gold bezel is the star of the show, as it stands out while outlining the dial. The diamonds are Breitling-factory standard, and they shine in their simplicity. The Transocean has two sub dials—one on the 3 o’clock mark and the other on the 9 o’clock. The date complication can be found on the 9 o’clock mark, revealing a one of a kind look for the watch. The rest of the indices are plain and eclipsed only by the jutting crown and lugs. This automatic and self-winding chronograph is one of Breitling’s best. The Transocean is one of Breitling’s finest watches, and this diamond piece will give you enough sense of sophistication without overindulgence.

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