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Did You Know Ferrari Makes an Electric Scooter?

The Prancing Horse emblem of Ferrari is one that has become a symbol of automotive excellence throughout the years. Many people don’t take it lightly and neither does Ferrari. Therefore, hearing that the company has its name and famous logo on a scooter almost sounds too good to be true. But Ferrari scooters exist, believe it or not. These electric scooters are absolutely deserving of the longstanding Ferrari designation, but don’t go splurging just yet. There are a few things about the scooter you should know about, and this article will tackle what you need to know about the Ferrari electric scooter.


Ferrari has been creating various scooter models over the years, but the company has two main types of electric scooters: classic and stunt. There are slight differences between the two models when it comes to specs and design, but the final choice really rests on preference. Each one has a different look and is made out of different materials. The Ferrari classic electric scooter provides power and speed without the heaviness and clunk of other electric scooter models. On the other hand, the Ferrari stunt electric scooter model features specifications that are not available on other scooter models.


Although there’s not much of a difference between the speeds of either model, they might still be worth mentioning. The Ferrari classic can go up to 18mph, while the Ferrari stunt electric scooter can go up to 20mph. Either way, it’s safe to say that Ferrari electric scooter models can achieve speeds that other scooters just can’t. These scooters are even capable of climbing. They might slow down when it comes to ascending, but you can be guaranteed that you’ll go up on an incline instead of down.


One thing that Ferrari doesn’t hold back on when it comes to its cars is the material used for their products. The same applies to their scooters. Ferrari uses two main materials for its electric scooters: aluminum and carbon. The carbon will obviously be a lot lighter than the aluminum, but both materials have their advantages. If you need an electric scooter that’s lighter altogether, it might be best to just go with one made out of carbon, which weighs at an incredible 13.89 pounds.


Ferrari electric scooters use a high-torque, 500-watt electric motor. The scooters utilize twist throttles and can achieve max speeds within 5 seconds. You’ll feel confident riding this scooter with the dual 5-inch rubber tires and anti-lock braking system, which can easily be controlled by the handlebars. A 36-volt rechargeable Samsung battery powers the scooter up. These scooters can go up to 30 miles after a full charge, which normally takes an uninterrupted 4 hours.


When it comes to features, Ferrari doesn’t hold back on its electric scooters. Most of the features they have also have practical applications. To start off, these scooters have adjustable handlebars. Ferrari has designed their electric scooters to suit both children and adults, and of course there are different sizes you can get. But every single model features the adjustable handlebars for even further specification when it comes to comfort in riding. All of Ferrari’s electric scooters also feature full decks. This makes their scooters some of the safest you can buy in the market. In addition to safety, the full decks also provide much needed comfort, especially for longer riding purposes.

Ferrari’s electric scooters have metal-enforced brakes for another layer of protection. This is something to think about, especially if you’re purchasing this scooter for a little one. The strong yet light bodies of these electric scooters mean that even younger riders can maneuver these scooters with no problem. The wheels are extremely durable and come outfitted with proper rigging. All wheels come with suspension and are made so that you can even ride these scooters indoors.

All Ferrari electric scooters come in an assortment of colors that are both fun for adults and children alike. Some of the best scooter colors are black, green, pink, yellow, and of course, the famous Ferrari red. Every single model can be folded for easy storage—a feature that’s a sure buy for many electric scooter buyers out there. They’re also lightweight and compact, which means you can take them with you wherever you go.

Weight limits

While the Ferrari electric scooters were designed with young and older riders alike, there are still limits when it comes to weight. There’s no worry here, however, as these electric scooters can very much handle the weight without having to slow down. First, it’s probably best to allow younger children to utilize the three-wheel version of these electric scooters. Two-wheel scooters are more appropriate for those aged at least 6 to 12 years. At that point, the max weight limit applies, which is an impressive 110kg—that translates to about 242 pounds. It’s a decent capability that will allow even grown men to travel using the electric scooter.


All in all, the Ferrari scooter is definitely a worthy buy. There are so many incredible things about this scooter, that it’s almost silly not to get if it’s something you like and something you can afford. The average price of a Ferrari scooter is about $2,500. It’s far cheaper than an actual Ferrari car, and isn’t owning a Ferrari a dream for many of us, anyway? If you’re planning on getting a Ferrari electric scooter for a younger rider, just make sure that it’s appropriate and that you’re buying something that the rider can grow into. Ferrari designed these vehicles to last a long time. With proper care and proper use, Ferrari electric scooters can really last you generations. It would exactly be the kind of thing to pass on from one family generation to the next.

Benjamin Smith

Written by Benjamin Smith

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