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10 Disruptive Innovation Stocks to Consider

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These days, a lot of tech stocks are taking the stock market by storm. Of course, not every tech stock is successful on the stock market. As a whole, they're still among some of the most volatile stocks out there. That being said, they’re also among some of the most successful. It all depends on the particular stock in question. If you're interested in learning about the ones that genuinely stand out, you might want to start looking into something called disruptor stocks. If you want to get even more specific, some people refer to them as disruptive innovation stocks, commonly meant to denote a tech stock that is capable of far exceeding expectations. Do you want to know more? Below, you can see a list of the 10 most popular stocks of this type, ranked from number 10 to number one. Before we get into that, however, let's take a look at what a disruptor stock is so you know exactly what you're looking at by the time you read through the list.

Disruptive Innovation Stocks Defined

ARK Invest defines a disruptive innovation stock as a tech stock that is tied to a company which is capable of changing the way that people live their daily lives. You might think of it as a once-in-a-lifetime product that has an impact on the lives of practically every person on a global scale. The best part is, it doesn’t always have to be a product. Sometimes, it’s related to a service as well. You might get in on the ground floor with these stocks, but that certainly isn’t a requirement. In fact, you can jump on board at any point that suits you. If you’re wondering exactly what kind of stock qualifies as a disruptive innovation stock, it’s worth noting that it can be related to anything from banking to healthcare, and virtually everything in between. Now that you have a better idea of what we’re talking about, it’s time to get down to the list of the top 10 disruptive innovation stocks you can invest in.

10. Invitae (NVTA)

They are a genetic testing research company basing their testing on the need to prevent and successfully treat various life-threatening diseases at the genetic level. They also just recently launched a separate department dedicated exclusively to telemedicine. The stock can be purchased for an astonishingly low $7.06 per share. That being said, their market value is $279.6 million.

9. Crispr Therapeutics AG (CSPR)

This company is also dedicated to not only mapping out the human genome, but learning how to alter it in order to get specific results. Want a baby with blue eyes instead of brown? They claim they can make that and virtually anything else happen, made to order. The price per share is $61.62, with a market value of $289.6 million.

8. Proto Labs, Inc. (PRLB)

They make all kinds of products for 3D printing. Many believe they’re on the cusp of changing the world by making it possible to 3D print practically anything, when and where it’s needed. The price per share is $48.35. The company’s market value is $445.6 million.

7. Fiverr International (FVRR)

Most people are familiar with Fiverr, the website that started trading publicly in 2019. At the time, the idea was to get creative people together who would advertise their services on the site for, you guessed it, $5. Obviously, the company has expanded beyond that now, bringing together all kinds of creatives from the novice to the professional, allowing them to set the price for their services. The company has also expanded to become global. With that expansion, stock market analysts believe that good things will come. The stock currently sells for $22.62, with a market value of $701.1 million.

6. Phreesia (PHR)

This company only began trading publicly earlier this year. They have created an effective cloud-based system that allows health care providers to accept payments. If successful in the long-term, the company has the power to potentially change the way people pay for healthcare in this country. Currently, the stock is selling for $26.86 per share, with a value of $953.7 million.

5. Roku (ROKU)

This is the tech stock that brought all kinds of options for television lovers around the world. Thanks to them, you can watch practically anything you want, whenever you want, provided you have a smart TV or tablet. Their popularity is reflected in their price per share, $114.74. Their market share is listed at $2.76 billion.

4. Medallia (MDLA)

This company is new to the stock market, having spent less than a year in public trading. They exist for the sole purpose of using AI technology to create effective marketing campaigns for business. The idea is to better understand what customers want and then produce personalized ads that focus on those qualities. The stock currently sells for $21.00. Its market value is rated at $4.6 billion.

3. Zillow (Z)

The tech stock that has transformed the way people buy and sell houses is one for the ages. They’ve always been innovative and unafraid to go for something big, even when they were still finding their footing. Fast forward several years, and their price per share is $46.15. More impressively, their market value is $8.1 billion.

2. Square (SQ)

The company has been around for years, and they provide a service that allows small businesses of all kinds to take credit card payments on their personal smartphone, all with the addition of a singular piece of technology that plugs into the phone itself. That has revolutionized the way people do business. Customers don;t have to worry about carrying loads of cash with them when they shop local and business owners have more security in the way they conduct their business. It’s no wonder the stock sells for $64.08 a share. In addition, the company’s current market value is listed at $27.4 billion.

1. Tesla (TSLA)

Everybody knows about this company. It doesn’t matter if you're into trading stocks or not, this one has become a household name. The company that started with innovative technology for self-driving cars has now ventured into privatized space travel as well. The stock is selling for a whopping $1,025.49. The company’s market value is listed at $53.82 billion.

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