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A Closer Look at the New All-Electric DeLorean

All-Electric DeLorean

If you are a movie enthusiast, you may have watched a film from 1985 called "Back to the Future." Marty McFly and Doc Brown use a DMC DeLorean as a time machine in the film. Finally, you can drive a car like it, except you will not be able to travel ahead in time. The car we are referring to is the Alpha5, an electrical car made by DeLorean. The car is radically different from its predecessors, but it maintains the signature features of previous cars, such as the giant gullwing doors, sloping roofline, and rear window louvers. The Alpha5 is a coupe-shaped car. Its coupe-shaped appearance resembles the Porsche Taycan because of its smooth, curvaceous shape. The car is yet to be released, but it will not flood the streets. According to NPR, DeLorean said that the production of the cars would be limited and sold in a limited run of 88 to pay homage to the movie. So, before it is launched, you have to be alert so that you can buy one before they sell out. Meanwhile, here are a few specifications of this car below.

Battery Type

The car runs on a 100kWh battery pack. This battery pack is expected to deliver a lot of power to this car. According to IGN Africa, the battery pack will enable the car to accelerate from 0-60mph in 2.99 seconds. It can deliver fast accelerations because battery systems are generally simpler than internal combustion engines. For instance, they do not combust any fuel, which is generally a very long process that explains the delay in acceleration in diesel-powered cars. Another reason the battery pack offers rapid accelerations is its ability to store power. Most fuel is released into the atmosphere in gas-powered cars, which is wasted since it is not utilized. On the other hand, batteries do not waste power but instead store it. Since they always store plenty of power, you will always be able to accelerate fast at any time.

Aerodynamic Alloys

The feature that makes this car stand out from most cars is its aerodynamic alloy wheels. In general, alloy wheels are revered for their aesthetic appeal, and this car does not disappoint. Its rim arrangement mimics the design of audio speakers. Although they are attractive, they serve crucial functional uses. To understand how functional they are, we first need to define "alloy" and "aerodynamic." Alloy refers to a wheel made from a combination of aluminum and magnesium. The mixture makes the wheels light and corrosion-free. Since the wheels are light, you will be able to accelerate with minimal effort. That is because you will not use a lot of effort to move the car. Most wheels rust because they are made of steel, which is made of iron. As a result, the rust makes the wheels appear unappealing. Alloy wheels do not rust since they do not contain iron, which is a metal susceptible to rust. Aerodynamic refers to the arrangement and material of the rims used in the wheels. Technically, the wheels do not use rims but instead use plastic wheel caps. The plastic caps are mounted on the standard 18-inch aluminum rims. Its aerodynamic design keeps the airflow out of the wheels hence eliminating drag.

Drag Coefficient

Compared to its predecessors, this car has the lowest drag coefficient of 0.23. According to Drivemag, you will be a lucky person if you own a car whose drag coefficient is lower than 0.28. Drag coefficient is a measure of a car's streamlined shape's effectiveness in reducing air resistance. Therefore, the lower the drag coefficient, the more streamlined a car is. Due to this car's low drag coefficient, it can go at high speeds. That is because it will cut through the air with less resistance, unlike non-streamlined cars. Think of the streamlined car as a sharp knife; a sharp knife easily cuts through materials than a blunt one. By reducing air resistance, you will be able to move at high speeds without the air resistance pulling you back.


This is a feature admired by most drivers. After all, it is the same place you look at the map or look for your favorite song from the car's touchscreen. Unlike in older cars, its infotainment system operates with a touchscreen. So, the driver will not have to spend so much time looking for a button but instead swipe with their fingers. Also, its touchscreen is portrait-shaped. Its shape allows the driver to view all the applications in one place simultaneously. Like in most cars, the infotainment system is integrated with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Both the features allow you to connect your smartphones to the car's system so that you can access your music, media, and messaging applications. By connecting your smartphone to the system, you will stay focused on the road since you will be operating it with the touchscreen instead. Its infotainment system allows you to play music from many sources, even though most people think they should only connect their smartphones. For instance, you can enjoy music from sources like radio, Bluetooth, AUX receivers, etc. Sometimes, it becomes difficult to decide what songs to play from your phone; hence, it is a good idea to use those other music sources.


Nearly everything about the Alpha5 is admirable. First, we need to acknowledge the effort that went into its design. The car has a very streamlined shape and has aerodynamic wheels. Fortunately, the features that make this car attractive also make this car functional. Both features reduce air resistance, so you will be able to drive at high speeds. Do not forget that its battery is powerful enough to deliver high speeds, so you will hardly complain about driving a slow car. However, it is important to drive at reasonable speeds. The best reason to get this car is its ability to protect our environment from any harm. Since it relies on batteries, it does not emit any gases which would otherwise cause the greenhouse effect. As of now, the company will release a limited number of these cars. Hopefully, they will be able to produce enough for drivers to save the environment.

Benjamin Smith

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