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The 10 Fastest Electric Bikes

Electric Bike

Electric bicycles – a.k.a. - e-bikes, refer to an upgraded version of traditional bicycles, you know, the kind that is powered by a rider moving the pedals that was first invented in 1817 by the German inventor Karl von Drais.  

While the electric bike industry segment is relatively new – when compared to the overall bike industry – the recent demand experience by the electric bike market has all been to the upside – perhaps positively significantly influenced by any number of reasons –

  • The recent shift in the demand for Electric Vehicles.
  • People looking to reduce their carbon footprint or,
  • Simply by the rising costs of other commuting options, to name just a few.

People of all ages choose to use electric bikes primarily –

  • As a way to enjoy themselves.
  • To reduce the cost or the time it takes to commute.
  • Do low-impact exercise, or
  • Try a new and different bicycle experience.

Electric bikes offer additional benefits like operating with little to no noise and being emissions-free. E-bikes also offer electrical transportation options for those with disabilities or physical limitations, providing independence when there once was none.

However, the need for speed seems to be something more and more people yearn for when it comes to electric motorcycles or bikes. Recent battery technology advancements have allowed e bikes to become more potent than ever -  with some models that now reach high speeds on a highway.

Many of the top high-end electric bikes come with a price tag to match. So, if you are interested in the fastest electric bikes, you will likely need true courage to max out the top speed of these e bikes. However, you will need to be ready to reach deep into your pockets as well.  

Our Methodology

Today, you can find many electric bike options on the market that can help you get to your destination quickly E-bikes are very common as a means of transportation globally; however, it is noted that the United States is one of the biggest groups of buyers of electric bikes in the world.

E-bikes are manufactured in all shapes and sizes. – with a unique ride for different riding styles. An e-bike that complies with the federal definition of an electric bicycle is subject to Federally regulated product safety standards set forth for those who sell, buy, and ride bicycles.

However, for our analysis, we focused solely on the speed of the electric bicycle – and ranked the fastest electric bicycles below.

Note, however, that the federal government and states have begun to enact speed limits for the use of electric bikes for street use or riding on public streets or land. Lawmakers have also passed regulations requiring the wearing of safety equipment and licensing based on a minimum age and more. The laws vary and will be contingent upon –

  • The jurisdiction governing where you live or ride.
  • Your age.
  • The electric bike you choose to ride.

As a precaution, riders are advised to verify which laws, if any, apply to their specific riding situation to ensure they ride within the legal boundaries.

The 10 Fastest Electric Bikes

For the speed demons, there are some extremely speedy electric bikes from which to choose, and new options being brought to market breakneck speed. Here is our list of the ten fastest electric bikes available on the market -

10. R22 Everest

  • Top Speed - 35 Miles Per Hour
  • Current Price Tag -  $18,900 (US)

The R22 Everest is a super playful, fully electric bike that offers some remarkable functioning in terms of electrical performance. Its 3250Wh dual battery offers 1700 Watts of continuous power output and is removable from the R22’s carbon-constructed frame. The R22 Everest is a full suspension bike, which helps provide the rider with rock-solid stability and handling on trails even if traveling at great speeds.

With a 300-mile impressive range (with a rider that weighs 160 pounds using pedal power), the R22 Everest really delivers for those seeking to distance adventure.

9. Nireeka Mega 1500

  • Top Speed - 38 Miles Per Hour
  • Current Price Tag -  $3,299

With a max speed of 38 miles per hour, it's safe to say that the Nireeka Mega 1500 ranks among the top electric bikes on the market. It's also equipped with a motor that has 1500W and a peak torque of 200nm. Although there is an extra cost should you want them, the Mega 1500 is available with ABS-performing brakes that offer maximum stopping power even when riding in unpredictable conditions.

Riders who choose the Nireeka Mega 1500 can customize the power of the battery with two options. According to Nireeka, the Mega 1500 bike also offers an intelligent pedal-assistance system that helps on-demand. The Nireeka Mega 1500 also comes with an affordable price tag that is user friendly.

8. Ristretto 512 First Edition A24

  • Top Speed - 40 Miles Per Hour
  • Current Price Tag -  $4,395

Ristretto is one of the latest entries into the electric bike industry with its First Edition launch model, the 512. The 512 A24 is capable of hitting up to 40 miles per hour when driving in race or off road mode; however, there are various limited speed modes. This permits the Ristretto 512 A24 to be driven legally on public land in various states. The speed motor has been re-engineered for high efficiency and features carbon fiber elements. And each rider has the ability to customize pedal assistance, the throttle response rate, and other rider experience aspects.

The manufacturer of the Ristretto 512 A24 notes that the e-bike has a range of 100 miles in pedal assistance mode, but the max range is 45 miles when depending on battery power only.  

Tied - 5. GoTrax - K2

  • Top Speed - 50 Miles Per Hour
  • Current Price Tag -  $4,999

The GoTrax K2 Electric Bike delivers enormous power on two wheels. Equipped with a hard-powered 4000W motor capable of peaking at a remarkable 7000W, this electric bike can reach exhilarating speeds and offer an adrenaline-fueled riding experience. The lithium battery offered with the GoTrax K2 Electric Bike has a high total capacity, which provides 45 riding miles per charge, and riders can select from a variety of features to enhance their overall riding experience at higher speeds.

The GoTrax K2 offers a superior wheel suspension system and an advanced manual disc braking system that provides optimal safety and control during off-road expeditions.

Tied - 5. Delfast TOP 3.0i

  1. Top Speed - 50 Miles Per Hour
  2. Current Price Tag -  $5,999

The Delfast TOP 3.0 is an award-winning dirt bike-styled electric bike that has even set a Guinness World Record for the furthest distance traveled by an electric or motorized bicycle on a solitary charge – 200 miles. The Delfast TOP 3.0  offers riders three colors and an app that helps track mileage, power, weather alerts, speed alerts, and even a proprietary navigation system. Its Gates Carbon Belt drivetrain, along with its 3,000-watt rear hub motor, can produce top speeds by using pedal-assist or throttle-only options.

The Delfast TOP 3.0  e-bike's suspension is customizable, which allows you to feel like your ride is on a cloud. The lights, mirrors, horns, anti-theft sensors, and turn signals are integrated for ease of use.

Tied - 5. Stealth B-52

  • Top Speed - 50 Miles Per Hour
  • Current Price Tag -  $12,800 (AU)

The Stealth B-52 is one of the fastest electric bikes designed for both on- and off-road adventures and was created by a company with over three decades of off-road design and engineering experience. The Stealth B-52, which is available in Black/Fluro or Pitch Black, has a powerful motor and an impressive riding range as well – up to 100 miles on one charge.

The B-52’s motor power offers a 9-speed transmission and a smooth ride with front and rear suspension controlled by powerful brakes. The Stealth B-52 is a great choice for those who want to enjoy an incredibly fast e bike that can handle any terrain, and as an added benefit, the B-52 only takes three hours for a full charge.

4. CAKE Kalk&

  • Top Speed - 56 Miles Per Hour
  • Current Price Tag -  $14,860

The Cake Kalk& is an electric bicycle designed for performance and agility, even if it looks like a dirt bike ridden by an astronaut on another planet. The world “Kalk” translates from Swedish to crushed white stone, while the “&” in the name refers to the street model version of this elite machine from Sweden. The entire bike’s weight is only 175 pounds, so it is built to tackle adventure and cross the most rugged terrain but is equally innovative in its performance as a street machine.

The Cake Kalk& stands as a testament to CAKE's revolutionary approach to electric bikes, which offer these benefits – a sustainable approach to mobility, high performance, and emission-free riding.

3. Hi Power Revolution X

  • Top Speed - 60 Miles Per Hour
  • Current Price Tag -  $13,000

Hi Power Cycles (HPC) is a company out of California. They have been in the business of making great electric bikes for many years, and their X model is among the top electric bikes available in the electric bike industry. It's a sleek and stylish bike that can zip along at 50 miles per hour. According to HPC – the electric bicycle’s manufacturer, this e-bike is equipped with these exclusive components - a RockShox Boxxer World Cup Fork, Magura MT7 quad piston brakes, and a Vivid R2C Air shock.

HPC’s Revolution X motor is best described as a beast, as it has the capacity to generate a whopping 8,000 watts of power. HPC’s X9 naked frame design is both aggressively eye-catching but functional. However, this pricey electric bike is generally more suited for off-road adventures than city riding, but it can hold its own on rough terrain.

2. SWIND EB - 01

  • Top Speed - 60 Miles Per Hour
  • Current Price Tag -  $21,000

In the second place, we have the British invasion – the SWIND EB - 01, which happens to be more like a mountain bike than a street bike. The 15kW motor of the SWIND EB - 01 is one of the most powerful available in the marketplace. The SWIND EB-01 comes with a full suspension, powerful hydraulic disc brakes, and a 9-speed gearbox.

The wheels on this speedy e-bike are 24" MTB/DH tires, and the frame is constructed from a lightweight yet robust carbon/aluminum shell. The EB–01 is available in a variety of colors, so you can turn your eyes when driving to the store or cranking up the mountainside on a weekend adventure.  

And the number one fastest electric bike currently available today is –

1. Hi Power Cycles Revolution X9 (Special Edition)

  • Top Speed - 65+ Miles Per Hour
  • Current Price Tag -  $18,000

HPC developed the X9 after Hi Power Cycles Revolution XX e-bike sold out. With their experience and feedback, Hi Power Cycles developed the Revolution X9 – taking its speed to new heights and offering it as a limited or special edition. The Revolution X9 from HI Power Cycles is simply a stunning piece of machinery with stylish looks, aerodynamic lines, and a surprisingly comfortable ride.

The HI Power Cycles Revolution X9 is equipped with a 9000 W power system that delivers remarkable acceleration. It also offers an aluminum frame that is modern and sleek but durable and lightweight as well. The color of the e-bike can be customized, including the rims that the rider prefers, with all bikes coming with the new integrated 4000 W lighting system. It also has regenerative brakes and a battery that takes 90 minutes to charge fully. Most riders can achieve up to 100 miles on a single charge, so it can cover greater distances without worrying about running low on power.

The HPC Revolution X9 is ranked among the fastest electric mountain bikes ever crafted, offering an insane top speed of over 65 miles per hour. But remember, with that speed comes great responsibility too.

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