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A Closer Look at the Ferrari 296GTS

Ferrari 296GTS

Whenever Ferrari is mentioned, the description from everyone will focus on incredible speeds, dignified ostentatiousness, and sophisticated luxury. The Ferrari Company began from a very humble beginning. However, the focus and determination of the company to be the best led the company to achieve its goals and be recognized among the best car manufacturers. The growth rate led to the creation of the most expensive models ever sold. The Italian automobile manufacturer Ferrari is back with another fun factor driving experience. The Ferrari 296 GTS is a fabulous hybrid supercar that we will feature in this article.


Ferrari debuted with the Ferrari 296 GTS back in June 2021. This model was badged with a V6 engine. According to Motor 1, this amazing creation became the talk of every car lover and critics about all the features it had. The car was cute with a two-seat cabin, stunning shape, and almost supernatural traction from the hard work of Ferraris engineers. All the power fitted in the car and torque could reach the road through the car's rear wheels. As fans continued to get acquainted with the car, the Italian manufacturer is back with its new sibling, the new Ferrari 296 GTS, which is improved with a convertible rooftop that goes up within 14 seconds even when the vehicle is cruising the road at high speed of up to 30 MPH (45km/h).

Features of the new Ferrari 296 GTS

The new convertible Ferrari 296 GTS is one of the two models Ferrari has scheduled for release, the other being the Ferrari Purosangue SUV. In keeping with Ferrari tradition, the difference between the previous hardtop version and this convertible sibling is minimal. Ferrari's engineers have performed some subtle styling revisions to the supercar to accommodate its opening roof. It's more powerful and better looking.

The Folding Rooftop

The retractable hardtop is designed to store behind the vehicle when you want to shield yourself from raindrops when they begin to fall or when the sun becomes intolerant, and it will store in 14 seconds. According to Motor Trend, the Ferrari 296 GTS roof transformer action takes effect up to 28 MPH. The panel on top of the vehicle occupant will split in two and then begin to arrange itself in an arranged manner over the car engine. This perfect design ensures the car engine maintains the "thermal dissipation characteristics," which maintain the car's overall shape. With the car roof up, the glass engine bay cover enables you to observe the power plant and the car's overall appearance in a similar way to that of the hardtop.

Engine, Transmission, and Performance

The Ferrari 296 GTS operates with a plug-in hybrid powertrain. This consists of a glorious V-6 engine with 654 horsepower and 546 lb-ft of torque and an electric motor of 165 horsepower and 232 lb-ft. It also contains a 7.5 kWh battery that can combine to produce an 818 hp to the supercar rear wheels through the magnificent eight-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission. The all-electric driving range covers 15.5 miles(25 kilometers) courtesy of the designed battery pack of 7.45-kWh.the speed car will 205 MPH(330 Km/h) with an electrified convertible and then switch to electric power, and the top speed will begin to drop to 84 MPH (135 km/h) The hybrid engine can go off for brief moments, and the performance engine will stay on, which qualifies the vehicle's maximum performance with less battery charging. According to My Doll, the new Ferrari 296 GTS other new specifications include Ferrari fitting the car with more track-oriented Assetto Fiorano package which is named after the Ferrari's Maranello test track. This package includes Multimatic changeable shock absorbers inserted into the car, special carbon fiber aero, and customized trim elements. Ferrari has also paid attention to a couple of weight-saving measures and fitted the car with high-performance Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 R tires to aid the car stability that suits its high speed. As for weight, the car's dry weight is 3,395 pounds which increases naturally with fluids. The dry weight ensures that the car cannot gain too much lard when opening the convertible roof.

The Exterior

The Ferrari 296 GTS rear deck has been reworked, and it features a new sculptured buttress. The car also contains a more prominent step between the car, distinguishing an 'aerobridge' that extends from the width of the car and the roof area. Ferrari has also fitted a new window at the bottom of the car engine cover. Further, the rear screen can be adjusted when the vehicle is cruising at high speed to ensure the occupants enjoy cabin comfort when the roof is down. This model also has an active rear spoiler packed in the tail part which increases its downforce when it is on the road cruising at high speed.


The car dashboard features an entire state-of-the-art digital interface that has been derived from the SF90. The seats and other interior parts are covered with Italian leather showcasing the coupe's luxurious side. The center console in the vehicle contains a push-button shifter derived from the gated manual Ferrari gearboxes of the old model. Ferrari has designed a small compartment for keeping the Ferrari 296 GTS keys which are situated on the center console. Another astounding interior feature is the head-up display which Ferrari has discreetly integrated into the car's top area of the dash.

Infotainment and Connectivity

The Ferrari 296 GTS doesn't have the traditional Ferrari infotainment system. Ferrari's designers have integrated the audio and navigation systems into the car's digital gauge cluster. Once you have learned to use the system, you will enjoy it. The passenger also has a digital display to enjoy, which Ferrari says is to make them feel like co-driver.


The new Ferrari 296 GTS sells at $322,986 with an amazing color option.

Final Verdict

The overall effect of the subtle makeover done on the Ferrari 296 GTS was to ensure that the speedy car has an extremely compact cabin. The engineers at Ferrari effortlessly integrated the car flanks and wings. The car is incredibly instinctual and exhilarating to drive.

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