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Five Decked Out Ferraris You're Going to Love


Going into a dealership and buying a Ferrari will cost you a bundle, but a custom Ferrari is another matter entirely. Not only are the price tags for bespoke luxury cars incredibly high, the ways that you can customize them are beyond awesome. Some owners cover their Ferraris with precious gems and metals, while others choose to equip them with enough tech and entertainment to make your head spin.

Here are five custom Ferraris that you have to see to believe.

1. The Game's Leather Wrapped Ferrari, $200,000


How do you make a Ferrari F430 even more distinguished? One way is to have it wrapped with matte black leather, just like the one owned by rapper The Game. It's definitely a bold choice, and even the rapper was a bit hesitant about how much he would like the vehicle. But when all was said and done, he ended up loving it.

The end result is actually quite attractive. If you glance quickly, you'll simply see an all black F430. However, upon close inspection the texture provided from the leather becomes apparent. Going with matte black was a great choice because it draw's more attention to the material's details -- it certainly isn't everyday that one spots a leather covered Ferrari.

According to the rapper, the $200,000 cash he paid to get the Ferrari from France came via a performance fee for one of his concerts. One might think that the car wouldn't fare well in the hot California sun, but that's not a problem for The Game -- he has a garage that was built just to protectively house his car collection.

2. Eric Clapton's Fully Custom Ferrari SP-12, $4.7 million


One of the most impressive custom Ferraris in existence belongs to Eric Clapton, an avid car collector and auto aficionado. His Ferrari SP-12 doesn't just sport a unique color or finish, it's a completely custom created, one-off car. The car's mechanics were heavily inspired by the 458 Italia, and it does contain an original 458 engine. The body's design reflects how Pininfarina thinks a 512 Berlinetta Boxer debuted today would look. The Berlinetta Boxer was an appropriate choice, as Clapton has owned a number of that specific model.

Overall, the car is oozing with cool style and sleekness, and the two tone paint job takes it over the top. Not surprisingly, the SP-12's performance and look in motion matches that of its appearance sitting on display. The bespoke Ferrari was developed by a team of world class auto engineers and everything about the car was made to fit Eric Clapton's specifications and preferences.

3. Nuccio Bertone's Ferrari 250 GT, $16.5 million


This is another one-off Ferrari, but it sold for a huge sum. It was estimated that this 1962 250GT SWB Berlinetta Speciale would go for about $16 million when it was announced that it was headed to the auction block. Once all of the bidding was said and done, the winner paid $16.5 million for it. The car's value doesn't just lie in the fact that it's a vintage Ferrari that looks amazing, but the history behind it.

It was owned by Nuccio Bertone, son of Giovanni Bertone, who launched Italy's Carrozeria Bertone in the early 1900s. The coachbuilding venture was focused on car design and manufacturing, but it didn't fare well in the beginning. When Nuccio came onboard to his father's company in 1933, he helped turn around its image and lagging sales and propelled it to success. Though the company had contracts with some of the most prestigious brands in the world, it never did design a car that was commissioned by Ferrari.

Because Nuccio admired Enzo Ferrari so much, he ordered his own 250GT SWB and decided to customize it and create what he thought was the ultimate sports car. The custom beauty made its public debut at the 1962 Turin Motor Show, and Nuccio finally caught the attention of Enzo Ferrari awhile later. The 250GT SWB was eventually sold many times before it landed in the hands of a car collector who put a great amount of time and money into restoring it. What makes this Ferrari truly special is it still runs, has its original transmission, engine, and chassis, and it looks impeccable.

4. James Glickenhaus' Ferrari P4/5, $4 million


When stock market pro and car collector James Glickenhaus commissioned the creation of his one of a kind Ferrari P4/5, he went big. The project started when Glickenhaus was approached by Pininfarina about possibly building a custom model -- being a Ferrari fan, he accepted the offer without hesitation. The car's concept was based on the profile and style of Ferrari's race cars from the 1960s, and Glickenhaus wanted a modern version of the Ferrari P. Once he handed over the $4 million price for the custom job, work went underway and the hype surrounding the project started in full force.

After the P4/5 was completed, Glickenhaus showed off the gorgeous red car at the 2006 Pebble Beach Concours d'Elégance. It looks beautiful just sitting still, but this Ferrari was also built to be powerful. It can go from 0 to 62 mph in just three seconds, plus it has a maximum speed of 233 mph. The car's interior was completely designed with its owner in mind and has its own own iPod nano, portable PC, and red leather and black mesh seats.

5. Riyadh Al-Azzawi's Golden Ferrari 458 Spider, $260,310


A Ferrari coated in pure gold would be insanely expensive, but this 458 Spider is coated in golden chrome vinyl. The look is still jaw dropping, and the car cost world kickboxing champion Riyadh Al-Azzawi over $260,000. It looks like a glittering piece of jewelry cruising along, and the vehicle's finish can't help but turn heads and draw attention. Al-Azzawi has said that he's often stopped so people can get pictures of the car. With all the money he put into it, there's little doubt that he has no qualms showing it off.

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