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20 Finance Gurus with the Most Twitter Followers

Warren Buffett

Gaining an edge in the market can be a challenging objective, but social media offers some excellent venues for gaining wisdom on trends and projections for what to expect in certain sectors of the market. Financial gurus have taken to social media to share their insights with the rest of the world, and it's a resource that many are finding to be of great value. Here are the 20 financial gurus with the most Twitter followers, which indicates they just might know what they're talking about when it comes to tips and advisement.

20. Tae Kim @firstadopter - 36K followers

Tae Kim is a tech reporter at Barron's. Kim joined Twitter in October of 2008 and has been providing readers with a classy overview with some well-placed humor interjected of the financial markets with lots of interesting news on current trends as well as insights into the market.

19. John Hempton @John_Hempton - 36.9K followers

John Hempton is the founder of Bronte Capital, which is a company that manages hedge funds. Hempton is an Australian Investor, co-owner and CIO of Bronte Capital and financial guru you should follow on Twitter. He has decades of experience in investment management. He previously served as the Chief Analyst of Tax Policies for the New Zealand Treasury. He also worked a the Australian Treasury, investigating tax avoidance. He worked in strategic planning at ANZ bank and brings his years of banking, treasury and investment experience to the fore.

18. David Schawel@DavidSchawel - 38.3K followers

David Schawel maintains an interesting Twitter account with regular talks about the markets as well as sports taking place in the greater Chicago area, although he's an alum of North Carolina State. Schawel shares views on Investment management and he's definitely one of the top gurus to listen to on the topic. He's currently the Chief Investment Officer of the Family Management Corporation and has occupied this post since 2017. His Twitter account has been up since August of 2010 and in that time, he's amassed, 38.3 thousand followers.

17. David Einhorn@davidein - 39.3K followers

David Einhorn is the president of Greenlight Capital and as such, he brings a wealth of financial and management experience to the table. His Twitter account has been up since July of 2009, and he's a guy who knows what he's talking about. He's an investor as well as a hedge fund manager. Einhorn founded Greenlight Capital which is a long-short value-oriented hedge fund.

16. Michael Mauboussin@mjmauboussin - 52.5K followers

Michael Mauboussin has more than 50,000 followers because he has something interesting to say to investors. He's well known for his posts about investing, mental models and complex adaptive systems. He also weighs in on skills, luck and decision making. Mauboussin is an adjunct Professor, but perhaps even more weighty than this, he is the Director of Research at Blue Mountain Capital Management. His Twitter account has been active since July of 2012, so it's only taken seven years to attract a mass following who find his insights and comments useful.

15. Jesse Livermore@Jesse_Livermore - 55.15K followers

Jesse Livermore was an American investor and perhaps one of the most famous stock traders in history. He's earned the nickname "The Great Bear of Wall Street." He was known for his accuracy in making speculations. He had written several books which shared his philosophies and strategies. The Twitter account Jesse Livermore has over 55k followers and counting. It's a great site to follow for pertinent market news.

14. Mark Dow@mark_dow -61.7K followers

Mark Dow is a global proprietary macro trader, economist, hedge fund manager and much more. He has over 61,000 followers on Twitter who find his wisdom on global macro tradition interesting. He brings almost two decades of experience as a former Washington policymaker, trader and investor to the table with useful tips on investment, and more. He also has some interesting hobbies along with a bit of humor thrown in every now and then. His Twitter account has been active since April of 2011.

13. Bespoke Investment Group@bespokeinvest - 78.7K followers

Nearly 79 thousand followers can't be wrong. Our thirteenth top financial guru to follow on Twitter is the Bespoke Investment Group. This is an account that regularly posts timely information and updates about the current research in financial markets because it's what they do best. The site has been up since April of 2009 and has a large number of regular followers. You can learn a lot about dividend stocks and more by scrolling through their tweets. It's a concentrated effort by their staff, so it's hard to give credit to any one person, which is probably even better because you have the opinions of more brilliant minds at work for you. Let them do all the analysis and reap the benefits of their wisdom.

12. Matt Levine@matt_levine - 84.8K followers

Matt Levine has a serious following on Twitter for his highly respected opinions. Levine is an opinion columnist for Bloomberg who ha an impressive list of credits to his long and successful career. He served as a lawyer in acquisitions and mergers for Wachtell, Lipton, Rose & Katz, he was the U.S. 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals clerk, and also an investment banker at Goldman Sachs. He's a brilliant valuation analyst with timely posts on current trends in the market. His Twitter account has been active since March of 2008.

11. Jeffrey Gundlach@TruthGundlach - 89.9K followers

Jeffrey Gundlach has some insightful information to share with his Twitter followers, which are getting dangerously close to numbering 100k these days. He's an American businessperson and investor. Gundlach founded DoubleLine Capital LP, which is an investment firm. Prior to that, he was a leader of the TCW Total Return Bond Fund, valued at an estimated $9.3 billion. When it comes to investments, he's definitely one of the most well-informed and experienced traders in the business. He currently serves as CEO of DoubleLine Capital and has offered his insights on Twitter since May of 2017. Jeffrey Edward Gundlach is an American investor and businessperson. He is the founder of DoubleLine Capital LP, an investment firm. He was formerly the head of the $9.3 billion TCW Total Return Bond Fund.

10. Ben Bernanke@benbernanke - 107.3K followers

Ben Bernanke serves as an economist at the Brookings Institution. You may remember him as the former Chair of the Federal Reserve, where he served for two terms from 2006 through 2014. He provided oversight of the response of the Federal Reserve to the financial crisis of 2008. He wrote a book titled "The Courage to Act." and he shares many insights on investing and finance on his Twitter account which has accumulated over 107,000 followers. He's not only an academic and expert in finance, but he also has some major experience in the industry.

9. Jim Rickards @JamesGRickards - 120.9K followers

Jim Rickards is a best-selling author and expert on investments who seems to know instinctively when it's time to cut your losses and make a different investment. He's an American economist, lawyer and investment banker with decades of experience in real-world investment situations. He is also the Chief Global Strategist of West Shore Funds. You can find his book "Aftermath," which is a New York Times Best-Seller at, or you can pass on all the reading and cut to the chase by staying current on his tweets on Twitter.

8. Carl Icahn@Carl_C_Icahn - 368.1K followers

Carl Icahn is a businessman and investor who is best known for founding and remaining the controlling shareholder of Icahn Enterprises. The company is a diversified conglomerate holding company, headquartered in New York City. Icahn serves as the Chairman of the company and he knows the ins and outs of investing for certain. People flock to him for advice and we can tell that he doesn't disappoint on Twitter, by the number of followers who check in to see what he has to say. One of his famous quotes is " Some people get rich studying artificial intelligence. Me, I make money studying natural stupidity." He's been active on Twitter since June of 2013.

7. Herb Greenberg@herbgreenberg - 384.7K followers

Herb Greenberg is one of the most beloved financial gurus on the planet today because the American journalist calls it as he sees it. He founded the GVB Research firm in 2014, which he later renamed Pacific Square Research. He's a savvy businessman and investor, who also loves to comment on current situations. He served as a commentator on "TheStreet." He's also a major CNBC contributor that has a large fan base aside from Twitter, but he's big on social media as well. He brings some insightful truths to light and Herb likes to give everyone a dose of reality when it comes to the financial sector. He's been on Twitter since April of 2008.

6. Ken Fisher @KennethLFisher - 403K followers

KenFisher has a lot of good financial advice to offer. He's one of the top financial gurus in the world. His credibility rests in the fact that he's a billionaire several times over, and his career is self-made. He's also the author of a New York Bestseller, a Financial columnist, a Global Investor, and a Market Guru. Fisher is from Camas, Washington.

5. Marc Andreessen@pmarca - 722.9K followers

Marc Andreessen is a name that is easily recognized by those within the financial industry. He's a software engineer as well as an investor, and entrepreneur who has achieved a great deal of financial success in his life. He also co-authored a book titled "Mosaic." In addition, he co-founded Netscape, along with the Silicon Valley venture capital firm Andreessen Horwitz. The Menlo Park financial guru joined Twitter in May of 2007.

4. Downtown Josh Brown@ReformedBroker - 1.1 Million followers

The fourth most followed financial guru on Twitter is the Reformed Broker Downtown Josh Brown. He has a lot to say and when he talks, people listen. He may be one of the most well-known financial experts on our list. You might recognize him from the CNBC "The Halftime Report," and this is fitting for him, but there's a lot more. He's also served as the Chief Executive Officer of Ritholtz Wealth Management, which he co-founded with his partner. He's been on Twitter since March of 2009 and has more than a million followers.

3. Warren Buffett@WarrenBuffett - 1.6 Million followers

Warren Buffett is a name that has been held in high regard in financial and investment circles for several decades. He's the CEO and Chairman of Berkshire Hathaway and he's one of the leading experts in the investments and finance market today. He's been successful in attracting over a million and a half followers on Twitter since he joined the site in April of 2013.

2. Bloomberg@business - 5.6 million followers

It comes as no surprise that Bloomberg has the second-highest number of followers on Twitter. Bloomberg shares useful tips on the stock market and a variety of business and financial news. They've been sharing their wisdom on Twitter since April of 2009.

1. The Wall Street Journal@WSJ - 16.9 Million followers

The Wall Street Journal is on Twitter and has a following of nearly 17 million on the site. This is the best place to find breaking news along with features on the stock market, business, and finance-related events and trends. The Wall Street Journal has maintained a presence on Twitter since March of 2007.

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