The 10 Finest Tiffany Watches of All-Time


Tiffany & Co. recently unveiled their latest collection of wristwatches – the “CT60” – in a move that aimed to revolutionize the company’s global position in the production of luxury watches. But while the ‘CT60’ may be their finest creation so far, the esteemed jeweler giant has been measuring time since the beginning of the 20th century.

Tiffany boasts a diverse collection of high-end wristwatches, which can be worn by both men and women alike. The company’s success story can be traced back to 14th September, 1837, the day they launched their first shop in 259 Broadway, New York. Charles Lewis Tiffany, the founder of the organization, was dedicated to creating unique, high quality jewelry pieces that would inspire the top-class society of the city.

Tiffany & Co. progressed to become one of the leading jewelry manufacturers in the world. Even though the company went on to be crowned the “King of Diamonds”, Charles would never have imagined that the brand could acquire such a high level of recognition like it has today. Back in the Broadway days, the company was referred to as Tiffany & Young, and even then, it was so prosperous that in addition to being the focal point of New York’s top class, it also attracted heads of state and prominent celebrities.

Here are the top ten finest Tiffany watches of all time:

1. Split Seconds Patek Philippe 1436 – $214,000

Split Seconds Patek Philippe 1436

This masterpiece is emblazoned with the company name – Tiffany and Co – which is enough clue that the watch is going to be expensive. One of the most expensive watches in the world, this Patek Philippe designer watch actually costs more than a Ferrari.  The watch comes with fancy blue hands that allow you to time two separate events starting at the same time but ending at different times. The features include: start and stop push button at two, return to zero at four; three body, stable, refined concave bezel & lugs; 1/5th seconds trail with five-seconds/minute Arabic markers and outer tachometer graduation.

2. Art Deco Tiffany and Co Patek Philippe Platinum & Diamond Filigree Mesh Watch – $47,000

Art Deco Tiffany and Co Patek Philippe Platinum & Diamond Filigree Mesh Watch

This beautiful watch has its roots in the Art Deco era. It features platinum bracelet and case and comes with old cut diamonds, filigree work, and a high grade motion. The diamonds are estimated to be about 3.5 carats in weight, and are F-G color with VS clarity. The overall piece weighs around 37.4 grams and can add a touch of elegance to your outfit, bringing out that element of sophistication.

3. Art Deco Sapphire Platinum and Diamond Watch – $35,500

Art Deco Sapphire Platinum and Diamond Watch

This opulent watch was masterfully crafted and made in the U.S. It comes with natural single-cut diamonds (1.88, approximately 0.001 carat individually, VS2-SI1 clarity, F-G Color), big natural rectangular step cut sapphires (1.18 carats, 0.59 carats individually), and smaller pieces of sapphires (0.08 carats, about 0.01 carats individually), bezel set in platinum. The watch weighs 36.63 grams and is designed with a manual wind.

4. CT60 Calendar 40 MM – $19,000

CT60 Calendar 40 MM

The C60 Calendar is a special piece of wristwatches in rose gold that now belongs in the Tiffany and Co. private collection. It stands for such a beautiful and pure timepiece expression that Tiffany felt it was the ideal focal point for the company’s reestablishment into fine watchmaking. CT60 Calendar is approximately 40mm in size and is designed with a stunning case that is brushed on the sides, polished at the top, and comes with faceted long lugs.

On the inside is a nicely furnished caliber (Caliber 5933) from Dubois Depraz, which provides the time, date, and month. The rotor is covered with a Tiffany stamp, and since this is one of the most famous pieces in Tiffany’s collection, it is limited to just sixty watches, each numbered individually.

5. Rolex Submariner Date – $11,000


The Rolex Tiffany & Co combo is one of the newest productions the company has co-branded with. The case comes with an original factory finish, with fat lugs and sharp chamfered edges, while the dial is original tritium signed with the brand name: Tiffany & Co. The hands are matching tritium with little to no patina. The watch features a solid 91350 oyster bracelet with a flip-clock clasp, 12 links and 593 end-pieces.

6. Movado Tiffany and Co Gold Chronograph – $1,205

Movado Tiffany and Co Gold Chronograph

Do not let the price tag deceive you; this is one of the finest vintage wristwatches under the Tiffany & Co collection. The Gold Chronograph is made with a silver dial, with black painted and gold spherical indices. The watch is engrained Tiffany & Co. and the hands are original gold. It features 14k gold, snake mesh style original bracelet, which was initially fitted with a gold-filled attachment.

7. Tiffany CT60 3-hand –  $12,000

Tiffany CT60 3-hand

The CT60 3 Hand is handsomely crafted and combines sleek, modern lines with the sophisticated functions of a super-accuracy timepiece. The watch is designed to fit exacting standards of Tiffany and Co. It is 18K rose gold, with a brown dial that comes with gold poudre numerals. The strap is a brown alligator band. The watch also features self-winding mechanical motion and a power reserve of up to forty two hours. It is water resistant to one hundred meters.

8. Tiffany Cocktail – $22,000

Tiffany Cocktail

The Tiffany Cocktail marries the timeless Swiss craftsmanship with the complexity of New York City, boasting elegant oval faces crusted with diamonds. It is complemented by glossy black satin straps and diamond-dipped crowns. The women’s watch is 18k rose gold with a pave dial and a diamond buckle. It is designed with quartz movement and is water resistant to thirty meters.

9. Atlas 3-Hand – $6,800


This gorgeous chef-d’oeuvre is inspired by the Tiffany and Co. Atlas clock mounted outside the company’s shop on 5th avenue. It is masterfully crafted with Swiss movement and honors the company’s dedication to luxury timepieces. The watch is made with stainless steel in 18K gold and comes with a silver azure dial. The case is about 37.5mm . It has remarkable self-winding mechanical motion and is water resistant to fifty meters.

10. Tiffany East West – $3,750

Tiffany East West

The last watch on the list is a blend of elegance with daring. The watch features an audacious design that brings the rules of watchmaking to a different light. The watch has a crisp shape that was inspired by a nifty Tiffany &Co. travel clock from the 40s. It has a flawless construction with Swiss-made components and movements. The body is stainless steel with a white dial that contains gold poudre numerals. It is also water resistant to thirty meters and comes with quartz movement.

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