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A Closer Look at the Citizen Wave GPS F950

Citizen Wave GPS F950

Times have changed and the innovations in technology have created a demand for increasingly functional wearables. Citizen is a watchmaker that has stepped up to the plate consistently. The brand is known for its progressive response to public demand and its latest offering in technological advancement is an example of that. Here are 10 things you didn't know about the Citizen Satellite Wave GPS F950 to bring you up to speed on the practical functionality of this wearable technology.

1. The Citizen Satellite Wave GPS F950 has an interesting back story

This model was created to celebrate a very special occasion. It is a 50th-anniversary limited edition that was created to commemorate the 1970X-8 Chronometer. This watch was made in honor of the development of titanium alloys that were used in the creation of the A-12 airplane in 1962, making its maiden flight. Its predecessor was made 50 years ago and offered in the same titanium used in an aircraft called the SR-71 which at the time was the fastest airplane to ever touch the skies. If you didn't know the history it would be hard to make the connection, but it's a remarkable piece that has its roots in the history of the modern space race.

2. The watch features Super Titanium to represent present advancements

What really sets the Citizen Satellite Wave GPS F950 is the metal from which it is made. The case is made of a material that is called Super Titanium with a purity of 99.6%. It's currently used in the Japanese iSpace program which governs the Hakuto-R lunar exploration program. This special grade of titanium is being used to build the lunar rover and lunar landers that will be used in the expedition.

3. The technology is quite advanced

The Satellite Wave GPS F950 has its roots in technology use for its predecessor the F900 model in 2015. This enables the watch to receive satellite signals from units that are currently orbiting above the earth. there is a three-second delay in time from when the signal is sent from the satellite and when the watch receives and reads it. Signals are received from the satellite network and can be accessed from any location in the world. All of this technology rests on the arm of the wearer.

4. It's more reliable than phone technology

Cellular phone service relies on cell towers to deliver accurate time, but when not near a cellular tower, there is no source to supply the time correctly. The time that you get with Citizen's latest creation receives signals from satellites versus cell towers. There is such a massive network of them that it would be difficult to find a location where satellite signals are not available to provide accurate time. It's a direct connection without the need to depend on a middleman.

5. You can depend on it for precision time

The GPS system installed in this timepiece retrieves information about the time from satellite signals. Although there is a three-second transmission time, this does not interfere with the accuracy. Intuitive technology automatically makes adjustments for the date and the time so it will be accurate.

6. The watch tells you when and where to charge the battery

How smart is a watch that tells you when it's time to charge the battery, and also lets you know where the best location for charging is? It's equipped with a range of LED indicator lights that let you know the current power generation in 7 levels. You don't need electricity to charge it because it uses light to charge. Thanks to the Eco-Drive system it never needs a new battery. Indicator lights also tell you when it's getting the optimal amount of light to recharge.

7. It's an attractive watch that has an ultra-modern classic aesthetic

The Citizen Satellite Wave GPS F950 is offered in an exciting aesthetic that features a Super Titanium case that measures a generous 47.5 mm in width and 14.7 mm in thickness. It is by all standards a large and thick wristwatch. The case is coated with DLC black which is also used to create contrast in a two-tone fashion thanks to the addition of Duratect Sakura Pink. The bracelet is also made of Super Titanium in DLC black

8. It's more comfortable to wear than it looks

There is no escaping the fact that this is a large and heavy watch, but Citizen took preemptive measures to ensure its comfort for the wearer. It's obviously made for large wrists but it's made of light materials that keep the weight down to a comfortable level. It sits comfortably atop the wrist with a smooth case back that doesn't cause irritation.

9. The Citizen Satellite Wave GPS F950 is packed with useful features

This model is the continuation of the Citizen legacy to provide contemporary timepieces suitable for aviation professionals. Features fo this watch include the indicator lights that let you know the condition of the battery, a 24-hour formatted second-time zone shown in sub-dials, there is also a calendar, hours and minutes, and a function indicator.

10. The Citizen Wave GPS is a special 50th Anniversary Limited Model

This watch is water-resistant up to 100 meters which means that it's suitable for wear while swimming or even snorkeling or similar water sports. It's a rugged and durable luxury watch that features the latest technology. Supplies are limited, however. We learned that Citizen has made the decision to produce just 550 total pieces for the limited edition reference number CC4025-82E. Although there have been a few delays, it is scheduled for release and sale to the general public sometime in the winter of 2020, but the exact date has not yet been determined. The Citizen Satellite Wave GPS F950 will be offered for a price of $5,000 each.

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