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Five Free Apps To Help You Save Money on Gas

Gas App

Rising prices at the fuel pumps are making it harder to make ends meet. It's not just an American thing. People around the globe are suffering from high gas prices. If you're struggling with the added expenses, we have a few solutions that might help to defray the costs. Here are five free apps you can download to help you save money on gas.

5. GetUpside

Get Upside is an app you can download for free to your mobile phone. The app will allow you to save up to 25 cents per gallon of gas. The app is easy to use and it doesn't require you to enter your bank account information, like some other apps. The check-in feature provided in the app allows you to pay with a saved debit or credit card in a few quick clicks. For other ways to use the savings, you must take a photo of the receipt for your gas and save it in the app. It doesn't take long to complete the process. There are other perks associated with the GetUpside app. in addition to saving money on gas, you can also save up to 35% on the bill at restaurants and when you purchase groceries. GetUpside sends your rewards through a cash-back process through Paypal, or you can opt to receive a digital gift card or a paper check. You can download the app for free at the official website (

4. GasBuddy

GasBuddy is a popular app for saving money on gas. It's been in use since 2000 and has helped consumers save at the pump for over two decades. It's an app that provides you with a discount of up to 25 cents per gallon when you pay at the pump. The GasBuddy app requires users to register their account with the information on their driver's license, the routing number from their checking account, and their home address. the GasBuddy card connects to your bank account. You can find the best gas prices on the app by typing in your zip code. It brings up a list of the local gas stations to help you get the best price per gallon.

3. BPme Rewards app

The BPme Rewards app does not require you to upgrade to a premium service to receive the maximum savings on gas. It offers a flat rate of five cents per gallon in savings during the first month you use the app. After the first month, you will continue to save the five cents per gallon, provided you spent a minimum of one hundred dollars in gasoline that you purchase at a BP station. There are pros and cons associated with the app, but mostly positive because of the consistent savings. On the downside, you can only purchase gas through a BP station to get the savings. If BP is the only station in town then it makes sense to use the app. It may even save you more if the competitors' prices are less than five cents cheaper per gallon.

2. Speedy Rewards

The Speedy Rewards app is for people who purchase their fuel at Speedway gas and convenience stores. The chain is located throughout various parts of the country. It works on a points system that is similar to Safeway. Speedy Rewards gives you ten points for every gallon of gas purchased and twenty points for every dollar spent in the convenience store. You can redeem the points for food or other items inside of the convenience store, or use them to receive a discount of up to ten cents per gallon on fuel at the Speedway pumps. You will see the points start to add up on the app after the first purchase. It's exciting to watch them build up. We recommend this app to anyone that frequents the Speedway convenience stores and gas stations. The savings add up quickly and you get credit for buying gas and other items.

1. Shell Fuel Rewards

Shell is a popular fuel station and a trusted brand that offers an app to help you save money at the pump. The Shell Fuel Rewards app is free to download. It offers a discount between three to five cents per gallon on fuel at Shell stations throughout the nation. If you regularly fill up at Shell Fuel stations, we highly recommend using this app to save money at the pump. The Shell Rewards program offers additional savings of up to 25 cents per gallon if you link your bank account or credit card to the account.

Final thoughts

There are a lot of different ways to save on the rising cost of fuel. It's a phenomenon that is out of our control, but we can take steps to save money here and there. We can start taking shorter routes, combining multiple errands into one trip, and cutting back on unnecessary travel. We're seeing a lot of people carpooling to work and school to save money, but using an easy and convenient app to earn a discount or cashback on gas purchases helps to defray the cost for everyone. We hope that you found the information provided about the five best free apps for saving money on gas useful. Dozens of apps are out there to help you defray fuel costs, but we chose the ones that had the best benefits. You may also wish to look into the various free apps that help find shorter routes or gas stations offering the lowest gas prices in your area.

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