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10 Things You Didn't Know about Gary Gysin

Gary Gysin

Gary Gysin Is the current CEO of Wisk Aero. Getting to where he is currently was not a walk in the park. He has done a lot of things and held numerous positions in a plethora of companies and organizations. Here are ten things you did not know about Gary Gysin.

1. He graduated from the University of California.

According to, Gary is an alumnus of the blue and gold, having attended both the Santa Barbra and the Santa Cruz campuses while he was pursuing a degree in economics.

2. His first job was at Crosswise Corporation.

After graduating, Gary got a job as a VP of sales and marketing at Crosswise Corporation, a desktop conferencing software vendor. In addition to managing the logistics of sales and marketing, he was also the mastermind behind the company's product management operation. According to,Gary worked for the company for three years from April 1992 to February 1995

3. PGSoft, Novell and Volera

His first position as a company's shot-caller was when he was appointed the CEO of PGSoft. He was in charge of all the company's operations, and his time there was a huge success, so much so that Novell eventually purchased the company in 2000 after he had served there for five months. After Novell purchased PGSoft, they moved Gary to another of their acquisitions, Volera, an internet infrastructure software company, which by then was a majority-owned subsidiary of the company Novell. There, he worked as a senior vice president of products. He was in charge of business development, product management, and engineering. He stayed there for two years and ten months, between February 2000 and November 2002 and he also brought about great impact through his dedication and commitment.

4. He was at McData

He was then appointed as the senior vice president for sales and services and the vice president and general manager of software produced. At the time, he was in charge of handling a couple of big projects, like providing solutions for companies like Sprint, Nestle, Walmart, and Citigroup. Additionally, he helped develop OEM partnerships with firms like IBM, Dell, Hitachi Data Systems, and EMC. At his time there, the company saw profound success. He increased its annual revenue from 400 million dollars to more than 700 million dollars while increasing the quarterly profit from 1 percent to 10 percent. He was also able to increase the revenue in the Asia Pacific from 7 percent to 13 percent and the EMEA from 25 to 30 percent.

5. Chief Executive officer for Asempra

After working for McData, his star really began to shine. He was appointed as the president and Chief Executive Officer for the firm Asempra. He led the development and turnaround strategy of the data protection and replication startup. By optimizing the release quality and the predictability of the products by implementing complete product life cycles, the company boomed. Additionally, by making sure that he had recruited a rock-solid executive team, he improved the staff performance while also making sure that the company was in safe hands for many years to come. Thus, he was able to accomplish a lot of things. He closed two OEM partners in BakBone Software and Hitachi Data Systems. Under his stewardship, the company achieved annual revenue of 1.4 million in 2008, which went a long way in achieving a targeted sales plan of 5 million by 2009. Some big corporations took notice of this, and BakBone Softwares acquired Asempra.

6. Silver Springs Networks

Silver Springs Networks, then, was a pre-IPO smart grid market leader that was backed by Foundation Capital and Kleiner Perkins, and Greg was recruited to lead the company's sales. He held the position of EVP Worldwide Sales. To optimize the company, Greg completely rebuilt the sales and team and trained them to be highly productive. Under his stewardship, the company's sales in pipeline management, CRM, KPI metrics, and forecasting process proliferated. Over a three-year period, the company made a great achievement; it's revenue increased by over 100 million dollars, from 200 to 300 million dollars. Greg implemented the IP networking solution in a conservative electric utility customer base and secured over 1 billion dollars from new customer bookings. All this established a good foundation for the subsequent company Initial Public Offering.

7. Liquid robotics

Greg eventually worked for Liquid robotics for six and a half years, most of which he was the president and CEO. However, he first joined the firm as an EVP in charge of Global sales, marketing, and BD. He stayed in that position for one year and seven months, between October 2012 and April 2014. In May 2014, he was promoted to the position of President and CEO of the company. He was thus in charge of overseeing every single aspect of the data, software, and maritime autonomous company, all to great success.

8. Wisk Aero

Wisk aero is a joint venture between the Kitty Hawk Corporation and The Boeing Company, to companies at the apogee of aviation and who want to shape the future mode of transport. It was established in mid-2019, and they head-hunted Greg, in particular, to be the companies first President and CEO. He still holds the position today.

9. He is a board member of the GAMA.

The GAMA is The General Aviation Manufacturers Association. It is an organization that is present to ensure that the welfare, interests, and safety of the general aviation industry is maintained. It does so by educating people on general aviation manufacturing, repair, maintenance, and so on. Greg is a board member of the organization.

10. He is a board member for Symbio Robotics.

In April 2021, Greg was appointed to the board of Symbio Robotics, which is a technological firm that majors in industrial automation. He still holds his post in this board.

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