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10 Things You Didn't Know about General Dynamics CEO Phebe Novakovic

Phebe Novakovic is a powerful woman, there is simply no doubt about that. Over the years, she's done a number of interesting things and she's found herself in positions that don't come around frequently to a lot of women, at least from a professional standpoint. She's certainly made the most of the opportunities that she's been presented, and she continues to do exactly that, even today. If you want to know more about her, you can find out ten things about her life below.

1. She's had a long and diverse career

She's been working hard to make a name for herself ever since she graduated from college and she's always had her eyes set on her goals. This has given her the opportunity to have a diverse career that has encompassed many different things, none of which have been easy to achieve. As a matter of fact, she has managed to do things that most people can only dream of doing. She attributes her success to the fact that she has had the vision to turn her dreams into reality, her willingness to work hard and do what is necessary to succeed and her understanding of what requirements must be met in order for her to do well in the professional world.

2. She used to be involved in intelligence

Before she started working at General Dynamics, she worked for the Central Intelligence Agency. For many years, it was her job to get intelligence about things that most everyday citizens are never even aware of.

3. She made the Forbes Magazine list

According to the magazine, she is the 48th most powerful woman in the world. That’s saying quite a bit, but because of her driven personality, she doesn't really pay that much attention to these types of rankings. While she does consider making the list an honor, she's a lot more interested in getting the results that she's looking for.

4. She went to college in Massachusetts

Upon graduating high school, she attended college in Massachusetts to get an MBA. This alone is something that many people consider the culmination of a lifelong dream, but that was the first thing she did after graduating. That should tell you something about her work ethic.

5. Upon graduation, she attended another college in Pennsylvania

Deciding that she wanted to get more education about business, she enrolled in a special business college in Pennsylvania after achieving her MBA in Massachusetts. This put her in a position to be successful because it helped her understand exactly what was required.

6. She's a former Department of Defense employee

Remember, she used to work in intelligence. That means that for a number of years, she was an official employee of the Department of Defense. For most people, this job would be exciting enough and there would be no need to prove themselves further after the fact. For her, it was just the beginning.

7. She's been in leadership positions at General Dynamics since 2001

When she decided to exit the Central Intelligence Agency, she went to work for General Dynamics and it didn't take her long to find herself in a position of leadership. As a matter of fact, she's worked in various decision-making positions since 2001 and today, she is basically the one in charge.

8. She makes a lot of money

As you might have guessed, her bank account is a lot bigger than most individuals. As a matter of fact, she made almost twenty million dollars last year alone. That's more money than most people will ever make throughout their entire lives.

9. A good portion of the money she makes is in company equity, not cash

Sometimes people get agitated when they see how much CEOs make. It's important to remember that most of that money is not actually in cash. That applies in this case as well. As a matter of fact, the majority of that twenty billion dollars was in company equity, not cash. That being said, it's not like these individuals are hurting for cash.

10. She's been married for many years

While she loves her professional life, she's also been married for a number of years and considers her husband be her rock. According to her, she wouldn't be able to do the things she does if it weren't for him and the support that he provides.

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