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How Gregory Mecher Achieved a Net Worth of $2 Million

Gregory Mecher is a Democratic political advisor. He's also Jen Psaki's husband, the former American political advisor, and White House press secretary. The couple met in 2006 through work at the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) and have been married for over a decade. Before they met, Psaki had just begun working in the communications department while Mecher was a deputy finance director. As of 2022, sources revealed that Mecher was worth $2 million. Here's how he made his millions.

Early life

According to The-Sun, Gregory Mecher was born in September 1976 in southern Ohio to Michael Mecher and Ann Mecher. His father was a mechanical engineer in Hebron, Kentucky, while his mother was a 4th-grade teacher at a Cincinnati-based Catholic elementary school. His birth name is Gregory Matthew Mecher. While in Ohio, he went to Elder High School, a Catholic prep school in Cincinnati for boys. In 1999, he graduated from Northern Kentucky University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications and Television Production. At the university, he served as the student representative to the Board of Regents.' A few years later, he served as an intern with the-then Kentucky Congressman, Ken Lucas.

Gregory Mecher's political career

Mecher is an American civil servant who was chief of staff to Congressman Steve Driehaus between 2009 and 2011. As part of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC), Mecher held the position of deputy finance director. He also worked as chief of staff to Congressman Joe Kennedy III. Before the fame, Mecher was always interested in politics dating back to college. He held the presidential position for the NKU Student Government Association (SGA), according to KemiFilani. While at the university, he served the student senate for two years before getting elected as the SGA president. Mecher's zeal in politics always worked to his advantage. He once admitted that he wouldn't have secured an internship with Congressman Ken Lucas if it weren't for his fellow student co-regents. The then-congressman was Kentucky's 4th district representative between 1999 and 2005. Lucas taught him the ropes of the political game.

In an interview with, Mecher admitted that his internship and mentorship by Lucas influenced his decision to run for public offices, and how he's never regretted going this direction. Mecher has always been a go-getter from the first day he entered politics. One of his fraternity brothers at NKU and Northern Kentucky's top Democrats, Nathan Smith, once told that they had a strong representation in the student government and that he didn't seek politics, but it found him. Also, Mecher didn't have any "godfather" to link him to top politicians, nor did he grow up in a political family. Once Mecher graduated in 1999, he applied and secured work on Capitol Hill. That's how he landed the chief of staff position for Ohio Congressman Steve Driehaus and Patrick Kennedy. In 2006, Mecher met Jen Psaki, a fellow Democratic staffer and current wife. Surprisingly, Rahm Emanuel, the chief of staff of the former POTUS, Barack Obama, and Chicago Mayor, once confessed that he introduced them.

Salaries as an Ohio Congressional chief of staff

A chief of staff, like Mecher, is the bridge between a congressional member and the rest of their employees. Suppose you walk into Capitol Hill while Congress is in session. You will bump into various congressional employees donned in formal attire, also walking through the halls and around the grounds. Their work is to support the Congressmen, hence might not work Monday-to-Monday.  According to Kemi Filani, not all Congressional offices are created equal, particularly on how much you'll earn. So, if you want to achieve the top salary on Capitol Hill, becoming chief of staff is your best bet, as the median salary for that role is $154,634. Landing a job in the US as a Congressional chief for staff means Mecher's salary range should be a low of $57,826 to a high of $798,468, depending on their education, certifications, years of experience, additional skills, and the state they're serving. The top 86%, to which Mecher belongs, walks home with &798,233, while the middle 57% earn between $278,234 and $451,567. From these figures, it's clear that Mecher's six-digit salary while serving as a congressional chief of staff is why his net worth jumped to $2 million. Like his wife, Psaki, he supports the Democratic Party, Joe Biden's administration. They've been on the same political side for more than eleven years, and he's actively worked with democratic leaders since joining politics.

Personal life

Gregory Mecher is also a well-known real estate investor, according to NSB presets. He married the former deputy press secretary and spokesperson, Jen Psaki, in 2010, after dating for four years at Woodlawn Farm in Ridge, New Jersey. In 2009, she was promoted to Deputy Communications Director. Two years later, she resigned from her job and started working at the Global Strategy advertising agency in New York. In 2012, Mecher's wife successfully landed her former role as press secretary for the Obama re-election campaign. She got promoted to represent the United States Department of State before returning to her role as an interoffice communications director at the White House. She maintained this role till the end of the Obama administration. While Mecher isn't active on social networking platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, the same doesn't apply to his wife. The latter has a Twitter handle and Instagram posting, with more than 943,000 followers on Twitter. One of her latest posts mentions that she is the "Mom of two humans under five." The couple has two children, a son (unknown) and a daughter (Genevieve). They live in Virginia in a seemingly happy marriage together.


Outstanding Young Alumnus (Northern Kentucky University- 2010)


Gregory Mecher's net worth of $2 million largely stems from his career as a politician since he joined NKU and the current Ohio Congressional chief of staff role. He credits his passion for politics and his supportive, like-minded spouse for helping him climb the ladder.

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