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10 Things You Didn't Know About the Gumpert Nathalie EV

Gumpert Nathalie EV

Roland Gumpert has made the news with an innovative new electric car that will bring something new to this sector of the industry. We recently learned about the new model that is called the Gumpert Nathalie EV. It's been in the works for years but until recently mum has been the word. Here are 10 things that we learned about the Gumpert Nathalie EV that you might find interesting.

1. The Nathalie EV claims a 500-mile range

AS far as electric cars go, a 500-mile range is a decent amount of mileage on a single charge. This is a powerful new EV that is powered with four motors and the addition of two sources of electricity which drives efficiency through the room. The claimed horsepower will be 536, according to the manufacturer. The manufacturer has taken this a step further by releasing information that shows test trials revealed that in some instances, the Nathalie has even achieved higher efficiency up to 510 miles per full charge.

2. The performance will be thrilling for an EV

Gumpert Nathalie EV interior

While there are usually either sacrifices to be made in power/performance or efficiency, Roland Gumpert has figured a way around this common issue with the design of the Nathalie EV. It has been reported that the all-wheel-drive features a motor for each wheel and when it comes to performance, the car will max out at a top speed of 184 mph with acceleration from zero to 62 mph in a mere 2.5 seconds. This is impressive by any standards. It amounts to enhanced performance and efficiency without the usual trading of one over another.

3. The Nathalie may best Tesla

The Gumpert Nathalie EV may become the next disruptor on the electric car scene. While Tesla produced the Model S Long Range, which is it's most efficient with a range of 390 miles, the Nathalie will dance circles around it. Roland Gumpert's new model will outdistance it by a cool 110 miles with a full-charge range of 500 miles. This could mean that Tesla will need to rethink its technology in the years to come.

4. The Gumpert Nathalie is innovative

Gumpert Nathalie EV back

One of the things about the new Gumpert Nathalie EV that impressed us is the efficiency along with the fuel that it runs on. The Nathalie is methanol powered along with the electrical of course. Leave it to the former Audi Sports leader to come up with a new way to power an impressive electric sports car.

5. Roland Gumpert is a part of an evolution in automotive technology

The new sports car features the use of a new technology that uses a methanol fuel cell to produce hydrogen. The hydrogen is then converted into electricity. The battery doesn't need to work all the time and only kicks in during accelerating. It's a new innovation that deserves some attention, and we're sure that Gumpert is going to get just that.

6. There are a few issues that will need to get worked out

Gumpert Nathalie EV side

We also learned that although the new Nathalie is going to come with some definite benefits there are also going to be some serious drawbacks. Since it runs on electricity and methanol, the real problem is going to be finding a refueling station that provides methanol as one of the options. So far, this type of fuel is not regularly offered by commercial retail fuel stations. It's a rare moment when you do find one so, refueling could be an issue.

7. Gumpert may need to problem solve before the Gumpert Nathalie's release

If Gumpert Aiway really intends to sell the limited number of Nathalie's it plans to release, then they're going to need to take care of the refueling station problem first. This is something that they've already thought about. Gumpert has plans to establish a network of methanol refueling stations in the area that the car will be sold.

8. The Nathalie looks like a futuristic muscle car and an Audi Sport Quattro concept

Gumpert Nathalie EV interior1

In case you're wondering, the new Nathalie is inspired by the Audi Sport Quattro concept, and this is no coincidence because Gumpert was an Audi employee for 35 years of his life. The Audi that it is based upon was a concept car from a long time ago, but the design of the Nathalie has only taken cues from it. It's going to emerge with a length that is a hair over 14 feet with the sexiness of an Audi Sport Quattro and the brawn of a muscle car. They're going to offer a purple paint job to draw direct attention to the vehicle.

9. The Gumpert Nathalie will only be sold in select locations

If you're sincerely interested in owning a Gumpert Nathalie EV, you'll have to live in one of the areas that it will be sold in. Ownership may be pointless if you don't have access to the methanol fuel stations. It's going to be sold in the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Belgium, Scandinavia, Poland, Germany, and Switzerland.

10. It's going to be expensive

Gumpert Nathalie EV exterior

The new futuristic looking electric super sports car was scheduled to offer the first edition of the model around March 18, 2020, but there are hints that it could be delayed even further. There will only be 500 of them built. The price is estimated to be $460,000 each. Of course, if you're not living in one of the countries where methanol stations are already being built, there is nothing preventing you from sourcing your own. The dealership is not going to deny anyone the privilege of ownership so if you're so inclined, it's time to check in to find out if there are any left for the 2020 model year. With an extremely limited production of just 500 examples being released, there is a chance that most are already spoken for.

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