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10 Awesome Hidden Castles You'll Find in Massachusetts

Massachusetts Castles

When you think of a place like Massachusetts, castles probably aren't the first thing that comes to mind. However, it is a state that arguably has more castles than any other state in the country, with many of them being hidden far away from the public eye. For the most part, the castles that are on this particular list were built during the 19th century, although there are a few that were built during the earlier portions of the 20th century that may also be listed. Perhaps the thing that is most impressive is that these castles are built almost exactly like the medieval castles that you've read about in history in literature, complete with moats, drawbridges and every other major feature that you would expect to find in a bona fide castle. Just in case you're curious, here is a list of 10 of the most amazing castles that are hidden away within the state. They're ranked from number 10 to number one, but you can of course decide which one is your favorite. Without any further delay, here's the list. See if you recognize any of these hidden gems that are just as majestic as any other castle ever built.

10. Bancroft Tower Castle (Worcester)

Built in 1900, this structure is an eye-popping 56 feet tall. It is a truly amazing backdrop, especially in the winter when its darker colored construction material stands out in stark contrast to the pure white snow. Just in case you're curious, it is a place that you can actually go and explore, so if you've got a bit of an adventurous spirit, this is a good way to spend part of your day, enjoy a bit of history and take some amazing photographs, all at the same time.

9. Blantyre Castle (Lennox)

This is a truly amazing castle that sits on equally amazing grounds. There was a time when it was a private residence, being built back in 1901. These days, you have the chance to explore the castle and the grounds for yourself, as it is now a resort and spa. If you are in the mood to truly pamper yourself and do so in an environment that is unlike anything else you will probably ever experience, then this is the place to do it. It's so amazing that you'll probably end up feeling like you're in a different country because it's not like anything you would truly expect to find in Massachusetts or in any other state.

8. Hammond Castle (Gloucester)

Inventor John Jay Hammond built this castle in 1926. At the time, it served as his residence but there was something more interesting going on here as well. It also served as his personal laboratory. If you remember your history lessons, you'll know that he was something of an infamous individual to begin with, having operated the Cecil Rhodes mines. That fact alone draws some people to the castle today, which is now a museum. The good thing is that everyone has the opportunity to see the castle and the grounds for themselves. There are also some ancient artifacts located there, making it one of the more appealing museums in the state which just happens to be located in one of the most unique buildings in existence.

7. Cohasset Castle (Cohasset)

This is an interesting castle designed with rock walls that sprawls for an amazing 8,600 square feet. It even comes complete with a massive three-car garage that can fit practically anything you desire inside. It wasn't all that long ago that it was actually available for sale on the market, costing approximately $2 million. It has since been purchased, but it's not yet clear what the new owners plan to do with the property. In case you're hoping it comes available for sale again, you can spend time thinking about the fact that it has no less than seven fireplaces, as well as floors made from marble, to tide you over until you have the opportunity to take a look for yourself.

6. Herreshoff Castle (Marblehead)

This particular castle was built in 1920 and was designed to almost exactly replicate a viking castle located in Greenland. Like most of the castles located on this list, it was once a private residence. In fact, Artist Waldo Ballard designed the castle, which has now become a popular bed and breakfast.

5. Winnekenni Castle (Haverhill)

This castle definitely has an interesting history. It was built as a summer home by Dr. James R Nichols. Taking more than two years to build, construction began in 1873 but it wasn't completed until sometime after 1875. Considering the fact that it was built as a summer home, it's amazingly spectacular, with more than enough space for the average individual. Only 20 years later, in 1895, the city of Haverhill actually purchased the castle. These days, it's open to the public so you can go see everything up close and personal.

4. Searles Castle (Great Barrington)

Completed in the 1880s, this magnificent castle has no less than 36 fireplaces located throughout more than 40 different rooms. It's worth noting that the castle is also an astonishing seven stories tall, complete with a basement that many people say is indeed a bona fide dungeon as true to any castle as it could ever be.

3. State Armory Castle (Fall River)

There was a time when people could stay in a castle that was located right in the middle of town. This particular structure was built in 1897 to house offices related to civil defense. Local veterans also had the opportunity to live there while they were looking for a place of their own. Unfortunately, structural concerns forced the city to close the building down in 2015. Today, it's vacant but you can drive or walk past it if you're inclined to do so.

2. Prospect Hill Castle (Somerville)

This is more like a castle tower than an actual building, but it's still worth noting. Perhaps the most interesting thing about it is that it is largely regarded as the place where the American flag was first publicly raised. It's interesting to think about that connotation with regard to a traditional castle, but that is precisely what you have here.

1. Searles Castle (Methuen)

This particular castle was built by the same family that constructed the one in Great Barrington. As a matter of fact, this one is even larger. As you might have guessed, it was once a private residence but today, it actually houses the Presentation of Mary Academy High School. While it's not typically open to the public, they do occasionally open it up for tours.

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