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A Traveler's Guide to Hiking in Montauk

Hiking Montauk

Montauk is an area that is filled with opportunities to enjoy the beauty and wonders of nature. It's the land of preserves and natural areas set aside and protected for recreational use. There are hundreds of hiking trails in the Montauk area with most tails and walks of an easy level of difficulty so everyone with all abilities can enjoy trekking through nature. The hiking trails vary in length, so you can choose among them with varying scenic routes that take you by the beach with some winding through the mountains. We've selected the best hiking trails in the Montauk area to give you a few ideas about the most ideal places to hike when you're in the area, in our Traveler's Guide to Hiking in Montauk.

Shadmoor State Park Hiking Trails

Shadmoor State Park offers a variety of unique hiking trails to choose from, especially if you enjoy spectacular views of the Atlantic Ocean from high upon the bluffs. If you get up early enough you can catch some of the most beautiful sunrises on the trails. To get to the park travel east from the city of Montauk for a half-mile. There is a sign that marks the park entrance and a parking area provided for you to leave your car. The trail is a mile in either direction unless ou decide to lengthen the adventure by taking a walk on the beach. You will see two old WWII bunkers along the way.

Montauk Point State Park Camp Hero

This is one of the most popular hiking trails because there are some fantastic views of the lighthouse. Montauk Park and Camp Hero offer some interesting points of interest with information that turns into a history lesson.The Montauk Lighthouse Loop and camp Hero State Park are the home of some of the best short and long hiking trails to choose from.Stay on the marked trails though because this former US military base area still has some areas that are designated a being off limits to the public. There are plenty of historic buildings and informational plaques on the trail. Along the way, stop at Turtle Cover Lookout and take the trail to the left to get to the lighthouse. Block Island is visible on clear days.

Seal Haul Trail

Seal Haul Trail is a lovely hiking trail that takes yo a mile and a half winding through deep woods that emerge onto a sandy beach at Long Island Sound. It's called Seal Haul Trail because most of the time you can view seals enjoying the sun on the beach or sitting atop of large boulders in the area. This is a breathtaking hike with some beautiful views of the flora and fauna in the area. It's not a difficult path so it's suitable for people of all ages including adults and kids.

Hither Hills State Park

Hither Hills State Park is a conservation area comprised of 1,755 acres in Montauk. There are several trails to choose from in the park. Some take you through mountainous country and deeply wooded areas with others ending up at the ocean. These trails are designated for hiking and mountain biking so keep an eye out for the cyclists if you're traveling on foot. Hither Hills has one of the most extensive networks of hiking paths in all of Montauk, and they're clearly marked for your convenience. You can choose between short loops that are easy to traverse or more challenging and longer paths. Enter the park at the Hither Hills Overlook on route 27 on the way into the city of Montauk. It's clearly marked with signage.

The Walking Dunes

The Walking Dunes is a hiking trail that is a part of the Hither Hills State Park. This is one of the most highly recommended hiking trails because of its constant shifting. The Dunes move at a slow pace but they are always changing. They eat up the vegetation as they go and you can even see large treetops sticking out of the tops of the Walking Dunes. This is a one of a kind trail that is worth exploring. To get there, leave Montauk and travel west on route 27. Turn right at Napeague Harbor Road after Morty's Oyster stand. Keep driving and you'll see the parking area that designates the trail hed to the Walking Dunes.

Eddie Eker Park Trail

The Eddie Eker Park Trail is situated at teh end of Navy Road in Montauk. This is a trail that takes you past an old US Navy hangar dock where locals currently go to fish. It's a part of the Hither Woods Preserve that is next to the Hither Hills State Park. there is a dog park and a trail entrance at the Hither Woods Preserve. The hiking trail takes you from one park to the other with a seamless integration.

Big Reed Pond Trail

The Big Reed Pond Trail is a part of the Montauk County Park that is close to the Montauk Point State Park. The trail offers a choice of three assorted hiking loops to choose from They vary in duration from one to three miles in length. They take you through deeply wooded areas past the Little Reed and Big Reed freshwater ponds. You'll pass by several picnic areas and popular fishing and kayaking spots. You'll also hike past the ruins from the old stone village of the Montaukett Indian Village that once thrived in the area.

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