A Traveler’s Guide to Hiking in Twin Falls, ID

Twin Falls, Idaho

Twin Falls is a beautiful part of Idaho to visit, and it is often referred to as the gateway to the Snake River Canyon. It is known for both its waterfalls and the Perrine Bridge, which spans the canyon. These features mean that the area is popular with BASE jumpers, and there are plenty more activities to enjoy in the area. One of the most popular activities in this area is hiking, and there are multiple trails to enjoy. These range from easy trails to difficult trains, so there are options for everyone. Each of the trails has something different to offer in terms of both the hiking experience and the surroundings. If you are visiting Twin Falls, then hiking the trails is one of the best ways to appreciate the area’s natural beauty. Here is a traveler’s guide to hiking in Twin Falls, ID.

Pike Mountain Loop

Pike Mountain Loop is a loop trail in Sawtooth National Forest. It is a moderate trail that is more than eight kilometers long, and it takes approximately three hours to complete the hike. There is an elevation gain of 372 meters. The trail is also used for seeing wildlife, mountain biking, and trail running. It is also worth noting that dogs are permitted on this trail.

Rim View Trail

Rim View Trail is another popular trail in Sawtooth National Forest. It is a good option for inexperienced hikers as it is rated as an easy trail that does not pose too many challenges. However, most hiking novices only complete shorter sections of the trail as it is more than 16 kilometers long. It is a point-to-point trail with an overall elevation of 176 meters. The trail heads north via the high desert from the southern trailhead and then continues through the forests and across two streams.

Eagle Loop Trail

An intermediate trail in Sawtooth National Forest is Eagle Loop, as this loop trail is under four kilometers and takes a little over one hour to complete. It is a singletrack trail that runs along Snake River. The trail runs through boulders and across open fields of sagebrush. It is a popular trail amongst the locals because of the picturesque views.

Porcupine Trail

A trail that offers a different experience to other hiking trails in Twin Falls is the Porcupine Trail. It is a 1.7-kilometer point-to-point trail that runs through large boulders and rock formations, then along a hillside that overlooks the Blue Gill Pond. The track comes to an end at a junction with Koda’s Trail and the DJR Trail. Those who love nature and wildlife will enjoy this hike, as you will see hawks, eagles, vultures, waterfowl, rabbits, and porcupines.

Auger Falls Park Loop

An easy hike to attempt during a visit to Twin Falls, ID, is the Auger Falls Park Loop in Auger Falls Park. It is possible to complete this 6.4-kilometer loop trail in under two hours. The trail is also popular with mountain bikers. It is one of the most scenic walks in the area, as it has stunning overlooks of the Augur Falls and the nearby rapids.

Pillar Falls

Experienced hikers who want a challenge should head to Pillar Falls, as this is probably the most challenging trail in Twin Falls, Idaho. Although this point-to-point trail is under one kilometer one way, the elevation and terrain make it a challenging hike. The trail begins on Pole Line Road and heads down to the river. The return journey is more difficult as the elevation is steep. Another challenging element of this hike is the wet terrain, as water flows down the trail during the spring and summer months. At one point, the trail forks, and both forks of the trail take you to different waterfalls.

Perrine Coulee Falls

If you have an hour to spare, then enjoy the Perrine Coulee Falls trail, which is 3.2 kilometers long. The trail passes the Perrine Coulee Falls, which are the only year-round waterfalls in Twin Falls. The best part of the trail is the section that passes behind the waterfall.

College of Southern Idaho Fitness Trail

The best trail for fitness fanatics in Twin Falls is the College of Southern Idaho Fitness Trail. The Hiking Project describes it as a mulch trail that runs through the College of Southern Idaho. It is a 3.8-kilometer point-to-point trail that runs along a canal. You can enjoy the wildlife along the walk, and some of the animals you will see include songbirds, hawks, and squirrels. There are several fitness points with various pieces of equipment along the trail, which makes it stand out from other trails in the area.

Mogensen Trail

The Morgensen Trail is an intermediate trail covering a distance of 1.8 miles. It is a point-to-point trail that runs from Centennial Park, along the Snake River, and on to Perrine Bridge. There are stunning river views, so hiking this trail is a pleasant experience. Those who have hiked the trail in the summer months say that it becomes overgrown in parts, which gives the impression that the trail is closed. However, make your way through the overgrown sections, and you will discover that the trail continues.

Snake River Canyon Rim Trail

According to All Trails, the best hiking trail in Twin Falls, ID is the Snake River Canyon Rim Trail. It is an urban paved trail, so it is suitable for people of all abilities, and dogs are permitted along the trail. Those interested in birdwatching and wildlife will find this trail appealing as it is home to hawks and other birds of prey. It is a point-to-point trail that is 9.4 kilometers long, although you can join the trail at various points without the need to walk the full distance. If you only have time to hike one trail during your time in Twin Falls, then this is the trail you should choose.

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