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10 Things you Didn't Know about the Honda Africa Twin

The Honda Africa Twin seemed like just a rumor instead of a reality. There were whisperings about a new model that would feature middleweight dimensions in a new liter-class with a revolutionary design. It's finally landed on American soil land the new Africa Twin is here to put all speculation to rest. After extensive examination, we have ten things to share with you about the Honda Africa Twin that you need to know.

1. The Africa Twin is really compact

A lot of thought went into the design of the CRF1000L. The team took pains to make it as compact as they could. They pillaged the four-valve Unicam design from the motocross bikes for a decrease in the size an weight of the head design. New innovations in the crankcase and water pump saved a little more weight.

2. The Africa Twin growls with power

The 998cc is an 8 valve parallel twin that cranks out 94 horsepower along with 72 lb-ft of torque and when some of the more knowledgeable riders compare it with the 150 hp bikes, it might seem low but the numbers don't pay the bike its due benevolence. The acceleration is zippy and the bike has superior grip in between short bursts of combustion. It's a powerhouse with an exhaust system that gives it a low growl.

3. The Dual Clutch Transmission goes above and beyond

The DCT is an automatic that has taken the place of the old traditional type. Shifting is smoother and faster. It offers a sophisticated situation that allows the rider to concentrate on other aspects of riding. A variety of different modes are available to adapt to all riding conditions. While it doesn't come standard on the new Honda Africa Twin, it's only an additional $700 and well worth the expenditure.

4. The Africa Twin has amazing balance

In a test run the Africa Twin is a well-balanced bike that maneuvers easily, offering the agility of a sport bike, taking corners and sharp turns effortlessly. It's smooth as butter and it makes riding an enjoyable endeavor. The lean angle is ideal and the Dunlop Trailmax tires that come stock keep a tight grip on the pavement.

5. The vibration is minimal

When you're going down the highway, you'll notice that there isn't much vibration in the handlebars of the Africa Twin. A lot of the vibration is absorbed through the bar insert and counterweights. It's also improved with the rubber mounted risers and it makes this a more comfortable street bike.

6. The Africa Twin is at home in the dirt

Is it a street bike or a dirt bike? Technically, it's a sporty street bike that is right at home in the dirt. It's just as suitable for off-road use as it is for the pavement. The dual-purpose feature is a nice addition for a bike that's fun to ride in all terrain. If you want to take it on a few trails, it's up to the challenge without reserve.

7. The Africa Twin will improve your off-road riding skills

The reason that we say this is because the new AT comes loaded with a ton of features that add confidence for riders when out on the trail. There's plenty of ground clearance for managing more technical terrain and the center of gravity is low. The seat height is low and it's made for tackling off-road trails and other environments. When you take this bike out on the trails, it's so easy to manage that you find yourself doing it more and more and practice makes perfect.

8. It can take you to places you've never been before

Dependability, agility, ease of handling and on and off-road capabilities make this bike the traveling companion you need if you're feeling adventurous. There are not many places you can't take the African Twin. It's the kind of bike that can give you confidence and make you feel a little more daring when it comes to exploring new trails and diverse terrain.

9. The bike is easy to ride

While it's not a beginners bike, it's ideal for intermediate riders. The AT is easy to ride and it's designed to be very rider-friendly. Is it a high tech bike? You bet it is, but most of that's hidden away behind the easy to access features and controls.

10. The Honda Africa Twin is a good value for the price

It took Honda a while to get the AT perfect. When they were satisfied with what they produced, they released it for sale to the public. The base price of the new Africa TWin is set at $12,999 for the ABS model and if you want the ABS with the DCT trim, then it retails for $13,699.

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