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20 Things You Didn't Know About Hour Loop


Hour Loop is an online gift shop that carries items for gift-giving. The company specializes in Jim Shore Disney figurines and other items from well-known brands, including Sunset Vista, Precious Moments, Park Designs, Roman, Gund, Westland, and Carson.) The store only sells authentic pieces, to ensure that quality items are delivered. The merchandise is offered at reasonable prices that are usually less than what boutique stores charge. If you're not yet familiar with this interesting online gift shop, here are twenty things you probably didn't know about Hour Loop.

1. Hour Loop is an American company

According to its LinkedIn page, Hour Loop is an American Company. The headquarters is in Redmond, Washington, a city not far from Seattle, on the West side of the state. It's still a small operation with a single primary location at 8201 164th Ave NE #200, Redmond, Washington 98052-7615, US.

2.. Hour Loop has a small workforce

Hour Loop runs its operation with a small workforce. It lists just twenty-nine employees on its LinkedIn page. We looked to see if Hour Loop is hiring, but found no job postings as of February 7, 2022.

3. Hour Loop has a diverse group of workers

Hour Loop lists its 29 workers on LinkedIn. Twenty-six of them live in the country of Taiwan. Eleven are from Kaohsiung City, Taiwan, four are from the United States, three are from Taipei City, Taiwan, two are from the Greater Seattle Area, one is from Iceland, one is from New Taipei City, Taiwan, one is from Taichung City, Taiwan, and one is from the San Francisco Bay Area. We found it interesting that none of the staff are from Redmond, Washington, the home of its headquarters.

4. Hour Loop has an educated workforce

The employees at Hour Loop are all educated professionals. The company listed the institutions where their workers received their training and education. Three of them attended Chinese Culture University, two attended National Sun Yat-Sen University, and two received their education from the UC San Diego. Other schools represented include the University of Calgary, York University, Universidad Santo Tomas, Wuhan University, University of Regensburg, Universitat de Barcelona, Queen Mary University of London, City University of Hong Kong, International Baccalaureate, UC San Diego Jacobs School of Engineering, and the University of Sussex. This list represents a worldwide set of thinking from institutions across the world.

5. Hour Loop is a publicly-traded company

Investorplace confirmed that Hour Loop is a publicly-traded business. The initial public offering for Hour Loop occurred on January 7, 2022. You can buy, sell and trade shares of the company's stock. The owners started the new year with a new way of securing investment funds for its growth and expansion.

6. The first day of trading was eventful

Hour Loop had an interesting experience on its first day of trading. the interest in Hour Loop was high as investors bid up the stock to over double the IPO price of the company. The opening price of the stock was listed at $4 per share.

7. Hour Loop is a Nasdaq stock

You can find Hour Loop under the Nasdaq stock exchange. it's listed under the ticker symbol HOUR. The Nasdaq stock market is an American exchange with its headquarters in New York City, New York. The Nasdaq exchange has the second-highest market capitalization of shares traded.

8. Shares jumped during the IPO

The price of shares for HOUR started at $4 per share of stock. The first day of bidding was successful in driving the value of the shares to a gain of 158 percent with the high for the day coming in at $10.31 per share. The ending value was not quite triple its original price at the opening. Hour Loop was off to a strong start.

9. Hour Loop raised millions in trading

Hour Loop's strategy to raise funds by going public has paid off well. The company achieved success in raising gross aggregate proceeds of $6 million. The IPO was a huge success that accomplished what the owners had hoped to do with the strategy. Hour stock saw a very good day with a market volume of 42 million shares and more than 1.5 million shares issued with an over-allotment option for an extra 225,000 shares. Hour Loop was prepared for a good day and that is exactly what happened at its initial public offering.

10. Hour Loop has been profitable for nearly a year

Hour Loop had grown to a solid financial base in its commerce. Financial records for the company confirm that the year-over-year increase was between 80 to 83 percent in revenue and earnings. the business recorded a net income of $2.3 million for its $31.4 million in revenue over nine months. Likely, the combination of the year-over-year increase in revenue and earnings, along with the profitability status of the company before its IPO encouraged investors to go with a company that could prove substantial performance before going public.

11. Hour Loop sells on Amazon

We also learned that Hour Loop has third-party seller status through Amazon. Hour Loop maintains over 100,000 stock-keeping units through the online giant. Hour Loop decision-makers were wise to offer their products through large venues that reach millions of viewers looking for unique gift-giving items. Amazon is one of the world leaders in this category. The benefit of selling through Amazon is that the items are easy for shoppers to find because of Amazon's unique classification into various categories, and it is easy to navigate the search bar. Hour Loop also sells its products through its official website that is not affiliated with Amazon's stock of reserved products. The growth that Amazon has experienced, and the fact that Hour Loop sells on the site was further encouragement for investors considering Hour Loop stock. It's a win-win situation for all parties concerned.

12. Hour Loop has the largest Jim Shore Collection

Jim Shore is an artist born to artistic parents. His love of folk art led him to create some of the most magnificent figurines on the marketplace. He specializes in gift items with American and European folk art themes. He interprets traditional motifs in his unique styling. He's forged partnerships with many iconic brands including Country Living, Grinch, Peanuts, Disney, and others, according to his official website. Hour Loop maintains the largest collection of Jim Shore items besides his successful website. Jim Shore is an award-winning artist known throughout the world, with Enesco partnerships and more. His collection is immense, and it affords shoppers access to various gift ideas. Hour Loop has successfully partnered with Jim Shore to add a new dimension to its product offerings.

13. Hour Loop offers a garden section

Hour Loop is the ideal place to shop for gifts for loved ones who enjoy gardening. Here you will find items for the garden with a unique artistic interpretation. Hour Loop carries stepping stones in various styles, some with engravings and quotes, and more. They offer different kinds of wind chimes, garden statues, birdbaths, and numerous other items for adding to the ambiance of a garden. It's the ultimate in unique gift ideas for gardeners, or for enhancing the environment of your garden. Many of the gardening items sell for higher prices at other sites. Hour Loop strives to keep the prices of items competitive if not more reasonable.

14. Hour Loop has a toys section

Hour Loop sells gift items for everyone on your shopping list. They also offer a selection of children's toys from famous brands. Toys for children of all ages are included in the selections. The site allows you to shop by brand or best-sellers. You won't find any cheap items here, nor are they poorly made. Hour Loop prides itself in selling quality gifts suitable for all age groups. The website provides complete descriptions for all toys. It also lists materials and other interesting facts about the products. You'll find that many of the products are made from sustainable materials.

15. Hour Loop offers a unique kitchenware section

If you're looking for a gift for a friend or family member who loves kitchenware items, Hour Loop has you covered. They offer a broad selection of pieces. You can find crystal swizzle sticks in bright colors, acrylic sugar jars, pitchers, under cabinet hammocks, tablecloth weights, and hundreds of other gift items. You'll find that the items sell out quickly, but Hour Loop replaces them frequently. The site is extremely popular with shoppers, and their unique items fly out of the stockroom and off the shelves.

16. Hour Loop offers a convenient place for shoppers

One of the best things about Hour Loop is that it sells items suitable for people who are hard to shop for. Even the person who has everything will find something they want on the Hour Loop website. It's a one-stop-shop to buy for everyone hard to please on your gift-giving list. They offer items that are unusual, yet useful and classy. Most items are hard to find anywhere else. The procurement team at Hour Loop does an impressive job of sourcing items that become popular with their shoppers. If you have people on your list that are difficult to shop for, we recommend giving Hour Loop a look. They're likely to have something worthy of your hard-to-please friend in one of their multiple categories.

17. Hour Loop's customer service is exceptional

Hour Loop is customer-service-oriented. They commit to answering any questions customers may have. You can contact Hour Loop staff at their help email provided on the website with any questions. The team of customer service representatives makes it a priority to respond to your messages immediately. On the rare occasion that they do not, there is never a wait of more than 24 hours for a reply. If you have questions about the quality of an item, its origins, or when they will have an out-of-stock item available, they're happy to help you.

18. Hour Loop has a high customer rating on Amazon

If you're wondering about the quality of service from Hour Loop, Amazon can help. They show the customer ratings for the company. Find The Best reports that Hour Loop has a 4.9 out of 5 rating from Amazon customers who purchased their products. The rating is based on 15,178 reviews. Most consumers indicated that they were "very satisfied," with the products they received from Hour Loop. Hour Loop has achieved ranking as one of the Top 500 sellers on Its rank stands at 107 out of the 500 best.

19. Hour Loop is worth consideration as an investment

Now that Hour Loop is a publicly-traded company, it's worth consideration as an investment stock. The bottom-floor price of stocks began at just $4 when Hour Loop launched its IPO. It continued to rise from that time because of high investor confidence. Investors have every reason to feel good about Hour Loop. It is a solid company that has proven itself in the marketplace, achieving profitability when many other businesses are failing.

20. Hour Loop is a company to keep your eye on

Whether you're ready to invest in Hour Loop stock or not, It's still a company that is worthy of your radar. Hour Loop is a successful company showing no signs of slowing down. It's a stock that bears watching for anyone thinking about diversifying their investment portfolios. You can find Hour Loop listed on the Nasdaq stock exchange under the ticker symbol HOUR. Hour is a stock you may want to discuss with your investment advisor. It's still early in its experience on the stock exchange, but so far, it's performed well. Investors still have their confidence high.

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