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How The Chive Plans to Revolutionize How We Watch TV

There are a lot of new innovations in entertainment. Streaming platforms have changed the way that we watch our favorite movies and television shows. The Chive is one of the newest digital media companies to reveal a new platform for doing so. They recently launched their new streaming portal which is called Atmosphere. This is a TV channel that is dedicated to streaming what is known as ambient video content. It provides a unique visual white noise which does not rely upon audio for viewers to tune and and out and enjoy.

Chive Media Group's contributions to the world of streaming entertainment

Chive Media Group is the owner of The Chive as well as Chive TV and the Atmosphere service which offers audio as an option provides the service for both homes and businesses. It all began just two years ago when The Chive began offering a single channel for use on cruise ships and in bar televisions became a popular form of entertainment and what started out as a limited service venture has now evolved into a large operation. The number of business subscriptions and ads taken out with the channel have increased and it is estimated that it will bring in around $10 million in the upcoming year.

Current offerings

As of right now, The Chive offers five channels which are all family friendly. If you're a subscriber, you'll discover that they will add more in the weeks to come. The channels which are slated to be offered have been selected to appeal to a diverse crowd of viewer interests and will be suitable for a host of different environments. The channels available include Happy TV, Motiv8, Chive TV, Deep Sky TV and Escape TV.

Where can I get Atmosphere?

Service for Atmosphere has been made available by a brand new umbrella company named Rarefied Atmosphere, Inc. Atmosphere receives regular updating and it is offered for streaming on Android TV, Amazon Fire, Apple TV and on Roku. It's available through these services at this time for free.

The original intent of Atmosphere

Atmosphere was created to provide a type of programming that doesn't depend on audio to provide entertainment. With the majority of the population of the United States living in urban locations, there is a great deal of exposure to screens streaming broadcasts from businesses and public places. While most cable programming requires audio, Atmosphere is a station that can be streamed by businesses for entertainment purposes but it doesn't add the noise pollution that is so prevalent by requiring the use of audio. It's certainly an option, but is not a necessity. This is how The Chive is revolutionizing how we watch TV. Think for a moment how many of these businesses who offer television for their customers to watch while they're waiting for an appointment or dining, mute the sound and add closed captioning to cut down on background noise. With The Chive's Atmosphere TV, there is no need to mute the audio because it's not the basis of the entertainment to begin with. It's a type of alternative content that has been developed specifically for entertainment purposes without requiring audio for both home and business use.

What statistics show about streaming television

The Pew Research Center recently conducted studies that show that there are over 70 million households within the United States that have streaming devices in their homes. It is further estimated that there are approximately 61% of young adults in the nation who refer OTT streaming television as their main source of viewing entertainment. Chive TV has established agreements with GSTV, Ziosk and Royal Caribbean Cruise ships to provide more than 400,000 screens in a variety of retail establishments, bars and restaurants and it's further estimated that the service is reaching 230 million people monthly. The development of these ambient TV stations is offering a valuable service for business customers. The advertisement alone on the channels is less expensive than cable television and instead of paying high subscription fees for cable, they can better use the funds on the growth of their companies.

Ways that Chive TV benefit businesses

The Chive's Atmosphere streams syndicated videos and places ads in between them. Further studies that were conducted show that businesses streaming The Chive channels benefit from patrons who stay an average of 16% longer than in establishments that don't stream this type of content. This amounts to more money being spent in the venue and higher profits for the owners. Another added bonus is that for a subscription cost of just $37 per month which is lower than most cable services, business owners will also be able to insert their own promotions in between the content that is being streamed.

The Chive is changing its content

In the past, The Chive was known for content that expressed visuals that were not necessarily family friendly. More recently, they've undergone some serious changes which have given them a more family friendly presence. The channels now offer footage of nature as well as a lot of social media and viral video content appropriate for most audiences as well as workout videos. They're forging ahead and realizing success where other publishers are struggling to find success with their new subscription models and their launch of an e-commerce site. The major difference in the service that they're offering is the ambient TV genre which places content ahead of everything else and makes it a top priority. From what we've seen in the research results, it's working because establishments which stream this content tend to have patrons that stay for longer periods of time.

Final thoughts

The Chive offers a new concept in digital streaming that has not previously been available. It's changing the type of entertainment that is offered in businesses and it's catching on for individuals who prefer this type of streaming for their homes as well. It's something that is new and innovative and although it's still in its infant stages of development, from all appearances, it could well change the way that we watch TV. It bears the hallmarks of becoming the new trend in cutting down on noise pollution by providing white visual instead of white noise.

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