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How Jared Padalecki Achieved A Net Worth Of $12 Million

Jared Padalecki

Jared Padalecki is an American actor that is best known for his roles in Gilmore Girls and Supernatural. He has an estimated net worth of $12 million and a closer look at how he has earned this money is taken below. He did not attend college after he left high school and instead went straight into an acting career. He won Fox Broadcasting's Claim To Fame series in 1999 and subsequently found an agent. Most of his early roles were small parts in movies and TV shows. He was in several movies that were made for TV including Close To Home and Silent Witness. He also had a guest role in one episode of ER. The amount that he was paid for these roles would have not been much compared to the recurring roles that he had in shows but they still would have been good amounts for a young actor.

His Life

His first recurring role was as Dean Forester in Gilmore Girls. His character had only recently moved to Stars Hollow in the pilot episode and Rory Gilmore was the one who showed him around the town. The two of them had a on-off relationship that lasted throughout the five seasons of the show that Jared starred in. He was listed as a recurring guest character for the first season but was promoted to the main cast for the second and third season. He went back to being a guest character for the fourth and fifth season. He got the part of Dean in Gilmore Girls at quite an early stage in his career and so the fact that it gave him quite a stable income meant that he did not struggle financially like some actors can. It also meant that he did not have to find another job to support himself.

The role for which is he is probably best known is as Sam Winchester in Supernatural. This is also the role where he would have earned the majority of his fortune. As one of the two main characters on the show he has appeared in every episode that has aired. The show is on its fifteenth season, and this makes it the longest running sci-fi show in TV history. It is reported that he earns $125,000 per episode for his work on this show. When the show began nobody really expected it to last as long at it has. He went straight from Gilmore Girls to Supernatural and this means he has been in steady employment for twenty years. There are not many actors that can say this and he realizes how lucky he has been.

Away from TV work, he has also starred in several movies. The amount of money that he would have earned from these is likely to have varied considerably among the movies. In the early days of his career, he only had small parts in movies and so these wouldn't have always been that well paid. However, they would have given him a valuable experience. Ashe became more established as an actor then he could command a higher fee for each movie. He was also more likely to be offered bigger roles. For example, one of the earliest movies he starred in was Cheaper By The Dozen and his part in this was uncredited. Just six years later he had the lead role in the remake of Friday The 13th.

He briefly worked as a presenter in 2007 when he hosted Room 401. This was a horror reality show that aired on MTV. It did not get the ratings that the network hoped for and so it was canceled after just eight episodes. He may have been able to command a good fee for his presenting role as Supernatural was a few seasons in by this point and the horror connection would have made Room 401 more appealing to fans of the show. Although this show did not work out in the way anyone would have hoped it may be that he takes on other presenting roles in the future.

He also has business interests away from acting that contribute to his net worth. He owns a 90s themed bar in Austin called Stereotypes. This bar continues to be popular with fans of his TV work, but it will also attract customers that may not be aware of his fame. He employs staff to manage and work at the bar so there are expenses involved in running the business, but it still remains profitable and he is able to take an income from the bar. It is possible that he will make other investments in different types of businesses if his net worth continues to grow, but he has not talked publicly about any immediate plans that he has.


In the future it is likely that most of his income will still continue to come from his acting work. When Supernatural has ended he will be starring in the title role of the reboot of Walker, Texas Ranger. As the show is yet to start airing, it is not known whether it will be renewed after the first season. However, there would be a lot of surprise within the industry if several seasons of this show do not end up being filmed. The main reason for this is that the original show ran for many years and there will still be many fans of the show that are interested in the reboot. There will also be younger people that may have never watched the original show but who are fans of Jared and therefore will make a point of tuning in.

It is very likely that his net worth will increase in the future. He has already starred in two long running TV shows and it is expected that Walker, Texas Ranger will also run for several seasons. When Supernatural finally comes to end it is likely that he will be in demand as an actor and this means that he may be offered very high paying roles.

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