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The 20 Best Money Making Shows on Netflix

Orange Is the New Black

Television shows offer more than just a source of distraction from everyday life, which regularly gets tedious. Professionally produced shows with gripping stories and invested character performances assist you to escape into a whole different world and make fictional connections with characters that borrow so much from the human experience in very many compelling ways. For sure, there is more truth in well-made TV shows than we can find from watching the news. Moreover, quality television shows inspire the brain and enable us to develop communities through which we can bond given our ability to appreciate shared experiences. In recent times, few television networks have been able to make quality shows like Netflix does. There is a new Original Series from the TV network every month. For this reason, it can be intimidating to consider investing some of your precious time into another network. We have, rather luckily, done for you the hard part by scrapping through the unending catalog of original shows offered by Netflix to determine the best money making shows this year. For as long as the show had the company’s original stamp, it was considered eligible. Read on to view the best money making TV shows on Netflix.

Black Mirror

20. Black Mirror - 1.6 million viewers

Arguably, The Twilight Zone was one TV show so ahead of time that many movies still attempt to emulate its unique stories, thus making it one of the best anthology shows of all time. Well, we might be having the second coming of the highly acclaimed show in Black Mirror. The movie sinks its teeth into paranoia as it deals with the truths behind the on-going digital bubble. Each episode will scorch your mind, and every time you turn your TV off, you will be staring at your own reflection as you contemplate about the complete alienation of the digital world. Every stand-alone episode on the anthology is daring and smart, which makes you want to unplug and spend some time outdoors.

Big Mouth

19. Big Mouth - 14 million viewers

Dive deep into the lives of two boys in their teenage years as they continue to deal with the fascinating moments of puberty. The show is disgusting and graphic at the same time, but it remains an original series with a funny supply of relatable and funny moments. To the show, no topic is out of bounds. The show highlights masturbation, forbidden thoughts, menstruation, and many other issues in more ways than you can imagine. Even though it is rather gross, this show depicts the life of a teenager in such brutal honesty. Watch this show to relive the poignant and awkward experience of an adolescent all over again.

Bojack Horseman

18. Bojack Horseman - 15 million viewers

Bojack Horseman, which is voiced by Will Arnett, attempts to show the story of an iconic sitcom superstar. The show borrows heavily from the popular sitcom Horsin Around. As he tries to make his way through the obstacles of failed relationships, self-loathing, and excessive alcohol abuse, Bojack yearns for a comeback. This show is an unprecedented blend of reality with witty comedy. The movie, which also stars Aaron Paul from Breaking Bad, expertly highlights our insecurities and tries to crush them with some funny comedy.

Making a Murderer

17. Making a Murderer - A total of over 19 million viewers

This series adopts a documentary-like format to show the mystery surrounding a man who served about 18 years in prison after he was wrongfully convicted of sexual abuse. After he was released, he subsequently rearrested and sent back to jail for murder. This series attempts to show you how the system operates by taking complicated legal issues and making them easily understandable to the general audience. The series is a captivating exploration of the justice system in the United States.

16. Castlevania - 23 million viewers

Castlevania, which was inspired by classic video games dating back to 1986, features a medieval tale telling the story of a lone survivor of a particular clan. The survivor plans to save Europe from Dracula Tepe. Typically, video games that have been adapted into shows are underwhelming, but this game that was turned into an anime series proves that such shows can also be winners all the way. Given its sharp dialogue and complex villain, and the social commentary coupled with some bit of faithfulness to the original storyline, this vampire hunter tale is truly a hidden gem in the company’s arsenal of amazing shows.


15. Maniac - 25 million viewers

Just picture a scenario where you were given a chance to solve all your problems permanently? Maniac tries to tell a story of two people who form part of a pharmaceutical trial that will wash away all their issues with no complications or side effects whatsoever. Things, however, do not work out as they were planned. This TV series, which features a dedicated cast including Emma Stone – an Academy Award Winner - and Jonah Hill – an academy award nominee, makes the most out of its premise giving you a clear insight into the prevailing human condition with a few comedic strokes.

Master of None

14. Master of None - 26 million viewers

The foundation of this series is not quite groundbreaking: it follows the professional and personal life of Dev – a professional actor still in his 30s. However, this show prides in its relative humor and offbeat execution, which make it champions in the TV networks series category. Alan Yang and Aziz Ansari seem to borrow so much from their real-life experiences to afford this series some bit of authenticity. Master of None deals with becoming an adult, finding a working relationship, prospering in your career, and finding nice taco.


13. Mindhunter - 28 million viewers

Midhunter attempts to follow the life of an FBI agent tasked with arresting, analyzing, and interviewing series killers to come up with personality profiles. The movie is based in the 1970s, and it follows the themes and vibe similar to the one in Silence of the Lambs, and Zodiac. The show extends attention to specific character development each episode, and it is directed with some cinematic visuals with its drained and pale colors. This somewhat chilling show shines brightest when it focuses on the monsters, thus allowing us to have a glimpse of the darker side of human psychology.


12. Daredevil - 30 million viewers

This hard-hitting tale of vigilante Matt Murdock, which was rated TV-MA, shows the fight against crime as a fearless hero makes Daredevil one exciting TV show. Charlie Cox is responsible for playing the gentle but tireless superhero with a skill for rounding up villains and beating them up. The movie also stars D’Onofrio who plays King Pin. D’Onofrio, arguably, gives one hell of a TV performance seen in any Marvel Show or movie. More than its impressive character development and remarkable script, the film highlights the best action sequence of any series available out there.


11. Dark - 33 million viewers

This TV show rides on the coattails of fame earned by Stranger Things as it deals with missing children and supernatural events. Even though it harbors some stranger things vibe, it comfortably stands on its own since it is more gruesome. Set in a German town, the unprecedented disappearance of two kids brings to light the poor relationship between four families. The show is a bit of a slow burn enigma, but it is equally frightening and tense with one good and intriguing payoff. The show is reminiscent of Twin Peaks by David Lynch, but it surely makes a good name for itself, and we cannot wait to see more of the show.

House of Cards

10. House of Cards - An average of 1.5 million viewers every episode

The network’s first TV show is one of the best in its lineup to date even though the main star was cut off the show in its last season. Francis Underwood is one ruthless congressman; the role is played by Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright who acts as his wife. Robin Wright, who plays as Claire Underwood, is an ambitious lady who also harbors ambitions of making it into the White House. House of Cards redefined how TV shows are produced: the acting, direction, and storylines are all worthy of a silver screen. The protagonist is well aware of all the secrets and games played in politics, and he does not mind using wicked ways to become president. The show might have lost some of its steam after its main actor, Kevin Spacey, was fired; however, the final season showed that it can still be a worthy entry into the show thanks to Robin Wright’s excellent performance.

Luke Cage

9. Luke Cage - An average of 3.3 million viewers every episode

This superhero TV show, which is set in New York, is quite socially conscious with some magnetic lead in the main actor Mike Colter. Luke Cage is portrayed by an ex-con who has unbelievable strength thanks to a failed experiment. The protagonist attempts to find a new life until he has to accept his past and protect the weak. With its vast choice of music, a very talented cast, and a bit of urban culture, Luke Cage is one of the best Marvel works available.

Peaky Blinders

8. Peaky Blinders - 3.3 million viewers per episode

Peaky Blinders was recently created to showcase a story of gangs, power, and blood. The show, which is set in the early 1900s, follows a ruthless gang led by Tommy Shelby. Other actors, including Tom Hardy, are equally superb. This show delivers a good mix of drugs, violence, and sex.

Jessica Jones

7. Jessica Jones - An average of 4.8 million viewers every episode

Krysten Ritter, who plays the antihero battling PTSD, is as perfect as she is grounded. She is a rebellious protagonist who does not have the usual hero persona. Krysten Ritter has covered a lot of mileage since her seemingly smaller role in Breaking Bad, and she does not disappoint as the lead actress in this drama series. This show is quite heavy, in as far as its central theme is concerned than other Marvel series. It can also be a slow burn, but Krysten’s charisma ensures that the show works so well.


6. Narcos - 27.2 million viewers in total

Pablo Escobar is, definitely, one infamous man; he made about 21 billion US dollars every year by smuggling cocaine, and Narcos is one magnificent portrayal of the life and times of the drug lord. This series seeks to follow his life, as well as the life of Steve Murphy – a DEA agent – as he tries to stamp authority and get hold of the narco king. Boyd Holbrook and Wagner Moura dedicate themselves to ensure that the drug lord’s story is depicted without any filters. Every season, the show gets better and better as it takes us deeper into the war against drugs.

Orange Is the New Black

5. Orange Is the New Black - 5.3 million viewers per episode

The show is a beautiful blend of heavy drama and dark humor with a skilled cast of actresses. It is on its sixth season, and it still remains fresh as it was when it first entered the limelight.


4. Ozark - 16.7 million viewers

This Netflix Original Show is filled with drama with small pockets of dark comedy. Just as in Breaking Bad, the series takes a righteous man and reveals what he is capable of doing. For sure, this series has the full potential to be the best classic crime drama series.

Stranger Things

3. Stranger Things - 32 million viewers

This show is arguably the best-done series on the network. Stranger Things is a love letter to films in the 1980s and a good work of creative storytelling. The show features a young cast, thus making the show to work well as viewers can easily connect with the kids. With every episode, the series delivers a good sense of adventure as you are taken back to your childhood.

The End of the Fucking World

2. The End of the F**king World - 37 million viewers

This series pairs a moody and rebellious teenager called Alyssa and a violent psychopath named James. The two protagonists seemingly do not care about anything at first, but as the movie goes on, you will start to care about them as their shields disappear.

The Haunting of Hill House

1. The Haunting of Hill House - 40 million viewers

The Haunting of Hill House is one terrifying horror series with a tremendous performance from the cast. This might be the best horror TV series ever. Through the show, you will get to understand loss, grief, and the human relationship with fear.

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