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How JD Byrider Became a Leading Auto Giant

JD Byrider

When considering a “buy-here, pay-here” car dealership, you may find a wide range of options in the automotive industry. However, most of these options will sell you the car as-is. Once you purchase and drive the vehicle off the showroom, the dealer is done with you, leaving you in a tight spot. The car might have incomplete repairs and without any warranty to carter for any problems that might arise in the first few months of use. But unlike most local car dealers that surface overnight and disappear in a couple of months, JD Byrider stands by their brand and client for the long haul. In this post, we discuss how this leading auto giant has continued to thrive and why you should consider purchasing a used car from them.

A Brief Overview of JD Byrider

JD Byrider was founded by James DeVoe, an ardent Chevrolet-Cadillac dealer. He aimed at assisting individuals turned down by financing institutions to get affordable and reliable cars. He began by financing customers in 1979 at his car lot. Through auto-credit seminars in 1986, he taught business owners the concept of on-site financing. Three years later, in 1989, he founded JD Byrider, a prosperous automotive sales franchise. Headquartered in Carmel, Indiana, the company’s Business model and success have attracted some of the most innovative executives.

The company is currently the most prominent “buy-here, pay-here” car dealership network in America. It has successfully sold over 1.2 million cars across 150+ locations nationwide. Through its success-driven commitment, dedication to quality, and customer service, it has managed to transform the country’s automotive industry. DeVoe desired to offer customers the chance to own dependable cars while still improving their credit scores through affordable payments. By establishing JD Byrider, he hoped to set up a franchise that could empower other entrepreneurs to offer clients the same benefits countrywide.

Maximizing on the “Buy-Finance-Drive On” Concept

In 2019, JD Byrider relaunched with a new vision, “Buy, Finance, Drive On,” omitting the “JD” and lowercasing the “byrider" in its name. This new tagline emphasizes on the importance of buyers proceeding with their usual lives once they acquired their car. According to Craig Peters, JD Byrider’s CEO, this massive change focused more on customer engagement and offered them new opportunities to finance and own high-quality cars.

JD Byrider introduced a different customer experience in the automotive industry when it comes to used car acquisitions. It was purely about eliminating showroom anxiety, distrust, and poor customer relations. The company targets customer satisfaction and those with unique financial concerns, routinely turned down by other auto dealers. Therefore, to facilitate this, they branded their auto-financing firm, CNAC, and incorporated it within the dealership for faster credit approvals.

The Launch of Discover Software System

To ensure clients received similar quality of service in each locally-operated JD Byrider franchise dealership, they launched the Discover Software system. Typically, this is a computerized risk evaluation system that monitors daily customer satisfaction for their brand in the automotive industry. This software system was key to the creation of America's most extensive used car franchise system. Since 1989, the company has been developing software for the BHPH dealers. However, as of 2001, the Discover system has been the modern generation software adopted by JD Byrider alongside its franchises countrywide.

Dealers can now utilize this comprehensive system to run their franchise car dealerships more efficiently. This software package provides a fully-integrated business system that manages sales, inventory, accounting features, and finance, suitable for the “buy-here, pay-here” market. Discover provides the management controls and reports to oversee the quality and integrity of the auto industry. Discover goes beyond the day-to-day decisions in affording auto dealerships critical information on how to direct their business into the future. Used by more than 3500 users, Discover offers a wide range of crucial features including:

  • Approximately $700million in receivables
  • More than 3 million contacts
  • Over 75,000 annual sales
  • More than 5million annual reports
  • Fully-integrated accounting system
  • Car inventory management system
  • Credit bureau reporting and pulls
  • Collections for refinancing, repossessions delinquent accounts and collateral subs, etc.

Discover has a proven track record of boosting business operations to assist dealers in managing their franchises profitably, according to Business Wire.

As a national franchise dealership, JD Byrider deals exclusively in BHPH sales, retailing approximately 5,000 cars every month. Unlike other franchises, the company’s showrooms proffer excellently, with a standardized and clean franchise image supported by a decent advertising model. Generally, their dealerships are less seedy compared to most BHPH enterprises. The company has established a corporate website with clear guidelines on inventories that customers can review effortlessly by store location.

More comfortable and Quicker Credit Approval Processes

When considering purchasing a vehicle from traditional dealers, your loan will probably be approved through external financing institutions that decide whether you’re qualified or not. If you have a history of bad credit, it can be almost impossible to qualify for the auto loan. However, JD Byrider “buy-here, pay here” dealership provides you with flexible, affordable, and in-house financing solutions. Typically, this means that external financial firms do not have any say as to whom the company can lend or not.

The most significant advantage of buying your car from this company is that it has an efficient and swift credit approval process. According to JD Byrider, they don’t rely on external banking organizations, and can streamline the credit approval process to save customers more energy, money, and time. Additionally, there are zero down payments, and clients can even get same-day credit approvals. After approval, the company sets up an affordable and customized payment plan that fits the customer’s requirements. All these are reasons why the company has continued attracting many American customers.


Since its establishment in 1989, JD Byrider has grown into a flourishing, used car franchise in the US. Their unique business model, software solutions such as Discovery, and efficient credit approval process have helped the company grow to command the auto dealership industry nationwide. It offers cars that pass the 92-point inspection and warranties up to 36 months. If you are searching the automotive market for an affordable, reliable, and efficient used car dealership option, consider JD Byrider.

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