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20 Jobs That Require Swift Typing Skills


If you are looking for a job, you should consider typing jobs. Typing is relatively easy since you type what you see or hear. Additionally, you can earn decent wages from typing jobs. According to Small Biz Trends, the maximum amount a typist can make is $7,250 per month. The pay varies because you earn more based on your typing speed. So, if you are a fast typist, you can be sure of earning more. However, if you are not a fast typist, do not fret. You can improve your speed by practicing. Technically, all typing jobs need you to be swift. That is because you have to meet the deadline of the typing tasks. To help you settle on a particular typing job, we will identify some keyboarding jobs to get you started alongside their annual salaries. Without further ado, here are 20 jobs that require swift typing skills.

20. Copy Clerk ($30,087)

Like journalists, copy clerks have other roles besides typing. For instance, they sort and distribute mail and operate copiers and fax machines. Copy clerks work in various office environments, including education, government, and health care. They usually produce documents such as presentations and reports. Since they are involved in many activities simultaneously, they have to be effective typists.

19. Court Reporter ($35,110)

Court reporters use stenographs to type everything being said in the courtroom. Stenographs are built to type phonetic sounds instead of letters. The court reporter, therefore, must press multiple keys at once to produce a particular sound and inflection. To be a court reporter, you need to be able to type a certain number of words per minute. According to AMK Reporting, you should be able to type 200 words per minute with an overall accuracy of 97.5%.

18. Journalist ($35,486)

Journalists generally write on many niches, e.g., real estate, education, health, sports, etc. Whichever area of focus, the journalist must give accurate information while also being fast since newspapers must be sold the following day. In order to write about a particular subject, the journalist may have to travel locally or internationally. According to Shmoop, journalism is stressful since there are other activities involved besides typing. So, if you are only interested in typing, this role may not suit you.

17. Transcriptionist ($39,095)

Unlike translating tasks, you only type the exact words you heard in transcribing. They typically work in the legal and medical sectors. Although it is less hectic than translating, you still need crucial transcribing skills like active listening, attention to detail, research, multitasking, and many more. To earn very well from transcribing, you have to transcribe many audio clips within a short time accurately. So, if you want to earn well from it, you need plenty of practice.

16. Data Entry Clerk ($41,182)

In some offices, you will find a lot of paperwork. Paperwork tends to make the office filthy and also encourages deforestation. Therefore, organizations need data entry clerks to transfer information from paper documents to the computer. Since the paper documents are usually many, the data entry clerk has to type as fast as they can. The slower they are, the more the paperwork piles up. Since the job entails typing what you see on paper to digital systems, you only need knowledge in MS Office Word and Excel.

15. Medical Biller ($45,240)

Medical billers calculate and collect payments for tests, surgeries, and procedures. They work closely with patients to create a payment plan that works best within their budget. The nature of this role is tasking since hospitals always get full of patients. Since they are working with several patients, they need to be effective typists. Since this is a medical field, you need to be knowledgeable about diseases to be considered for this position.

14. Freelance Writer ($45,779)

A freelance writer is a self-employed writer who can write for several different publications at a time. Some of the publications they write include email newsletters, journalistic articles, blog posts, proposals, press releases, and so on. If you desire to be a freelance writer, it would be best to pick the kind of writing you find easy for you. By writing a publication you are familiar with, you will meet the deadlines on time and get paid more.

13. Translator ($46,059)

This job is demanding since it goes beyond typing quickly. You must be able to quickly type out written or spoken words in a different language. That means you have to understand the words in their proper context before typing them. After all, it is quite common for words to be improperly translated. For you to be considered for this role, you need to have extensive knowledge of a secondary language up to the Master’s level. This is important since you will have understood the grammatical rules of the language. You may be wondering whether there is any need for human translators when there are machines that translate text. One thing you should realize is that machine translation tends to be inaccurate since they do not consider context. So, do not let anyone block you from becoming a translator.

12. Graphic Designer ($47,787)

Graphic designing goes beyond creating attractive images. Remember, you also need to type some words that go along with the images you have chosen. When you type, it is not the content of the words that matter only. For instance, the way you style your words also says a lot about your work. Remember, in graphic design; your text needs to be visually appealing to draw in your audience. Luckily, graphic designers use software that styles the text in several different ways. Another reason graphic designers need to be good writers is that they have to be familiar with SEO. With SEO, you will be able to choose the appropriate keywords to drive traffic to your work.

11. Paralegal ($48,309)

Although paralegals cannot be considered lawyers, they are beneficial to lawyers. They prepare lawyers for hearings and depositions by drafting briefs, motions, contracts, resolutions, letters, and many other legal documents. Besides being knowledgeable on legal matters, paralegals must demonstrate exemplary writing skills. Since the law department is a fast-paced environment, the paralegal must be able to type as many documents as possible. There are different requirements to be a paralegal depending on the American state you reside. For instance, Florida has no minimum educational requirements, while California requires you to have a paralegal certificate approved by the ABA.

10. Community Moderator ($51,000)

If you enjoy reading user-generated content and comments, why not consider becoming a community moderator? A community moderator answers questions and ensures that commenters follow specific rules. Since a company is usually overwhelmed with several tasks that they must do, they hire community moderators to interact with online clients. Companies that generally hire community moderators include dating websites, gambling websites, review websites, social media sites, etc. Since clients value instant feedback, you have to respond to their queries as fast as possible. Failure to answer them immediately means they could try another service or item.

9. Proofreader ($52,399)

To be a proofreader, you need a keen eye for detail and a reading habit. Remember, it is quite easy to miss out on erroneous words, especially if you have to proofread several pages. Since they have to ensure the work reaches the editor without any error, a proofreader is tasked with the burden of ensuring that the work is error-free. Besides being error-free, the proofreader must also be quick in their typing. Since writing is broad, proofreaders get to decide on their preferred form of writing.

8. Caption Editor ($57,470)

Some videos can be hard to decipher, especially when the speakers speak in a foreign language or a familiar language with heavy accents. To understand the speakers in the said video, the caption editor provides captions for the words spoken in real-time. A bachelor’s degree may be required for this role; however, some people have mastered this role without any formal education. Caption editors use stenography software which requires some knowledge of phonics. There are two types of caption editors: those who specialize in live broadcasts and those who create captions for recorded videos.

7. Virtual Assistant ($57,473)

Virtual assistants are remote employees who offer administrative support. They take part in a variety of typing tasks. Sometimes, they may post regular updates to social media, write articles for a website or do some bookkeeping. They are extremely useful to an organization since there is almost no writing they cannot handle. Since they are always writing different posts, they must learn to prioritize tasks by determining the most urgent ones.

6. Copywriter ($58,602)

Copywriters write texts aimed at encouraging people to take action, e.g., buying a product or subscribing to a particular service. Their writings normally appear in print ads, websites, and TV and streaming service ads. Copywriters need other skills besides typing quickly. For instance, they need to have strong research skills, interpersonal skills, and creative thinking. In order to perfect your copywriting, you need to practice writing different types of copies and taking online courses.

5. Live Chat Agent ($61,073)

This role entails answering clients’ queries about a particular service or item online. For you to be a live chat agent, you need to be knowledgeable about a particular subject matter. Although some organizations use chatbots, they have quickly realized that human interaction cannot be phased out. Since a live chat agent has to answer several queries, they must be quick typists. When answering customer queries, your responses should not be limited to a “yes” or “no.” It is up to you to give a detailed explanation that focuses on package deals, price, etc.

4. Teacher ($63,645)

When you mention teaching, most people instantly think of instructing. However, a teacher also needs to be a fast typist in their role. For instance, the teacher has to quickly type a lesson plan before their next class. Another document they type is the report showing the academic performances of their students. So, a teacher needs to familiarize themselves with typing software besides teaching techniques.

3. Social Media Manager ($71,177)

There are a lot of typing skills that are expected from social media managers. First, they have to demonstrate their creativity when they post an advertisement. That means the advertisement must succeed in positively grabbing the attention of readers. Also, the social media manager must have witty responses when they encounter an unsatisfied customer. As they think fast of a response, they have to ensure that they do not unintentionally infuriate the customer. The reason they should be prompt in their answers is that clients may conclude that they are being ignored.

2. Programmer ($89,190)

Programmers who can type fast can be beneficial for large projects requiring many components to be built. Although typing fast is desirable, no programmer is pressured to be fast. According to Developer Pit Stop, any speed above 57 words per minute is considered ideal. Instead, most organizations evaluate a programmer’s performance based on the projects they deliver and the quality of their code. Since they are always on their computers, their typing speed improves with time.

1. Pharmacist ($143,925)

Although some pharmacy schools may not focus enough on writing, it is a skill that you must practice. After all, pharmacists use their keyboarding skills to look up health care information, search about a particular drug online and maintain records of patients. Not only is typing a requirement in their profession, but they also improve their writing with time. For instance, they can later develop critical thinking skills in their writing.


Some people want some jobs that focus on typing throughout, while others may prefer those jobs where you occasionally need to type. Thankfully, this listicle contains such tasks. Since typing tasks require you to be fast, it isn’t easy to find a job that does not prioritize fast typing. Even if you found one that did not emphasize fast typing, you would end up earning much less. So, if you intend to apply for any of these jobs in the article, ensure you are a fast typist through endless practice.

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